Will the opposition leader Paresh Dhanani take over in the coming days?

Will the opposition leader Paresh Dhanani take over in the coming days?

Though Paresh Dhanani is unable to provide support to the Congress workers and leaders, even in such important positions as the opposition leader, there is a displeasure among the Congress workers and leaders in the state.

Amreli legislator Paresh Dhanani is unopposed as the opposition leader in the assembly. In the coming days, he may be ousted as the opposition leader.

The position of the Leader of the Opposition is the same as that of a Cabinet Minister and they are falling short of being aggressive in the public interest by opposing each and every step of the authority.

The opposition leader has the responsibility of backing everyone who has an anti-BJP ideology, and the government proves unemployed, inflationary question unsuccessful because they cannot motivate the government if they do not do anything for the benefit of farmers, traders and women. As well as the Congress leader and Congress leaders from all over the state, the Congress leader is also the car of the opposition leader. Yasailithi has been found to cause outrage.

Even in the district of Amreli, the demand of the Congress leader and the leaders is also decreasing to some extent when the Congress High Command can hand over the position of opposition leader to an aggressive MLA in the coming days.
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