Why you should not fear data integration in the cloud

Although this can give rise to some pressing questions about how to integrate your cloud infrastructure with your existing on-premises framework – don’t be afraid of cloud data integration. CEB’s IT budget benchmark stated that about 90% of IT organizations are allocating at least some part of their budget to the cloud. Forrester Research is forecasting that by the year 2020, enterprises will invest more than $ 241 billion each year in cloud computing. While this seems inevitable, we have to leave the question of where does our current investment leave and how will the cloud connect to our existing data?

As modern businesses increasingly turn to the cloud to meet their data warehousing and data governance requirements, applications, business intelligence platforms, and private server environments need to be integrated and integrated into cloud technology with limited business interruption and downtime it occurs.

Cloud database integration

The reality is that when we transition to the cloud, the business needs to run as usual. Organizations will continue to rely on their on-premises investment and private cloud environments until they develop a strategy to meet the challenges of cloud database migration. Primary concerns between public cloud and private data centers include the ability to load data into a cloud-based database faster and run in real- or near real-time to keep data synchronized. Technologies such as Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator offer real-time data integration, providing seamless data transitions from the base to the cloud, ensuring that data can be integrated and migrated with zero downtime. Can be done and has no effect on business.

Cloud application integration

One of the hurdles in adopting cloud services is the integration of cloud applications, especially for apps that need to exchange messages and data.  to the cloud application.

For cloud-based application to integrate data from an on-premises solution, the data must first be aggregated, sanitized and then finally synchronized. Oracle Cloud Service integrates and runs on the cloud to connect on-premises apps and 3rd party SaaS apps via an on-the-box connector. In addition, Oracle SOA Suite provides cloud integration for on-premises and SaaS applications.

Data Integration for Business Intelligence

Depending on the business and industry, on-premises business intelligence and data analytics solutions may have custom-optimized standards and requirements that have been adjusted and developed over many years. Cloud solutions can be integrated to perform the “heavy lifting” of an on-premises solution, shutting down systems such as big data queries, which can shut down operations. Through meta-data analysis and data preparation, cloud solutions can be used to enhance and support big data solutions.

Data Integration for Private Cloud Solutions

Organizations interested in private cloud solutions or hybrid cloud solutions may also benefit from cloud data integration further. A private cloud solution provides a business with the benefits of better resource management and infrastructure management, while the cloud removes many security and logistics issues associated with enterprise solutions. Data services can be rolled out directly into private platforms, offering a better environment for heavy data analysis while still working directly with an organization’s on-premises and third-party solutions.

Cloud migration expertise

There are many challenges that a company will face when converting its data to the cloud. There is nothing to fear when making the move with the right products and expertise. Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate provide you with a single, unified data integration platform to address the challenges of integrating your existing environment with cloud infrastructure. Zenser is a leading expert in Oracle Cloud and related cloud data infrastructure services and Oracle solutions. organizations can receive a comprehensive cloud assessment and consultation to determine the best path towards cloud adoption for their unique infrastructure.

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