Why a Blockchain Lottery? All you need to know

Everything that is on the blockchain is immutable and can be easily audited by anyone, joining lottery betting to a blockchain system means guaranteeing participants full transparency about their bets, delivery of prizes to winners and absence of exorbitant fees or taxes.


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Common questions:

What is Lotto Chain?

Lotto Chain is a blockchain lottery that seeks to deliver efficiency and democracy to participants in one of the most recognized gambling modalities in the world.

How does it works?

In addition to using Blockchain technology to carry out secure and 100% auditable draws, Lotto Chain also has its LTT token responsible for ensuring full access to the ecosystem.

Why have LTT?

Imagine being a member of a lottery supported by participants from all over the world? That is the purpose of LTT, to distribute the governance and financial participation of the results of what will be the biggest blockchain lottery.

How to acquire?

The LTT token is in its preliminary phase of adoption, aimed at decentralizing the possession of tokens with as many supporters as possible, where they will have regressive discounts.

The exclusivity for this initial phase has discounts that can reach up to 98% of the final value of the LTT, and the token has an estimated value for the launch of US$ 50.00.

How to Win?

In addition to participating in weekly draws on the blockchain lottery, Lotto Chain supporters have several other ways to win: distribution of fees, ticket offices, indicator incentives and much more.

Source website: https://lottochain.app/


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