Who performs the better staffing? In house departments or outsourced companies?

Finding the correct candidate for a company is the biggest concern. If a single candidate does not perform up to the expectations of the company, then the entire effort fails. Not only does the company have to undertake the process of stuffing once again but also all the cost of training is lost. That is why this activity should be conducted very sincerely.


But since a company has other economic activities to manage, it cannot focus on staffing repeatedly. Here comes the importance of outsourcing agencies that perform exactly the same function on behalf of the company itself. It helps to find the correct members for the organization. But no company would like to depend on a third party for one of its essential functions. In fact, there are so many befenits that loads of companies have used global employer of record services when expanding abroad, like in China.

Solving of problem

This confusion reduces the efficiency of the entire staffing process. The company is itself not able to decide which path to follow. In this article an attempt would be made to clarify the confusion. The pros and cons of going ahead with every type of methodology would be discussed in great detail. It would ultimately help to analyse which service should be dependent more as compared to others.

Outsourcing companies

Recruitment Outsourcing companies perform all the operations by themselves on behalf of the recruiting company. They advertise the availability of vacancies in a given company. They also make an attempt to understand the job profile and communicate the same to the job seeker.

They try to find the employees with similar characteristics and quality. They conduct interviews for shortlisting the suitable candidates and deliver them to the company. The goal of the company does not end here because they also motivate them and train them over a period of time.


Outsourcing companies have a lot of advantages. First of all, they help in saving the time that the original company would have invested in finding the correct person. It also allows the company to focus on the core economic activities. It helps to find the suitable candidates which actually deserve a given job.

It is able to analyse the prospective candidates from the perspective of the company. It amounts to a very cost-effective method. That is how the advantages of the outsourcing companies have changed the dynamics of recruitment.


However, these outsourcing companies are not without disadvantages. They try to get connected with the organisation and understand the functioning of it. Being a third party it can play with the data that affects the dynamics of the company. Sharing the complete details of the employees is also not a favourable practice.

No company wants to share this confidential data with a third party which can use this information to its decrement. The third party may also act negligently in choosing the prospective candidate, thereby damaging the profile of the company.

In house companies

The company instead of depending on the third party sources, can also make a department for the recruitment purpose. They can create a separate Department of Human Resource Management. This separate department performs the activities of recruitment on behalf of the company.

It usually comprises human resource managers who conduct interviews and internships. They play an important role in performing the procedural part in the process of recruitment. It is one of the crucial parts of the organisation. They establish their connections with colleges and Universities. They seek information from the associates of the company with respect to efficiency of the interns and new joiners.


It has a huge amount of importance for the company. In the first place, they help to keep the information confidential. Secondly, they also help to ensure interconnected functioning with proper check and balance. It is helpful for installing a continuous system of evaluation.

This keeps a proper check on the functioning of the employees. All the decisions can be taken by the company itself without depending upon the third party. It helps incorporate sufficient speed and help in the functioning of the organization. It is exactly what an organization needs in the long run.


Making a department of human resource management in the company is not an easy task. The organizational structure of the company has to get shifted. At the same point of time, it is really costly to appoint human resource managers and executives. It is much easier to pay a single one-time cost to an outsourcing party.

But paying a lump sum amount every year to the department of the company is very difficult. In such a situation it becomes essential to manage the dynamics of the organization in a much better way. The in-house team usually can lack the expertise required during the process of staffing. This only impacts the recruitment and the quality of the staff that comes to join the company.

How to choose the best?

Out of the two modes of recruiting staff, it is important to choose one of them. But they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. That is why a combination of both of these activities is required.

A company must depend upon both of them inadequate proportion. This will allow the company to get the best possible recruitment for itself. It will also reduce the unwanted burden on one of the parties. That is why both of them should be used for the best results to come forward


It can be concluded that this is a convenient method of recruiting the members of the company. Taking the decision properly is essential because every decision of staffing has long-term effects. This brings a positive impact on the company as a whole.

If in one go the employees are chosen then definitely the benefit to the company gets multiplied the maximum point of time. This allows the company to manage its operation in a much better way. That is why it is advisable to depend on both of the parties in an inadequate way.

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