What is going on Find out whose fury was spread among the people who were breaking the image!

What is going on Find out whose fury was spread among the people who were breaking the image!

Yet last year, at the time of Lathi, Harikrishna lake became a desirable place in Amreli district.
Then during the last night, there were no anti-social elements and these elements were cut off and destroyed by three pieces of marble statue of our President Mahatma Gandhi.
Harikrishna lake, Narayan lake and Dada lake are formed in collaboration with Dholkiya Foundation between Akala and Dudhala village of Lathi taluka in Amreli.
Here along with the huge statue of deities and goddesses on the shores of the lake, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the national prince, Mahatma Gandhi, an iron man. Abdul Kalam, Dr. The statue of great men like Ambedkar has been placed.
An application has also been sent today by the Lathi leaders about the incident. In which this place is a public tourist place good people come.
While some of them have a tendency to sabotage, they are also over-feverish. Dr. More than 100 grown shrubs were planted by Abdul Kalam.
The petitioner has been demanded to prevent such incidents from happening on Tuesday and to teach material lessons to capture such anti-national elements and anti-social elements.
Upon hearing of the incident, the Chambers of Commerce, the farmers and the leaders who have high affection for Hari Krishna Sarovar and the police convoy have reached the scene and taken further action.
The incident took place in Amreli district.
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