What can Temporary Buildings be used for?

The use of temporary buildings has increased markedly recently. The surge in the use of temporary structures is largely because they have so many benefits and a relatively low cost, making them the go-to options for businesses that need more space.

Benefits of temporary buildings:

Some of the advantages of temporary structures that make them so popular are:

  •   They are fast to build, saving time and meeting urgent space needs quickly
  •   Temporary buildings are cost-effective, saving money
  •   They are customisable and can be configured to suit various uses
  •   They are relocatable, making them easy to use where and when they are needed
  •   Non-permanent structures are more environmentally friendly
  •   They are relatively durable, serving the user for 7-10 years before any need for replacement

Uses of temporary buildings

Below are some of the uses of temporary structures:

Retail businesses

Retailers who need space to display their products can use temporary buildings for that. For example, grocery stores can use these structures as extra selling space. In addition, retailers may use the non-permanent buildings to store their merchandise and for other operations such as packaging, receiving, and dispatching goods and even as working areas such as offices, eating areas and washrooms.

Vehicle showrooms

Motor vehicle sellers need a lot of space to use as showrooms, and temporary buildings can provide excellent space for such use. Clear span buildings are huge structures without internal pillars, using only perimeter pillars for support and a cover, that make excellent showrooms for vehicles, big machines, and other large equipment. They allow free movement inside them and protect the various machines from the elements.

Educational institutions

Learning institutions such as primary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities need space for science labs, libraries and classrooms. Other possible uses include dormitories, staff offices, and dining areas. Temporary buildings can serve these uses well because they can be customised for different purposes. Any institution that needs space can navigate to this website to contact the leading temporary buildings provider in the UK.

Agricultural businesses

Farmers and other businesses in the agricultural sector can use temporary buildings for purposes such as storing fertiliser, seeds, agrochemicals and equipment. Moreover, these businesses can use non-permanent structures as space for processing products such as packed fruits, dairy products, and many others. The structures can even be set up for short-term uses such as trade shows and expos to provide space where the agricultural businesses can display their products.

Emergency response facilities

In the event of natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and storms, people are left homeless and crucial infrastructure like hospitals, schools and police stations is destroyed. Temporary buildings can be a godsend in such cases because they can be quickly set up to offer crucial services such as medical care and food distribution. Also, those rendered homeless can use the non-permanent structures as housing, and for important amenities.

Manufacturing and assembling businesses

Companies that manufacture items from minerals, wood, and even agricultural outputs like hides and skins, milk, grains, and fruits use temporary buildings to provide space to house machines and equipment. Clear span buildings are excellent structures because they allow unrestricted movement of machines and people in a production area. The non-permanent structures also offer good storage facilities for inputs and finished products.

In addition, assembly companies like car assembly facilities, machine assembling facilities and other such businesses can use temporary structures to provide space for their operations. These buildings can provide excellent garages and workshops, as well as other kinds of facilities for various activities in assembly lines.


Temporary buildings have many benefits thanks to their multiple uses. They can be used by retailers, agricultural businesses, educational institutions, and manufacturing companies, as well as emergency response facilities, to mention just a few.

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