What are the Top 5 Boating Accessories to Buy?

Every seasoned boater understands that the boat is only the beginning. You’re renting a boat that day or own one. Keeping some innovative boating accessories additions and boat gadgets on board can transform a nice day on the water into an outstanding one.

Here’s what most boaters consider when putting together their buying list of the most significant boat additions and must-have devices for the 2022 boating season:

Top of the List Boat Accessories:

Waterproof dry bags

When you’re in a situation where everything has to be damp, you need a location to keep things like smartphones dry. Therefore, that’s where a pair of high-quality dry bags come in handy.

Dry bags are exactly what their title indicates: waterproof bags that seal to keep items dry. They come in various sizes to fit anything from your driver’s license to a T-shirt inside. They’re available in both submersible and non-submersible varieties. 

Therefore, non-submersible bags are often strong enough to endure splashes on board and are less expensive than submerged bags. However, shops outfit surfing and scuba divers are beautiful places to look for good dry bags.

GoPro Camera

Many excellent cameras and smartphones have died in the sea after going in the water or going over the top on a day out on the boat. They are losing all those wonderful photo moments with them. Everyone wants to be in that situation. A GoPro camera is the most excellent option for taking images and movies when out on the water.

Personal locator beacon

Suppose you’ve read our Boat Safety Equipment Review, which covers essential and suggested items to keep onboard. You realize that security should be at the center of your thoughts than when you’re on the water. 

A personalized locator beacon is an excellent safety device for any boater. Therefore, it can be beneficial if you’re taking new people on board who are worried about traveling away from the coast for the very first time.

Portable solar charger

We’ve all experienced the pain of having a smartphone’s life of the battery decrease to 10%, then 5%, then 1%, and we’re in an area with no charging options. This is the time for a solar-based charger that can be set up everywhere. Such as a boat, a beach, or an island campsite, recharge digital energy.

Sub Safe containers

The last thing you would like for your sub sandwiches to be soggy and mushy on a dissolving pile of ice at both the time. You’re prepared to eat. Sub Safe containers are watertight and crush-resistant. So your pastrami and cheese will be safe, especially if they are buried beneath a cascade of cubed containers.

Final Verdict:

Boat decorations and gadgets are similar to any other accessory or supplies item: some are necessary. At the same time, others are gimmicks that will only take up room. How you want to utilize your boating accessories will influence the types of gear and gadgets. Therefore, you eventually keep on board—whether you intend to spend time fishing or not.

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