View Instagram Without An Account: 2 Easy Methods

How to view instagram without an account and view photos is a question that more and more people are asking. This is of concern to many people who for one reason or another do not have a user account on Instagram, but want to see and admire the photos posted by one or more users of this social network. Well, we want to guide and help answer this curiosity of being able to view instagram photos without logging and view instagram without an account. Thus, interested people can understand more clearly what they can see and what they cannot view without an Instagram account.

Can you view Instagram photos without an account?

Yes and no (it doesn’t say, does it?)… Well, to answer this question in depth, it must be said that anyone who creates an account on Instagram starts with a default setting. This setting helps people with an Internet connection to access a profile. This is how you see a message from that user who has these settings this type of profile is called a public profile on Instagram.

However, all Instagram users have the option to change the default settings or the public profile on Instagram. They make posts and profile private, so only followers they approve can see them. This type of profile is called a private profile on Instagram. We give you some tips to apply to Instagram.

So, in short, People who do not have an Instagram account can only see the entries of users with public profiles. They will be eager to see entries from users who have private Instagram profiles. Or they will have to create an account on the same Instagram and gain that user’s trust. This way, he will be able to spy and admire visual content that is not publicly disclosed.

But are the promoted apps or programs capable of seeing private Instagram photos? The answer: no, no they work for Instagram. It is necessary to clarify that all programs or services that appeared under the promise to be able to see private photos are absolutely false. Also, many of these alleged services can harm the person who wishes to use them. They can get a virus, steal private data and besides not satisfy the worry of view Instagram without an account and view photos and that is why they do not run the risk of using them.

How to view Instagram without an account

Find friends on Instagram without having an account | Option # 1: Google

To be able to see photos of Instagram users with the default configuration, i.e. a public profile, you must:

  • Do a search on the Google search engine.
  • Enter the name of the user or person in the search box.
  • Google will return the profile of the desired user.
  • If you want to log in, and want to view Instagram without an account to find a user, it is clear that searches can be done in several ways:
  • First of all, what can be done is perform a Google search with the “@” followed by the first and last name as if you were the instagramer @cristiano or, without the “@” but yes, accompanied by the term “Instagram” and it would be something like this: ” Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)” and the results it goes through one by one until it finds what is stated.
  • If you cannot search for the users you want to find by name, then you can search Google using a nickname by which the friend is eventually known and identified.
  • Another valuable resource to enrich a survey and find the person is adding certain data to the Google search that can be written in the friend’s biography on Instagram.

Find friends on Instagram without an account | Option 2: Social networks

Another good option that achieves great results in finding Instagram friends using another social network to perform this task such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or a blog that has that person.

Well, the first task here is to find some of these social networks from the person in question and if they already have them, much better. We also have to take into account that many users in the descriptions attach links to other social networks like Instagram, and for that it would be a good idea to check if they are and just follow them.

Find friends on Instagram without having an account | Option # 3: Instagram

Now and in case, you cannot find this person or friend on Instagram with the options above. So they can choose to do Instagram and for that, they can have some tools that can be very useful to find that friend and that we will detail below. One good way is to use the search box that Instagram has found to find someone who has an account. Or if you can’t browse or view instagram without an account, you can do so by using the search engine

The Instagram page will load “#search” or from the Instagram blog and you will see the “Search” box in the top middle.

Indeed, in this box, you can insert the first and last name of the person you are looking for on Instagram or of the supposed “user” that you could have on Instagram, and, presumably, a menu will be shown where you can review a few outcomes.

view Instagram


view Instagram

Although Instagram has grown non-stop and every day offers more creative options for sharing photos and videos, there are those who for some reason prefer not to have an account on this social network.

  • Worry about not well informed, how to make use of it.
  • They feel more comfortable on networks like Twitter or Facebook
  • They would prefer not to share their images and like to have security

Viewing Instagram without an account can be used by those who do not want to be part of this social network, but are curious about what some users share.

It is also the way in which stalkers can freely spy on profiles, an undesirable co-worker or the ex’s, without the worry of leaving a trace or accidental likes that could give away their presence.

If the person whose profile you want to look at never sees your post or leaves a comment and suddenly begins to see you between their stories or their feed, they might know that you have been looking at their posts, even if you didn’t leave a like or comment.

That is why you are interested in knowing how to look on Instagram without having an account even if you already have one.

Enter Instagram through Google

View Instagram without an account is possible and the easiest alternative is to search in the Google browser for the username whose account you want to see. If you do not know the username, search for their name in Google and accompany it with the word Instagram. For example “Sara Carbonero Instagram”

Among the outcomes, you will discover the link to get the profile you need to visit if it is configured as public. You will get a website side from which you can see:

  • User photos and videos
  • Number of likes and reproductions of the post
  • The comments from other users

What can’t you look at?

  • Private profiles
  • Stories from public profiles

When trying to access these, you will be asked to enter your access data to Instagram.

Find or view Instagram account through other social networks

When you cannot find the profile of a particular user using the search for their name in Google, it could be because they do not have an account on Instagram or have created it with an alias or nickname related to their interests or the theme of their account.

In this case, you can visit the known profile of this person on other social networks or visit their website or blog if they have it:

  • Twiitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

People normally mention their profiles and website addresses on these networks so that their contacts can follow them.

For example, pewdiepie make videos about games. On your YouTube channel, you have buttons to link to your different profiles on other social networks. And in this case, I have found the link to view your Instagram profile without accessing it through the application.


I can look at his photos and the interactions with his followers, except the stories. As you can see below in the picture:

view Instagram account

Applications to view Instagram accounts without being registered

With the security updates that Instagram frequently carries out, many applications that allowed watching content without having an account have been eliminated. Here are some of those that remain active:


It is a website that allows you to access the Instagram profiles you want to view from your mobile or your computer without having to access your account and even without having an account.

You should know the username of the profile you need to follow. After a simple registration process using your email, you will be able to create the list of profiles you want to see without accessing your Instagram account.

For this write the username without the @ in the comparing box. Then click on the feed section and you will be able to see what each user that you previously registered has published.

You’ll even see how much time has passed since the most recent photo or video was posted. If you click on the option to look at Instagram, you could continue to the web version without accessing from your account.

Filter gram developer

View instagram

An app in the Play store for Android users. I have not tried it and can’t recommend it, but it’s available if you want to risk downloading it.

Because you have no critical user reviews or app information to refer to and the developer’s original language cannot be translated.

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To watch Instagram stories

The web version of Instagram without access from your account does not allow you to view the stories .

There are fewer and fewer applications to access them due to the Instagram protection controls.

Story Stalker is an application for users of mobile devices with an Android system with which you can download and view Instagram stories of other users without having an account and without getting to the application, so you won’t leave the proof.

All the procedures and tricks described that allow you to watch stories or contents of an Instagram profile without an account or without logging in from your profile work just for users who have arranged their public profile.

It is highly unlikely to see private profiles. If you liked it, share this post. Maybe there are other stalkers that need to have this information or leave me your comment if you know of any other way to enter or view Instagram without an account.

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