VIDEO TDR FAILURE Error: Causes and Solutions

Despite the fact that errors in the form of “BSOD”, better known as “Blue Screen of Death”, have undergone significant changes in the Windows operating system, they cause panic among many users and significant problems in finding solutions to their corrections. This article is about a representative of the “new blue screens of death” accompanied by the text message “VIDEO TDR FAILURE”, which raises many logical questions about the causes and the solutions available. Elimination of the VIDEO TDR FAILURE error.

Causes and solutions of VIDEO TDR FAILURE Error

So “VIDEO TDR ERROR” is, as mentioned above, a critical error that a user sees with a rather eloquent text and a sad smiley face (question to Microsoft: “What is this smiley face for?”). In most cases, the error is accompanied by an explanation that the reason lies in a module, e.g. B. igdkmd64.sys or atikmpag.sys, which for system-related reasons no longer works properly and has “sent” the computer to an emergency restart. For some users, the above examples with the “.sys” extension should already have suggested that the main cause of the error is the failure of some type of software driver module, which produced unpleasant results. And on this basis, possible solutions are sought, namely:

1.”Check the relevance of the drivers used.” First of all, it should be clear that these modules already indicate to which manufacturer the graphics card used by the user belongs. For example, “nvlddmkm.sys” signals the use of Nvidia products, “igdkmd64.sys” the use of Intel HD Graphics and “atikmpag.sys” the use of AMD Radeon. So update or reset the graphics card driver. For example, if you found that the problem started immediately after updating the driver, roll it back to the previous version. This can be done manually by deleting it in “Device Manager” and restarting the computer. The operating system then automatically installs the appropriate version.

2.Check your operating system for signs of virus activity, including unauthorized mining, which is quite a common phenomenon these days. It is very difficult to understand such an intervention in the system, but in any case, if you suspect, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Be aware of the noise your computer is making. For example, if you are not doing large-scale tasks and the computer is trying to develop the “third room,” it is reasonable to assume that someone is not trying to make money off of you.
  • Open the “Task Manager” and observe the activity of the processes and the loads they cause for a while. To test this theory, you can use more specific software, e.g. B. the “AnVir Task Manager”, which shows detailed information about the individual processes. Even if this does not help solve the problem, it will definitely be of use.

3.If the “BSOD” occurs during the implementation of the game, the cause of the incident may be with the specific game. This can be poor compatibility, graphics settings that do not match the functions of the graphics card, a poor quality assembly (repack), etc.

4.Use the system component and file health scanner named sfc / scannow. To do this, you need to open a command prompt with administrative privileges and run the given command, wait for it to finish, and familiarize yourself with the problems you have encountered. It is also useful to use the CHKDSK utility to check the hard drive.

5.Check for critical operating system updates regardless of how you handle this procedure.

6.Restore the Windows operating system registry. To do this, transfer the four files “Default, Security, Software, System and Sam” from the folder “Windows \ System32 \ config \ RegBack \” to “\ Windows \ System32 \ config \


It is also worth noting that the reasons may be even more trivial – the incompatibility of computer properties with the Windows 10 operating system, so visit the official Microsoft website and check that your devices are compatible with the minimum requirements of the latest operating system.

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