Types Of Material Laundry Basket Made Of

When it comes to doing laundry chores, laundry baskets come to the minds of many people. They are very efficient and make your laundry tasker easier. When you need to carry your laundry from one room to another, a laundry basket comes in handy. 

These baskets are usually made of different types of materials, so you should know about them before buying a laundry basket. Here is all you need to know about the different materials used for making laundry baskets. 

Fabric Material 

Fabric laundry baskets are made of clothes or fabrics that are soft, flexible, foldable, and easy to use. These baskets are easily available and come in various sizes, designs, and price ranges. 

Fabric laundry baskets are eco-friendly and good for daily use.  However, most fabric laundry baskets are not suitable for wet clothes. Some baskets come with waterproof coating that makes them ideal for wet clothes. 


Plastic is a popular material in the laundry basket space because it is lightweight, portable, and durable. It is very easy to clean a plastic laundry basket compared to other materials. Some plastic laundry baskets also come with lids that help you keep your clothes safe. 

Plastic laundry baskets are ideal for daily use. Although they are not very attractive, they are a good option to use because they can hold both dry and wet clothes. Also, some laundry baskets come with foldable and stackable features for easy storage. 

Metal Or Steel 

Metal laundry baskets are very popular in the market because they are durable and available in different styles. Also, these baskets come with wheels on the bottom for easy transportation. 

They have an attractive look and can match any décor. But this material is not ideal for people who need a lightweight and portable basket for carrying. If you need a storage space to store your clothes and other items, you can opt for metal laundry baskets.


Bamboo laundry baskets are natural, eco-friendly, and are suitable for daily use. Also, these baskets are durable and provide an elegant look. They are highly functional and look great aesthetically. 

Since these baskets are handwoven, they are reliable and very strong. If you need a basket for transportation purposes, you can choose bamboo laundry baskets. The best thing about this material is that it is natural, durable, and provides a great feeling during use. 


Mesh material is generally popular because of its breathability, lightweight, and portability. They are also affordable and easily available. Mesh laundry baskets are foldable and easy to use. 

If you need a portable and lightweight basket to carry your clothes, you can opt for mech laundry baskets. But it is not ideal for you if you are looking for a laundry basket for long-term use. 


Laundry baskets are versatile home accessories and are designed with various types of materials. Each material has some advantages and disadvantages so you will have to select the right material according to your requirements. We hope you have a better idea the about materials used for the making of laundry baskets. 

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