Types of lingeries and night dresses

Lingeries and nightdresses are essential wear for women. Due to the significance, these dresses need to be as comfortable as possible. The selection of a bodysuit like vital wear depends upon their comfort. Different manufacturers use different materials and designs. But the essential wears are principally similar to one another. This feature allows the person to buy from any manufacturer. But it is necessary to choose the right one for the proper purpose. Not all the wears are the same or compatible for every purpose. Basic knowledge of the types of essential and nightwear dresses makes selection easier.

Lingerie Types

The selection of lingerie is a personal choice. It often depends on the comfort, and sometimes it may also be chosen by the situation. The major types of lingeries are,

  • Baby dolls: Baby dolls are a type of lingerie that comes in various lengths. But it usually covers up to the mid-thigh area. These come in a wide range of colours and design patterns. The baby dolls have a loose fit design but will stick to the body easily. These can be worn over bras and panties, and sometimes it comes with extra cups for additional support. These are easy to wear dresses with a breathable design to make them more comfortable.
  • Bodysuits: These are an easy to wear alternative for multi-piece lingerie or bra panties combination. These are much easier to wear and give the body a better shape, and the design changes widely with different manufacturers. The length of the bodysuit is usually from shoulder to hip. Most of these dresses come with breast support cups for convenience.
  • Corset: It is good to have accessories for every woman. Especially if someone is concerned about their shape, they can use the corset to limit their appearance. The older corsets were not comfortable to wear as they were required to have a lower body size. But modern corsets are much more comfortable and are available in different styles. Corsets even come with long sleeves, which are suitable to use as daily wear at home.
  • Lingerie set: It just indicates a bra and panties set for women. They are comfortable to wear and have different designs. Also, the sizes are available in a wide range. The lingerie set can be worn under a wide range of other dress materials. It allows the person to use them as everyday wear.
  • Slips: They are remarkably comfortable loose fit lingeries. They are easy to wear dresses that can even be used as everyday dresses inside the house or as a nightdress. Its extent is from shoulder to mid-high thigh area. There are different types of slips available such as breathable and see-through.
  • Shapewear: These are used to gain a perfect shape while wearing other dresses. They are tight underwear with varying lengths. Some shapewear is used to get a better form for the waist area. And some others for the thigh area. So the selection of this lingerie should be based on personal needs.


Sleeping is an essential part of everyday life for better health. A comfortable sleeping dress can give an uninterrupted sleep for a long time. Some of the cosy sleepwear is,

  • Cami: Cami is a light, two-piece nightwear dress. They are easy to wear and comfortable. The simple design and a comfortable material selection can give the body complete comfort.
  • Pj sets: Even though the PJ set is also a two-piece design like cami, the top is different. The top portion of the PJ set is designed as shirts with short sleeves.
  • Slips: Slips used as sleepwear are similar to lingerie slips, and they are a one-piece design and start from the shoulders. The lighter design with comfortable materials makes it one of the best nightwear.
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