Top Reasons to Go Whale Watching

When looking for the best whale watching in California, one of our most frequently asked questions includes where one can take part in a whale watching Los Angeles excursion.

Finding the best whale watching in Southern California is a quest many are undergoing and we are elated to share some stellar good news with you!

In addition to gorgeous sunny weather, a picturesque Dana Harbor, and a vast array of whale and dolphin sightings, the best whale watching in California is right outside our front door.

Dana Point, California, is the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World®, making our waters a pristine whale watching destination. Your whale watching adventure may include all of the above-listed enjoyments, but we also have a list of the top five reasons to go whale watching in the first place. With dolphin and whale sightings galore and a vast array of many more beautiful creatures to be seen, the best whale watching in Southern California is one boat ride away.

Connect with Animals

There is something absolutely remarkable about connecting with a marine mammal in their natural habitat. Whether you come aboard a whale watching tour in the fall, winter, spring or summer months, your chances to spot a whale, dolphin, sea lion, or one of the nearly seventy species of wildlife in our area, is incredibly high.

The five-star team at Captain Dave’s sees dolphin or whale sightings up to 95% of the time during a whale watching trip. These animals may include a majestic blue whale, sperm whale, pilot whale, or possibly a pod of killer whales. Other whale species include Humpback whales, fin, minke, and gray whales during their whale migration.

Not to mention five species of dolphins that can number up to 5,000 strong. These animals make their appearance throughout the year, leading us to better believe that the best whale watching in California is right here in our local waters.

Not only do we enable you to come aboard and spot these incredible creatures, but we facilitate an environment for you to truly connect with them. With one-of-a-kind vessels that get you up close and personal with your favorite flipper wearing friends, the proximity in which you’ll be to marine life when your are dolphin or whale watching will have you spyhopping for joy.

‘Experience the connection’ is one of our main mottoes and one we live by, especially aboard our daily, year-round safaris. With underwater viewing pods aboard our Manute’a dolphin and whale watching vessel that have you eye to eye with the wildlife and animals at your fingertips while zipping about on our Fast Cat, the connection you’ll experience with these extraordinary creatures makes it one of the top reasons for the best whale watching in California.

Connect With Nature

In addition to the magnificent mammals out at sea, another top reason to take part in the best whale watching in California is the opportunity to connect with nature. Apart from connecting with the wildlife, simply being out on the open ocean with the fresh air and serenity that accompanies it, bring in an array of health benefits.

Scientific studies have proven that exposure to nature has both physical and mental benefits including improved mental clarity, improved A.D.D. symptoms, and accelerated healing.

Physical benefits also include enhanced immune function which can lead to less cancer, fewer migraines, less respiratory disease, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Connecting with nature during the best whale watching in Southern California also eliminates stress and improves one’s ability to think more clearly and creatively.

These improved psychological and physiological benefits have us planting the opportunity to connect with nature at the top of our list as a reason to take part in the best whale watching in California.

Connecting With Each Other

“We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without there is suffering.” Brenee Brown

The best whale watching in California can’t be done without our fellow passengers and shipmates. This is why one of the top reasons to go whale watching includes connecting with the people around us. During the best whale watching in Southern California trip, we enable passengers to connect with people who have the same similar love and appreciation for the wildlife and nature around them.

This is done on comfortable vessels that do not feel overcrowded, claustrophobic, or uncomfortable. This provides a setting where you can share a connection to the people around you while enjoying your surroundings.

Connecting With Ourselves

Whether you’re planning to enjoy the best whale watching in California with your friends, family, or while flying solo, one of the top reasons to do so is to connect with yourself. Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. stated, “When we connect to ourselves we’re also able to create lives that are meaningful and fulfilling.”

Being aboard the best whale watching in Southern California can enable you to harness that connection. The peace, tranquility, and time apart from a busy day can give the recipient a state of being grounded, thus helping them to unplug from the stresses of life and be more centered and aligned within themselves. This can then cultivate that life of meaning and fulfillment.


One of the main reasons to take part in the best whale watching in California comes down to one simple thing, it’s fun! Everyone, everywhere, deserves to enjoy life to the fullest and going aboard the best whale watching in California can get you closer to doing just that. With year-round sightings of the most majestic animals on the planet, an open ocean to explore, and joy to be had while alongside a cetacean loving crew, your fun-filled day is truly one boat ride away.

With the opportunity to connect with the animals, nature, others and ourselves, while having a boat full of fun, we hope our top five reasons to go whale watching have struck a chord of curiosity for such an excursion and look forward to seeing you soon!

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