Top five ways to do SEO of your website.

Most of the business now happens online platforms and also information is available online there. You know there are 1.8 billion websites available on search engines that are used for online business and to spread information and teach people. But not every website ranks on the first page of Search Engines because of a lot of competition. You know on Google’s first page only ten websites show or rank. So how do you rank your website or online business store on the first page of Google? When your website is on Google’s first page that means you get more traffic or visitors on the website and a lot of revenue is generated through it. You can rank your websites with the help of SEO because it follows all factors of Google algorithms. So in this article, you will know the top five ways of SEO to rank your website


These are the top five ways of SEO.


Publish Relevant content

After creating a website for your business, then you need to publish content there where people read and also purchase your service from it. But if you don’t publish relevant content or high authoritative content then your website does not rank because Google always chooses high-quality and relevant content for the user. When you publish low-quality content and it is not relevant to your website niche or business then visitors do not want to come again to your website. So while doing SEO of your website this way keep in mind that it is a factor of Google algorithms for SEO. 


The second way of SEO is Keywords. Keywords mean what people search on Google. Such as a user writing “SEO” on Google means he/she wants to know about it and google also provides all results related to these keywords. So when you publish content on your website or write a description of your business online then you have to choose appropriate keywords that are related to your site and business. When you use appropriate and relevant keywords google shows your results to users. Many tools help you to find keywords that are mostly searched by people on google such as google keyword planner. 


Link to other websites with relevant content.

You are not alone who are sharing content with people on your website. Many people share the same content and do business on websites. So when you publish content then you have to put links to other high authority websites. Through this when google crawls for content then you put a link to other websites that help you to crawl your website by Google for the user. This is the third way of SEO that can help you to rank your website. 


To get more backlinks on high-authority websites.

When you publish content on other high-authority websites. If you use links to your site then your high authority increases and other people also visit your website through these backlinks. This is the fourth way of SEO for ranking your website. 


Use the Google Search Console 

Finally, use the google search console for SEO because it gives you updates on what people are searching on Google and what trends are running on google. It also provides you with keywords that relate to your website and your business.


Final words 


These are the top five ways to do SEO of your website and these ways help you rank your website on Google’s first page.


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