Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase 10×10 Custom Canopy Tents


Canopy tents are one of the best and most versatile traditional marketing techniques available in the market. As the canopy tents are available in various shapes and sizes, you might get overwhelmed choosing the perfect canopy tent. 

However, if you want to leverage the proper benefits of the canopy tents, you need to choose the 10×10 canopy tents. The 10×10 canopy tents are undoubtedly one of the best sizes for promotional events. This is why business owners usually go with the 10×10 canopy tents and plan to promote their business for upcoming trade shows and conventions. 

Whether you’re planning to participate in upcoming promotional events or searching for a weather-resistant, durable, and functional canopy tent to set up in the farmer’s market, you need to choose the 10×10 canopy tents. 

But why do people go for the 10×10 canopy tents? Don’t the bigger canopy tents offer more space? Even though larger canopy tents are correct, you can leverage numerous benefits using 10×10 canopy tents. Continue reading the article to know more. 

The View is Unobstructed 

Sometimes you will walk into a store, and it’s so big that you cannot observe all the business’s offerings. Therefore, you need to put extra effort and roam to cover the entire products and services of the company. Some people might be uncomfortable in such situations. This is one of the most common disadvantages of larger canopy tents. 

Even though bigger canopy tents offer large space to accommodate more people, they will appear gigantic when noticed by passers-by. This might prevent some people from visiting your booth. However, 10×10 canopies are just about the perfect size. They are neither too big nor too small. They will also encourage visitors to enter your booth. 

They are Friendlier 

This is one of the best benefits of 10×10 canopy tents. When people enter an extremely narrow or crowded store, they become afraid to break stuff accidentally. Some people don’t fit to feel uncomfortable. Booths with an extra grandiose layer might fail to generate a positive impression amongst potential clients and customers. As per Small Business, the first impression is important in business. Additionally, bigger tents might also trigger physiological values. Many people assume that the bigger the tent, the more expensive the products or services. 

On the other hand, the 10×10 canopy tents will help you accommodate people effectively. They won’t be afraid to enter your store. You can also showcase the products and services of your business easily. This way, you can promote your brand to hundreds of potential customers. 

They Can Be Printed Quickly 

This is another great benefit of 10×10 canopy tents that they can be printed within a short amount of time. As the 10×10 canopy tents cover a smaller area, manufacturers can print the canopies quickly compared to the other sized canopy tents. 

When you contact us to customize your canopy tents, our expert and professional designers can print all the designs you need without making the canopy tent overwhelming or cluttering. However, make sure you pay close attention to the designing process of the 10×10 canopy tents. 


These are the top 3 great benefits of using the 10×10 canopy tents. Make sure you choose canopy tents as your requirements and the size of the event. If you have any questions, comment below.  


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