The Most Asked Questions Regarding Signal Jammers

What is a Cell Phone Signal Jammer and How Does it Work?

A signal jammer blocks the reception between mobile phones and cell towers. These devices are intended for law enforcement and military use. They were initially created to counter threats such as cell-triggered explosives or hostage situations.

How Do Cell Phone Signal Jammers Work?

Cell jammers are also known as signal blockers, or brouilleur d’onde in French. They hold up radio frequencies in a particular area and create a signal traffic jam, which blocks all communication. As a radio silencer, calls and texts cannot be sent or received if the signal blocker is in range.

Are Signal Jammers legal?

You’re not the only one who is captivated by the idea of a cell-phone signal blocker. It is illegal to advertise, distribute, sell, or operate cell signal boosters in the United States and other parts of the world.

The FCC believes mobile signal jammer devices intentionally interfere with “authorized radio communications.” Cellular and WiFi signal jammer devices “pose serious threats to critical public safety communications and can prevent you or others from making 9-1-1… (and) interfere with law enforcement communications.”

Radio frequencies, in addition to safety concerns, are legally protected by The Communications Act of 1934. This law outlaws interference with radio broadcasts that have been authorized.

Why is a Cell Phone Signal Jammer Used?

These technology advocates argue that signal jammer devices can be used in places where people don’t know how to use their cell phones properly. You can think of schools, theaters, and vehicles. Basically, any place where texting, streaming, and the like could be disruptive or even dangerous.

A mobile signal jammer can block voice and text from your phone as well as interfere with GPS, WiFi, and, perhaps most importantly, police radar. The Federal Government has outlawed the promotion and sale of cell phone signal jammers in America. If you are looking for some peace and quiet from a new signal blocker, then you may have to settle with earplugs.

Can a Signal jammer Block a Signal Booster?

Yes, signal jammer can block and interfere with your booster. Signal boosters amplify an existing signal. However, if the signal jammer blocks that signal, interference will occur.

Can Cell Signal Amplifiers Block Signal Jammers?

Cell phone signal amplifiers can be a great tool to improve reception in rural areas or on roads. However, they cannot protect against cell phone signal jammers. Any signal jammer can also be a signal booster jammer, as it stands.

How Do I Detect a Signal Jammer?

Dropped service is the most obvious sign of cell phone signal interference. Although apps exist that claim they can detect signal jammers, these apps are not proven and must have a working signal in order to work. It is almost impossible for the average consumer without military-level technology to detect a cell phone jammer.

If you suspect that this type of illegal activity is occurring, please contact law enforcement and/or file a complaint with the FCC.

How Do I Stop a Signal Jammer?

Blocking signal jammers is not an option unless you can locate the jammer (which usually looks like a walkie-talkie, a cell phone, or a wireless router) and disable it.

You might be able to change the frequency at which your phone works if you are tech-savvy enough. It all depends on how sophisticated the jammer is blocking your signal.

You should consider moving if you suspect that you are being targeted by a cell phone signal jammer attack. The jammers won’t broadcast over 30 feet. Therefore, moving away from your current location is often enough to escape their reach.

If you feel that someone is using a cell phone signal blocker to harass you, please contact law enforcement.

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