The importance of emotional wellness

We often talk about how to be physically fit, how to increase our water intake, moderate out diet, work out etc., but seldom do we talk about how to cater to our emotional wellness.

Emotional health refers to how well we are able to process our emotions. It entails having a knowledge of and acceptance for what we are feeling.

Many of us are in a habit of not listening to our messy emotions. We are told not to express our anger, disgruntlement and even happiness even. There is also the casual and callous disregard for our feelings, that makes us then lose faith in our intuition and emotions.

What we don’t realize is that this lack of consideration for emotional wellness then leads to problems not just with our mental health, but our physical health is also endangered with issues like hypertension, requiring help of the General Physician in Lahore then.

Impact on emotional wellness on life

To understand the importance of emotional wellness, it is important to know its impact on your life. Here are some facets that are influenced by our emotional state:


Your academic career is also contingent on your emotional wellness. Often, students are so involved in their studies that they forget to cater to their emotional wellbeing. This then leads to extreme feelings of stress then.


Work is challenging. You have to face so many problems and cater to so many people, and it is only possible if you have a healthy way to process emotions. Otherwise, it either then has implications for your career or mental health.

Social life

Our emotional health is intricately linked to our social life. How we carry ourselves in public determines our reputation amongst masses. Having enough control on our emotions to channel proper conduct is important, and the lack thereof then has implications for our quality of life.

Similarly, our emotions are also influenced by our relationships as well. Naturally, if you are short tempered, rude or curt, your friends and family and are also likely to steer away from you. Having a healthy social life is important, and emotional wellness plays an important role in this.

Implications of poor emotional wellbeing

Mental health

The most profound impact of poor emotional wellbeing is on mental health. Naturally, when you are in emotional distress, it also then causes problems with mental health as well.

Life problems

Moreover, having poor emotional health leads to problems with relationships. It also causes problems with work or studies. Similarly, when you have an emotion storm brewing, you also then have concentration problems.

Physical health

Furthermore, if your emotions are fraught, you also have a higher chance of getting ill, as stress compromises immunity. It also leads to high blood pressure issues as well, on account of stress.

Improving your emotional wellbeing


We are so preoccupied with living life at once, capturing moments before we live them, running from one place to another that we forget to live in the moment, which then has an impact on our emotional health.

Hence, practice mindfulness. Focus on small things like breathing. Be mindful as you eat. There are plenty of other avenues to practice mindfulness at.

Talk to others

Sometimes, talking helps. It is cathartic and helps in unloading the emotional issues. it also helps in getting perspective. Furthermore, it can also improve relationships as well.

Work-life balance

If your work is behind poor emotional health, then you need to work towards improving your work-life balance. Manage your hours better. Leave the work-related problems at work, do not bring them home.

Stress management

Since stress jeopardizes our emotional health, it is important to manage your stress levels. Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing are effective ways to manage stress and keep health problems like hypertension that require the help of the General Physician in Islamabad at bay.

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