The Best Minecraft Servers and How to Join Them

How to Join a Minecraft Server?
Once you have found the server you are interested in, copy its IP address. Next, enter the multiplayer menu. You must then choose from a Minecraft server list, including New Server, Join, etc.

Click Join . Normally, this gesture launches the game. If you choose New Server, you are creating your own server, and that is not what you want to do.

The process may vary slightly from server to server, but most have staff available to make the game easier for you.

In this server, you learn to make your contribution to community life. It’s a semi-RP server, where you can choose a profession, invest to gain more fame , and grow your fortune . The recent update introduces you to a new Nether 1.16 construction map . You also have Toto Riel , a tutorial at your disposal, if you haven’t mastered the mysteries of the game yet.

ZenCraft allows you to create cities , but be careful, you will have to respect all the conditions . A city must be habitable, and have all the basic structures. The server staff is available to support you.

SkySword is a SkyBlock-style server, where game quality is a priority. Its Asian theme will lead you to evolve in a community where events are not lacking. You have the opportunity to participate in its development. In the store , you can buy credits , kits , and even ranks , with in-game money. If you get ejected from the game, you have the opportunity to return, by buying a Deban.

Battle Adventure
This is a premium server, farm-to-win style. Many professions are accessible, and you can buy and resell to others, thanks to the PVP system. Several features are available. This server organizes various events, which allow you to rise in rank.

Battle Adventure is secure. Moreover, with his 4 years of experience, he is referenced on all Minecraft servers. A competent staff is ready to support you in your beginnings.

After a year of existence, and more than 10,000 players, ScaleWild remains powerful, with its version 1.16.3. It’s a 100% survival server, in Freebuild mode. You can build houses, shops, and protect your properties.

New commands are available, through plug-ins, to make the game more interesting. There is no PVP mode yet.

Have you ever dreamed of creating an island in your name? It becomes a reality with Frenchy. You can start your own business, and accumulate goods, by challenging other players. It will be easy for you to rise in rank, and gain fame. This server works on the principle of Farm and Commerce. Your hard work and efforts are rewarded.

The staff is constantly innovating, to make you live more events, and to constantly update the system.

Several Minecraft servers are available, to give you the opportunity to use your skills as a building builder, a town manager, and even an island creator. Some have restrictions, others leave you free.

The important thing is to find a community that suits your expectations, and that leads you to acquire everything you want… in the game of course. All dreams are allowed.

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