Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory? The Mafia? Who?

Terry lee Flenory is a very famous person in America. He is a business man, a drug dealer, an entrepreneur and he is an investor from Detroit United States too. His brother Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech is also a reason for his so mush fame. As Big Meech is very much indulge in the illegal occupations such as money laundering and drug trafficking.

Big Meech is the father of the huge firm known as BMF (Black Mafia Family). Terry is the co-organizer of this firm. This firm is for money laundering. Terry is a drug dealer and supplies the drug among drug addicts. Both brothers are involved in these kind of illegal activities (money laundering and drug trafficking) from 1990 to 2005.

Early Life of Famous Drug Dealer Terry Lee Flenory:

Early Life of Famous Drug Dealer Terry Lee Flenory

Shelly Meech gave birth of this entrepreneur Terry lee Flenory on the 10th of January in 1970 in the most populous city Detroit of the Michigan state of United States. He was born in Christian Family. He has mixed ethnicity of African descent.

Parents and sibling of Terry Lee Flenory:

The people who welcomed Terry in this world are Charles Flenory his father and Lucille Flenory aka Shelly Meech his mother. He has two siblings his brother the big mafia (Big Meech) Demetrius Flenory (born in 1968) and his sister Nicole Flenory. The social media handles of Terry shows his love for his family as he posted a lot of the pictures with his family on the instagram. Terry also has a nephew (Big Meech son Lil Meech) Demetrius Flenory Jr is a 21 year’s old (in 2022) American signer and rapper.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Educational Background:

Source reports that Terry and his brother Big Meech gone to the same local high school of America. There is no information about the university life of Terry. Then he maybe only high school graduate. He indulged in the illegal activities at very young age with his brother. They both Terry and his brother Big Meech made a massive amount of money in cash laundering. They started their profession in illegal field by selling cocaine packets in the streets of Detroit in their high school in very young age.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Physical Appearance and Zodiac sign:

The Zodiac Sign of Terry Lee Flenory is Capricorn as his date of birth is 10th of January. Terry Lee Flenory belongs to the African Descent mixed ethnicity. The skin tone of Terry is dark. He is approximately 172 cm (5’ 8” feet) tall. He has black short curly hairs. He has black coloured eyes. And his (approx.) weight is 80kg (176.37 lbs in pounds).

Terry Lee Flenory’s Personal Life Wife & Girlfriend name:

We don’t have any information in our records about any Ex-girlfriends of Terry Lee Flenory even though he worked with many female business persons. According to our sources he had one girlfriend with whom he is married now Tonesa Welch. She is known as the first lady of Black Mafia Family (BMF). She is the executive producer of the NotoriousQueens. Toni (nickname of Tonesa Welch) is now the creator of the Sylent heat organization. This is a non-profit firm who works for the families who are affected by the imprisonment. She was imprisoned for 5 years in the offence of money laundering and released in 2012 from jail.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Children:

There is not information about any kids of Terry. But from his instagram profile show how much he loves kids. He shared a lot of pictures of his nephew (Lil Meech) and sibling on the instagram. He has a heart full of love and care for his family members and he express that love thought his instagram posts. However, there is no news about his kids.

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Terry Lee Flenory’s Career:

Terry lee Flenory get into professional life very early in his life. However the profession he had chosen was illegal drug dealing and cash laundering. He started working with his brother in illegal field. They both get involved in the money laundering and a lot of money alongside Big Meech.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Career


Then in 1990 Big Meech founded frim for money laundering business and Terry was co-founder of this frim which is Black Mafia Family (BMF). They had took part in a lot of illegal affairs with the frim BMF such as drug trafficking. BMF became such a crazy thing in Entertainment industry, as it produced big hip hop artists. Then it also got promoted by many famous magazines. In 1980s Terry Lee Flenory and Demetrius Flenory started selling cocaine in the backstreet of the Detroit. Terry Lee Flenory started his own brand after getting bail from jail. The name he given to his brand was Southwest Black Magic.

Black Mafia Family’s role in Terry Lee Flenory Life:

Black Mafia Family was created by Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech in 1990 in southwest Detroit city of the Michigan state in United States. Terry Lee Flenory is the co-organizer of BMF. They participated in many illegal activities through this firm like drug dealing and money laundering. They smuggled hundreds of kilograms of cocaine in various states of United States. In firm Big Meech was responsible for smuggling the drugs in Atlanta while Terry was the in charge of collecting imports from Mexico in LA . According to reports in 2001 both brother got into a big fight with lead them to separate their paths. After the serious argument between both brothers, Terry Lee Flenory shifted to LA and started his own company there of drug smuggling.

BMF was also a large hip hop music company which produced some big names of Hip Hop. BMF in early 2000 earned a lot of profit because of drug dealing of cocaine.

Black Mafia Family series:

In 2019, a well-known hip hop artist 50 cent began the production of Black Mafia Family (BMF). It is the American crime based Television series. The story of this series is based on the life of two brothers who are Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech and Terry Lee Flenory. It was released on 26th of September in 2021. This series raise the fame of Terry Lee Flenory. Da’Vinchi was assigned to play the role of Terry Lee Flenory and Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech) decided to play the character of his own father Demetrius Flenory in the series. The production Company G-unit films, Lionsgate television and Television Icn. produce this series along with famous producers and musical artists Curt Jackson, Anthony Wilson , Terri Kopp and Randy Huggins.

Terry Lee Flenory prison life:

In 2005 both brothers Big Meech and Terry were arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in case of drugs smuggling. In 2008, the court had given the orders of 30 years of incarceration to both brothers for the penalty of drug dealings and money laundering. In 2020 the increase in Covid-19 cases in the prison along with world became the reason of early release of Terry from prison before his scheduled date. The Federal Bureau decided to release some prisoners to stop the covid-19 outbreak in the Federal prison. After the release Terry was restricted in his house. While the brother was in the jail with the allegations but his bail was rejected by the court, as according to court statement he hasn’t change even a little bit from his previous behaviour. Big Meech will be release from jail in 2032 according to the schedule.

What would be Net worth and income of Mafia Terry Lee Flenory :

Terry earned a great amount of money through his illegal activities. He owned luxurious properties in America. He almost earned 40 to 50 million dollars in his life full of illegal activities. He worked with a lot of the companies and collaborated with many business executives. He also launched his brand with the name Southwest Black Magic. He promoted many merchandise through his social media handle.

The Big Mafia Terry Lee Flenory Wiki:

Name: Terry Lee Flenory
Nick Name: Southwest T, Terry Flenory
Mother:  Lucille Flenory aka Shelly Meech
Father: Charles Flenory
Brothers: Demetrius Flenory (Big Meech)
Sisters: Nicole Flenory
Marital status: Married
Girlfriend/ Wife Name: Tonesa Welch
Kids: No Information
Cousins/Nephew: Nephew Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech)
Net Worth: $40 to$50 million
Profession: Mafia Drug Dealer
Education: High School Graduated
School/University: Local High School
Date of Birth: 10 January
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height: 172cm

Terry Lee Flenory’s death:

It is reported that in September 2021 Terry is shot dead. But it is not confirmed by any trusted resources or any of his family or friends. So it is considered just as a rumour right now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Who is Terry Lee Flenory?

Answer: He was the mafia and drug dealer belong to American state Michigan’s city Detroit. He was indulged in criminal affairs such as money laundering and smuggling of drugs. He ran this illegal business with his brother Demetrius Flenory.

Question 2: When Terry Lee Flenory born?

Answer: 10th of January is the date of birth of Terry.

Question 2: Who is Big Meech?

Answer: He is one of the biggest Mafia and drug dealers of America. He started the business company Black Mafia Family it was also an entertainment company. This organization in involve in drug dealing and money laundering. He got arrested in 2005 by DEA. In 2008, he was sentenced for 30 years in prison. He will be released in 2032.

Question 3: When Terry Lee Flenory is released from jail?

Answer: Due to the covid-19 outbreak in the Federal prison, On 5th of may 2020, he was granted bail to prevent the increase in the coid-19 causes. He was released before his scheduled time.

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