Tanning Salon vs. Sunbathing: What is a Better Choice?


Want to feel like a supermodel? How about going to a place that accentuates your natural beauty and, irrespective of your body type and shape, makes you look and feel amazing. 


We are talking about tanning salons. How it boosts your image! The salons are experts in bringing out the natural color of your skin that you were born with. They work upon this natural color and give you a sensuous golden hue – you can’t take your eyes off you! 


So, is sunbathing passe?

Of course not! Can beaches ever be passe, eh? However, there are a few pitfalls of sunbathing on a sandy beach. 


You must flip over again and again to get an even tan. In case you fall asleep lying on your back, you will wake up with an awkwardly uneven tan. Your stomach side will be tanned, while your back will be left untanned. This can give you a weird look. 


Sunbathing, if not done consciously, can also lead to over tanning. You may get that bizarre orange-ish complexion that certainly does not flatter you. 

People with allergies to direct sunlight may not want to sunbathe. 


Moreover, you may not always have the time to sunbathe. It takes longer to get a beautiful tan on a beach than in a tanning salon. So just search for “sunless tanning near me” for the best tanning experience. 


Besides, if you are the restless type, you wouldn’t want to lie on the beach. Rather, you would love to surf or play a sport or simply stroll on the soft sand. 


Here are a few benefits of a salon:


Perfect tan

One of the biggest benefits of tanning in a salon is: you get a perfectly even tan. The tanning beds are designed in a manner that you get tanned from both sides simultaneously. 


Fast tan

Another admirable benefit is that you get tanned within minutes in a salon. The most advanced tanning beds are apt in giving a perfect tan in just 20 minutes flat! You need not wait for that beach holiday to get a tan. Simply spare 20-30 minutes from your schedule for one day and you are done. 


No sunburn

Sunbathing on the beach can give you sunburn if you overdo it. Tanning salon in Boca Raton is known for its skilled and experienced staff who take utmost care of your skin during the tanning process. The salon has skin experts that supervise the whole process for complete safety. They perform tanning based on skin type. 


In addition, the experts would advise you on how to care for your newly tanned skin. You can get tips on how to keep your tan for longer and what skin products to use. 


Getting a tan in a salon is a unique experience. Not everybody lives near the beach. Even if you do, tanning under the direct sun can be dangerous for the skin. Salons provide your skin with a safer and more comfortable tanning experience. 


With summer on its way, time to get that perfect tan. And who says you must be a professional model to look and feel like one, eh? 

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