StyleWe Goes Beyond One Size Fits All Approach

Over the decades, the fashion industry has been criticized for establishing the concept of an unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standard, contributing to self-esteem and self-image issues. It’s easier to say that beauty comes in all sizes but challenging to embrace the concept.

However, as people are becoming more vocal, things are evolving in the fashion industry – embracing the progressive trend. There’s a perceivable transformation toward embracing diversity and inclusivity. The concept of inclusivity doesn’t solely highlight the acceptance of varying body sizes but valuing the designers entrenching their roots in diverse backgrounds.

As evident by the statistics, diversity drives innovation and creativity to thrive in the competitive fashion industry, opening doors to many opportunities. With the increasing acceptance of all body types, plus-size fashion has gained greater attention recently, and for a good reason. The movement promotes inclusivity and positivity, producing fashion styles that celebrate curves and other body sizes.

“Body positivity means inclusion but also equality.”


The inclusive fashion concept has become more accessible than ever before as designers and mass retailers have started to understand the significance of inclusivity, broadening the fashion sizes and catering to an extensive customer base.

Similarly, like many other companies emerging in the fashion industry with the concept of inclusivity, StyleWe, an online fashion retailing store, offers a range of clothing, accessories, and shoe wear for women promoting the concept of size-inclusivity. The concept was founded by XingJian Yang in 2015, headquartered in Guangzhou, China; StyleWeis a subsidiary of Beijing Xike Network Technology Co., Ltd.


The company is established on the basis of integrating multi-designer brands that prominently feature the creativity of designers from around the globe. This online platform allows designers to present their creativity to a global audience, paving an opportunity to yield greater profits and achieve recognition that they might not have otherwise.

By bringing together a diverse array of perspectives reflected in the dresses, shoes, and accessories, StyleWe offers customers a fashion style that is unique and not yet adopted by traditional retail stores. Hence, this approach is evident to benefit both parties mutually, supporting the unique ideas of designers and fulfilling the demand of the customers who require innovative fashion concepts beyond what mainstream stores offer.

Stylewe’s commitment to collaborating and empowering is reflected in its proactive communication with fashion designers. The company aims to foster a strong relationship with its designer partners – ensuring that designers feel valued for their uniqueness and creativity – ultimately leading to create a dynamic fashion ecosystem.

Diverging into the product portfolio, StyleWe provides trending and unique fashion designs that set the platform apart – catering to distinctive fashion statements. The company is dedicated to inclusivity, which is evident through its product portfolio, recognizing the diverse body types among the customer demographics.

By offering products that cater to varying body types, the company ensures that customers have a wide range of options to choose from – ranging from XXS to XXL – allowing them to choose the products that not only align with their personal preferences but fit flatteringly and comfortably.

This approach promotes body positivity while empowering individuals to confidently embrace their imperfections through fashion, regardless of their body type, color, and size. Catering to diverse markets and preferences, the company offers products according to different seasons and festivities, which are further categorized into tops, dresses, trousers, plus curves, special occasions, swimwear, shoes, and accessories.

As the chair of fashion at Ryerson University states, “What’s missing right now is an understanding that the barriers preventing inclusion are systemic, so the transformation needs to be systemic. Inclusion isn’t a checkmark”.  He asserts that inclusivity must be an integral part of the fashion industry, a norm, rather than a benchmark that needs to be checked to stay ahead of competitors.

Correspondingly, StyleWeensures the adoption of inclusivity as the integral core value and maintains non-discriminatory regulations in association with body size, race, color, religion, or ethnicity.

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