Strategies to Promote Mobile application Before, During, and After Your App Launch

Mobile application is a necessity for many businesses. In this digital era, for any company to compete, they must have a mobile application. While having a website was more than enough a decade ago, this is not the case now. As a result, even small and medium enterprises are finding themselves in need of hiring mobile app developers now.

The App development industry is now one of the most lucrative industries in the world. As a result, there has been a significant rise in people pursuing it to become mobile app developers. These developers then have the responsibility to build apps for many businesses.

As we mentioned earlier that having an app is necessary for a business. But that is not enough as companies need to ensure that the app delivers the result they expect. And that is only possible with the right strategies to promote your app before, during, and after its launch.

So, to help you out, we would be covering some of these strategies to help you get ahead of the competition. So, let’s get right into it.

Promotion Strategies for Pre-Launch for Your App

It would help if you first lay the basis for your application before its release. The methods and approaches for mobile app marketing below can help you have a more successful rollout.

– Influencers Should Have Early Access to Your App

A great way to make hype and buzz about your app is to get the influencers to talk about it. Providing influencers, gurus, and industry professionals an early peek of your application can help you generate excitement for it. The goal is for these people to consider your application interesting enough to speak about.

It should be a subject of discussion on their channels. As a result, it would be boosting your business to their audiences. First, however, you would have to research the influencers for the particular industry you are targeting.

Once you find the right people, you can easily reach out to them via email or Twitter. But you must make sure to ask for input on what succeeds and what doesn’t. Alternatively, make sure to share their comments on your app with their social media followers.

– Make An Investment in Content Marketing

Another great way to increase awareness about your application before its launch is through content marketing. Content marketing, particularly blogs, may deliver a lot of genuine incoming visitors to your website. As a result, it would help you educate people and build awareness about your app if done correctly.

With fresh content, you would be able to keep them up-to-date and capture their attention. In addition, new, useful material will propel you to the peak of search engine results pages, bringing in new visitors with it.

Moreover, by creating infographics, articles, blog posts, etc., about the specific issues your target audience is facing, you establish your business as a public intellectual and an industry expert. This increases your viewer’s faith in you.

– Use Email Marketing

Though many might argue that email marketing is not effective as it uses to be, it can still do wonders for you. Just like content marketing, it can also be a game-changer in creating hype for your app before its launch. Therefore, any smartphone app advertising plan templates should include email marketing.

This is the ideal moment to start building your mailing list during the pre-launch period. Thus, your list will be a valuable resource for gathering input on the functionalities of your application. In addition, it’ll be your primary means of informing your audience about the progress of your app’s development or when it’s ready to debut.

Promotion Strategies for Launch Time Your App

The next stage comes, which is the launch phase for your app. So, what strategies should you go for? Well, here are a few of them that you can try.

– Utilize the Strength of Online Forums

There’s the possibility for awareness and confidence that comes with successfully engaging internet groups. As with any advertising aimed at powerful internet groups (Wikipedia, Reddit, etc.), genuine, useful participation from existing members will always exceed clear marketing strategies from strangers. So, start preparing for this as soon as possible by giving as often as you can before anything needs to be promoted.

– Start A Competition or a Giveaway

Competitions are a terrific method to get people talking about your brand. In addition, it is a great way to increase user engagement. When releasing your application, conduct a few contests on your social media platforms with rewards that attract the target user demographics.

You can measure how many individuals have shared your application release announcement. It is easily possible to use various technologies and blogging plugins that you can embed into your site. Also, you may even allow customers to use a specific hashtag when posting photographs or social media updates.

– Take Feedback

Asking for input on your app is another approach to advertise it. You can solicit people’s feedback through a variety of routes. The simplest of which is the web domains you possess. These include your website, blog, email service, and social networking posts.

– Paid Advertisements

Although it is an old-school method, it is quite effective.  Paid advertisements are essential for having your name out there. There is also a large selection of stations to pick from.

You can promote on Google and Facebook at a low cost, or you can spend a lot of money on conventional media like radio or print. Due to the capacity to accurately tailor advertising groups, Facebook Ads are exceptionally successful in gaining new customers.

– Promotion Strategies for Post-Launch for Your App

Now that your app is in the market, what is next? Well, here are a few strategies that you can use after the launch of your app.

– Encourage Your Most Loyal Customers to Share

It’s a universal emotional desire to discuss our most profound encounters with others. Be it a pleasant or unpleasant encounter; it’ll be shared on social media. Along with the testimonies, there will be advised to try your app.

You can transform followers into endorsers by tapping into this basic desire and incentivize them. By incentivizing them, you will persuade them to promote your app with their networks. As a result, your brand will receive a flood of favorable evaluations and referrals.

– App Review Website: Post Your App

There are thousands of websites dedicated solely to reviewing and rating applications. A positive evaluation from those with the highest credibility will assist your app gain traction. Begin with the more well-known websites like Product Hunt and Beta list. These are some of the sites where initial users gather to check out the new and trendy apps. After that, move on to other evaluation and review sites.

– Give Out an Application for the Mobile App Awards

Do you know how applications like to include those buttons on their app store descriptions? Yes, you should apply to any award organization that seems logical. Users seek community evidence, and showing an award on your app store listing or site might help you achieve that objective. Your app’s exposure will also improve as a result of the publicity you get.

Final Words

With the right marketing strategies for your app, you can ensure the success of your app. While mobile application developers can work on making your app more robust and user-friendly, marketing is not their cup of tea. You can’t go to them to market your app.

What you would need is a software product development company that can handle all these things for you. From building an app to marketing it to your potential users, all of this would be their responsibility. And we have the best company right here for you.

Cubix is a well-known company that can help you build a mobile app and other solutions just the way you envisioned it. With a team of highly skilled and talented developers and marketers, they can help you take your business to the next level.

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