Sports to Encourage Your Kids to Try

There are many benefits to enrolling your children in sports. As your little ones develop, organized sports will help them grow both socially and physically. While most schools offer some form of athletics program, you don’t always get to choose what sport or activity your child plays. If you’re looking for a sport for your kids to try out this year, here are three suggestions to consider.


The first sport to consider for your children is baseball. Baseball has been regarded as “America’s Pastime” for years. It’s a classic summer staple that evokes memories of hot dogs and cookouts for many people. On the physical side, it’s a great way for your kids to develop social skills like teamwork, improved communication, and deeper friendships. On the physical half, baseball or softball improve your children’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and overall endurance.

One of the benefits of baseball as a sport for your children is that you can engage the whole family in practice sessions. Even if you don’t have a big baseball field near you, it’s easy to grab a couple of baseball gloves and balls and head for the backyard. Something as simple as playing catch with your kids will not only strengthen your bonds with them but will also help you all improve your health and coordination. If your children are interested in sports, consider enrolling them in baseball or softball.


The second sport to think about for your children is soccer. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with nearly every country having some form of league or major city team. People around the world tune in to see showings like the World Cup, bringing countries and cultures together over sports. One of the main reasons soccer is so popular is that it can be played anywhere. People have been playing soccer in cities, farm country, and on fields alike. All it takes is a ball.

When it comes to enrolling your child in soccer, they’ll learn many things. One of the primary lessons soccer teaches kids is coordination. Kicking a ball while moving engages both halves of the brain while bettering the body. For developing minds, this added boost of coordination can help give your kids an edge over others their age. Improved coordination and decision-making skills that come with playing soccer can be translated to everyday things like scholastics and home life. Whether you live in a heavily-populated area or somewhere in the country, soccer is a great sport option for your children.


Finally, you may want to consider basketball as a sport option for your children. This is a good choice for many reasons, but one of the primary ones is that it’s so readily available. Many schools and community centers run basketball programs for children, some even starting as young as three years old. These programs will teach your child vital skills like dribbling and shooting, as well as give them the endurance and patience to last in an actual game.

Just like with other team sports, basketball is a great avenue for teaching your kids how to collaborate with others while working under a main authority. They’ll have to learn how to rely on their teammates and trust their own knowledge, giving them an added boost of confidence as they develop. Additionally, playing basketball can help teach your children how to regulate their emotions easier. Losses are just as inevitable as wins. While no one likes to lose, enrolling your child in a sport such as basketball will help them learn how to handle a negative event without getting completely emotionally dysregulated. Children will always have big emotions, but getting your kids involved in sports will help them learn how to manage their feelings effectively.

In conclusion, getting your children involved in sports is great for their physical, mental, and social development. Don’t be afraid to get outside and play some pick-up sports with your kids this year; you might improve your own health along with your children’s.

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