South Korea host bar job : Guide

Are you offered a bar attendant position and would you like to submit your application? Here is important information about this profession and the expectations of employers.


Nature of the work

Employed by foodservice companies such as restaurants, bars, cafes or other catering establishments, bar attendants are responsible for taking customers’ beverage orders and serving consumptions 호빠.


Main duties

The bar attendants respond to requests from customers or servers in relation to the establishment’s drink orders, prepare and serve drinks (alcoholic or not) directly to customers or service staff and collect payments.

Other tasks performed include preparing toppings and appetizers, cleaning the bar, maintaining inventory, and managing orders. If you are looking for a host bar job in south korea visit here 호빠알바


Essential qualities

To perform their jobs effectively, bar attendants must have strong sales and customer service skills. They must adopt a professional behavior in all circumstances and have communication skills developed to express themselves verbally.

They must be stress tolerant and be of legal age to be in an alcoholic beverage outlet. A good knowledge of the region and its attractions is an important asset.


Required training and access to the trade

Employers generally require bar attendants to have at least a high school diploma or higher education. It should be noted that on-the-job training is offered for this trade. Professional experience in customer service is an asset.

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