Should to know about home structure problems

Some plaster walls that use a cement-sand mixture are not good for plastering when building a house รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี. Or some plasterers use sponges in plastering the wrong way. (Take a plastering sponge to absorb the lime water from the mixture. and squeeze it out) will cause the plaster mixture to contain less cement than usual. The adhesion of the plaster to the brick is problematic when lightly touching it with your hand. Plaster will fall. Plus there is only sand to see as pain.

Correction, if it’s really broken. Had to cut off the plaster. and then have to put it in again (Remember that the right ingredients must be and the correct plastering process only)

But for some buildings รับสร้างบ้านโคราชthat are more than 20 years old, such symptoms, symptoms like this may occur, do not be sad for the heart to be very aching. because there is nothing in this world that lasts forever. have to decay over time The symptoms of the old house where the plaster began to fall, some flaky, some sheets, some sand.

These are all normal symptoms of an old building. because of the plaster that we put on for a long time expired symptoms The solution would have to remove the plaster. To survey the condition of the bricks that Is it still strong and strong? If the brick is expired, the whole wall must be smashed. But if the brick is still in good condition It is plastered with quality and skilled technicians plastering the topcoat down. it’s finished


No cracks, but the cement flap comes off in sheets.

This symptom is usually not caused by poor mixing ratio of cement-sand mortar for plastering. but caused by the plaster that does not stick to the brick wall or on the surface of concrete columns as well as they should be When we knock on the wall, we can hear a hollow sound. If the plaster does not fall down much or in a location that may be dangerous (When falling) may be left like that Because the correction will interfere with our lives quite moderately. If you want to fix it, you have to peel off the plaster. and put new plaster in (Which is not less difficult for the house that we have lived in because

New plastering Both dust and water will interfere.

The plaster does not stick to the brick wall. Maybe it’s because of the plaster. Brick walls may be dirty or too dry. or too humid or because the surface of the plastered wall is so oily that the plaster does not stick (Usually caused by walls made of concrete or walls made of materials other than brick) or may be plastered too thick. (When plastering will cause too much heat in the plaster), which if caused by the plaster is too thick. There may be symptoms of both cuticles and cracks mixed with each other.


The field collapsed, but why didn’t the house collapse?

In fact, every house or building in Thailand our beloved When completed, it will definitely collapse. But because our house has piles and foundations to help support the weight. The rate of subsidence is not much. But the yard of our house or the street in our house There is no structure to support the weight at all. If the condition of the soil is not hard or compact enough below will collapse more than the house You don’t have to think much. If the lawn has collapsed a lot We have to go into the filling up to the desired level. It will be possible to solve this problem.

Ladder design. Don’t talk to the engineer. Be careful of breaking your head.

After reading this question Please don’t misunderstand that engineers are mean-spirited people. When a designer or architect will design a staircase and refused to talk to Mr. Engineer, was offended and angry to attack until the architect broke his head

The question for this problem is building stairs design in the stairwell area or around the stairs that are inclined to collide with the plains Often there must be a beam to support the weight of that part. Many times architects or designers Forget about the height for placing this beam. When the construction was completed, the beams hit the head and had to walk away. Some people are addicted to soft materials. Leave it in case you walk and hit your head so that it will not hit anything that is not very strong. Or some people will have to stick to the aforementioned warning, this can be easily found in Thailand.

This is an accidental problem. and no one wants that to happen. But when it happened Architects and designers must not forget that it is another wound that happens to our work.

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