SEO Trends 2021 Quick Check! What are the factors for ranking your website this year?

If you are one of those who do business online. and having a business website of its own, SEO is the most effective online marketing technique. If your website ranks high on Google Search, your business can definitely grow steadily!

Let’s take a look at how SEOs are changing their SEO strategies in 2021 to make their website the most responsive to Google’s algorithms.

70-80% of Google users visit non-advertising websites.

Search Intent understands the needs of searchers.

no matter how many years have passed I’m always talking about the same thing, that is. Changing behavior of users What we need to focus more on is not just doing SEO with keywords with high Search Volume alone. But you also need to understand the user’s needs.

Let me give an example as Import business of muscle building chair It is a product that meets the needs of people who want to have a six-pack, which is the keyword that is suitable for this product. “Build muscle” with high Search Volume for people who want to have beautiful muscles. Search this word and find our products. But what will really happen When you use this word on a product page, it is This site will not be ranked.

Because… Google knows that most people who search for the keyword “build muscle” have a need or interested in exercise want to find technique or articles to learn, not a product, that means If you want to rank in the keywords, you need to make this page in the form of a blog or more educational articles. And on the product page may change to focus on keywords that Google chooses to organize more on the product page type, such as “muscle builder” instead.

2. Focus mainly on making websites on “mobile”

In fact, Google began ranking mobile websites seriously since 2019 because the current user of Google Search on mobile, up to 63% and the likelihood of a click to visit your website (CTR) is 32% , which compared. With a computer screen, it will be at 25%. Clearly, mobile phones are stronger in every way.

Is your website working fine on mobile now?

You can check the performance of your mobile site with Google’s free mobile-friendly test tool or check out the Mobile Usability report in the Google Search Console.

3. Core Web Vitals, a measure of website experience

In 2020, Google introduced Core Web Vitals, a metric that measures user experience.

  1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) : The speed of downloading on the website.
  2. First Input Delay (FID): The speed in response to clicks on a web page.
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Stability of website design.
SEO Trends 2021

Google has announced that Core Web Vitals will be an important factor in ranking official websites. It will be released in May 2021 –

We can check out Core Web Vitals ourselves at Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insight.

by the standard value of

  • The LCP is 2.5 sec – 4.0 sec.
  • The FID is 100 ms – 300 ms.
  • CLS ranges from 0.1 – 0.25.

4. Long-Form Content has an advantage!

The longer the better! In the past year, a number of surveys have shown that writing articles of 2000-3000 words generates 3X more traffic to your website (but personally. I think it depends on the appropriateness of the story as well.)

However, writing quality articles is the most important thing. Use your writing expertise to write useful articles. Easy access to readers create a good experience So that our articles will be forwarded indefinitely.

If you want to try writing content in depth. And more detailed, try to break the topic that you want to write on that subject first. what will we talk about It’s the main topic, the secondary topic, just like I wrote this content, for example.

  • The main topic is SEO Trends 2021.
  • The secondary topic is the trends I am describing.
2021 seo trends

Of course, I forgot to use the Heading Tag to define the topic as well. The more points you can break down to write. Your article will go even deeper. and look more expert Of course, the content is longer too.

Finally, don’t forget to include Internal Link and External Link so that our articles will have links referring to other articles on the website. with reliable off-site articles Use all SEO techniques

5. Rank higher with EAT principle

Google has come out to say and has always reiterated that Content is very important to rankings. And more importantly, the content must be of high quality, based on the EAT principle.

Expertise in writing articles.

Expertise in that it consists of many parts such as choosing the right keywords, structuring articles. Content quantity The use of various illustrations, attractiveness and making the content easy for readers to access.

Authoritativeness, authority, or reputation of a brand or author.

Authority is determined by mentioning the brand or the fur that the article is written on. Articles that are shared externally or social media can create authority for the author. Including having people take the name of the website. Or the author of the search can create an Authority as well.

Trustworthiness is the credibility of the article

the credibility of the article Here a lot of references are made to sources from reputable websites. reliable It could be a large organization, an agency, or an educational institution. The extensions at the end of the domain, such as /, also affect their credibility.

6. Optimize the “image” on the website.

Over the past year, Google has made its image search more efficient. In the past, we may have viewed it as just a search for images. But in the future, we can click on the picture to find out. Including the purchase of products as well. This story, Google confirmed.

If your site’s article images are still Just do it first to have it. Try really getting back into focus. Choose a sharper image. About the content Including the file name and image description (Alt Text) is also important because it is part of SEO. I can’t anymore

Let’s Start

Trends in SEO are known to really change every year. Make website developers have to keep updating trends all the time. because when you look over Competitors because they can jump up and overtake you at any time. And these are the 2021 seo trends . Try adapting your website to these trends. And let’s put the website on the first page of Google!

Patricia a expert content creator and SEO expert having Proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in a professional portfolio Impeccable grasp of the English language, including press releases and current trends in slang and details.

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