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When a beginner wonders how to invest in the US stock market, one of the first questions that arises is where to buy shares, which company to choose to put their money? And although many think more about factors such as the popularity of the company in their country (known brands such as buying shares of Coca Cola, Apple, Google, how to buy shares on Amazon, etc.), or just the share price to know how many can be bought with the money you have, the reality is that there is a whole science that allows you to objectively establish the companies in which “it is worth investing”, said science has the name of Fundamental Analysis.

Simply put, fundamental analysis is about reviewing all of the financial information that all publicly traded companies are required to publish, and determining if that company has enough “fundamentals” or foundations that are worth putting our money into.

Finding companies on the free Qwer platform

Normally the first thing that is tried is to eliminate from our list of possible companies to invest, the companies that are highly risky and that could stop working or obtain large losses and go bankrupt overnight. Since the fact that they are listed on the stock market does not mean that it makes them good to trust our money even for a single moment.

There are several well-known cases in the past, the Enron Company that for years hid millionaire losses and bribed auditors to destroy documents, finally when the scandal was revealed; its shares began to drop rapidly from $95 to $30 being forced to declare bankruptcy in 2001. Another well-known case is that of the telephone company WorldCom, which became the second most important in the USA, falsifying profits of almost 4 billion; when the news broke its shares fell by 94% almost immediately, leaving all its investors with numerous losses.

Basically, although things have changed since then and now it is less common for this type of case to occur – due to the regulations that the authorities try to implement – ​​most investors agree that the first thing we should do is rule out the slightest possibility of our money being involved in a similar case.

Once we rule out these extreme cases, what really is the objective of fundamental analysis is to establish a series of filters that allow us to give ourselves the best of the best to be able to invest our money without exposing it to too much unnecessary risk.

Generally, it would be necessary to read multiple financial documents and learn to understand them to analyze company by company, but fortunately, current technology has allowed this information to be at our fingertips through the use of software that organizes all the financial information for us and according to our needs to our requirements.

One of the free software is the website that allows you to apply a series of very complete filters to all the companies in the market that analyze over 150,000 stocks in order to choose the best of the best

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