Redefining Finance with Oracle Cloud

As demand for instantaneous, actionable information increases, organizations around the world are increasingly moving towards data-intensive, cloud-based operations. For executives, finance managers and accountants, Oracle Financial Cloud empowers organizations to make real-time, educated decisions, streamline processes and redefine financial operations to cut costs.

Real-Time Insight Drives Decision

Modern business thrives on comprehensive business intelligence and analytics to make decisions based on the right information at the right time. Oracle Financial Cloud creates a consolidated platform through which comprehensive analysis and reports can be viewed.

management team to analyze information and focus on Communications Tower Able to spend more time focused. Deals as opposed to data input and review.

When used in conjunction with Oracle Cloud, data warehousing ensures that security initiatives are completed and reports remain accessible from anywhere. From management to employees, all users have access to the reports they need to complete their work and the insights they need to make business decisions in real time.

Collaboration improves productivity

There are limitations to relying on email for communication. Real-time collaboration is important for continuous process improvement.  Immediate notices can be sent to a global team to resolve issues that may arise in order to resolve financial issues immediately.

Your workforce is pressed for time and requires modern,

efficient solutions to be productive and engaged artists. As a benefit of streamlining processes, Oracle Financial accelerates critical thinking time and improves troubleshooting mechanics to maximize employee performance. Your sales representative can use mobile devices to quickly capture expenses while on the road, send directly to the manager who can quickly approve everyone within the financial system. The supplier invoice allows imaging invoices to be uploaded, and the invoice is processed with minimal interference, using intelligent optical-character recognition and business rules.

For example,

Oracle Financial has enabled managers at the Delaware Life Insurance Company to spend expense reports as well as reset passwords from mobile devices in seconds, improve their productivity, and reduce the IT team’s administrative burden. Oracle Financial puts your more mundane decisions and tasks into an automated system and allows you to emphasize revenue-generating activities to increase employee satisfaction and drive more business.

Oracle Solutions Cloud Integration

Oracle Financial Cloud allows global teams to easily ensure accurate and secure financial data and meet compliance requirements. Oracle’s solutions can be used as standalone services, and can be fully integrated together to create an amount that exceeds its individual components. Oracle Financial Cloud can be integrated with Revenue Management Cloud, or E-Business Suite, among all others, designed to provide a complete data and management solution for a growing enterprise. All products are designed to manage every aspect of businesses across all industries, thereby developing a solid technology infrastructure.

Cloud assessment opportunity

Cloud solutions provide an opportunity to redefine the way finance is run in your organization. As the solutions mature, organizations need to proactively figure out how the solutions will fit in with their needs and infrastructure, and they need help answering questions. Zenser is a leading software solution and infrastructure services provider with expertise working with Oracle Cloud, which can make cloud assessments to help organizations develop a business case and develop a cloud adoption roadmap.

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