Record Greetings Professionally to make a Great First Impression

It’s important to record greetings professionally on your business phone system or VoIP service so you make a great first impression.  That’s important, because you only get one chance.

Think about it: when you want more information that you find on a website…or the decision to buy is too big just to trust a few webpages, you pick up the phone to ask your most important questions.  If the company you call sounds amateur, or unprofessional, what do you think? Are you reassured?  Are you confident that you want to trust them?

Or are you going to try calling the next Google listing?

Record Greetings Professionally

A great sounding telephone greeting isn’t rocket science.  With just a little effort you can improve your current phone greeting 100% even if you’re not a professional.  How?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Plan what you’re going to say: “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  So take a few minutes to actually think about what you want your caller to hear.
  2. The right length: Professionally recorded phone greetings have simple jobs: To answer the phone, to let your caller know that they’ve reached the right place, and to give you a chance to help them. Your callers are eager for information, so don’t make your greeting any longer than necessary.
  3. Think about your recording: most phone systems let you speak into the microphone in the phone handset.  Speak with your mouth about 2 inches from the mouthpiece. Don’t use the “speakerphone” feature.  It makes your voice sound “hollow” and distant.
  4. Record in a quiet place: background noise doesn’t sound professional.  Use a “landline” phone, using a handset with a cord for the best quality.
  5. If possible try to minimize echo and “ambience” by recording in a room that doesn’t have lots of hard surfaces.  One way to improve sound quality is to spread a thick towel in front of you…on the desk and the wall you face.
  6. Finally, listen to your recording, preferably with the handset of a “landline” phone.  What do you think?

There’s an easier way

There’s an easier way to get a professional telephone greeting: The Informer has recorded custom phone messages for companies you know…Air France, Lufthansa, Hilton, Citibank and others.  Luxury brands like The Venice Simplon Orient Express, Swissair have relied on Informer greetings to reinforce their image.

You get complete service

When The Informer creates your custom greetings, you get complete service: planning different greetings for different needs, including holidays and weather closings.  We provide suggestions about streamlining your greetings and automated attendant prompts to speed your caller on their way.  And every greeting is recorded by a professional voice talent, male or female, in our digital recording studio.  The final recordings are formatted specifically for your specific phone system, and we coordinate with your phone installer to ensure that they’re loaded correctly.

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