Payroll management service in Turkey is taking its place in the financial world regarding most companies with the gradually changing world in terms of recent legislation. It’s inevitable for companies to hire many staff members to their organizations to collaborate with payroll management because it reduces the time for companies with relating payroll procedures and assists corporations’ financial workflows to proceed regularly and correctly.

If it comes to describing what payroll management service is in a brief phrase, the terms and services offered by payroll providers are needed to know. In its essential meaning, payroll management refers to the managing and regulating payroll procedures of medium and large-scaled companies in direct compliance with recent tax regulations by being either a third-part corporation or building an in-house department upon the wishes of corporations.

To get benefit from payroll management operations to experience a better functioning on financial and payroll services is drudging in Turkey, as well as all the other countries. Business organizations based upon abroad can take official advantage of payroll management providers in Turkey because carrying out payroll procedures without any failures and delays can be very time-consuming and challenging for systematic companies due to legal requirements and legal obligations that are needed to be kept up with.

Managing payroll operations in Turkey requires a legal structure that takes place in Turkey. However, with the service of payroll companies in Turkey, there is no need for businesses and corporations to establish any legal formations in Turkey. The local team that is made up of professionals in financial and payroll management performs payroll services regularly in direct compliance with the legal requirements, laws and tax regulations in Turkey.

Finding a payroll company in Turkey that has all the capabilities to include these necessary features requires the corporates to consult professional assistance. ERAI Turkey comes in handy with its professional and beneficial support to find the best option. Functioning as a successful umbrella company for the companies that need professional assistance, ERAI Turkey finds all the solutions for significant questions that have been arisen and guides organizations in the way of getting the professional payroll management service.


Payroll management services offer various maintenance solutions for companies that want to include third-party organizations to improve payroll procedures of staff members and keep up with the recent laws and tax regulations. Significant benefits are being offered by the payroll companies in Turkey, and it will be beneficial to list them below:

  • Data gathering and payroll calculation: It covers all the services provided by the payroll companies that can be defined as taking over and confirming all the input data correctly to calculate precise payroll outputs, gross-to-net calculation of all employee tax deduction, tax payments, and total wages in compliance with legal specifications.
  • Administration of benefits and bonuses: Benefits and bonuses are being estimated in such a short time swiftly based upon provided systems, including health care or insurance, retirement funds, vacations, absences, and maternity pay.
  • Pay slip distribution and payment management: It covers such services as creating payslips in printed copy as well as encryption-key-protected PDF files, allocating via email, or saving on the online self-service interface for staff members. Payroll providers in Turkey also prepare the transfer of funds and distribute payment of salaries and local authorities.
  • Hotline and online support: Payroll management services are always in line either as a hotline or as online in any time of need. Staff members can consult hotline support or online support provided by payroll companies to check payroll calculations and analyze gross-to-net payroll payments.
  • Legal processing: Every calculation and process are being simultaneously reported in accordance with authorities in Turkey such as the Tax Office, Labor Office, social and health insurance companies, statistics offices and other institutions, including regular communication with these authorities.
  • Individual tax calculations: The payroll service includes individual tax calculations of employees and enables them to check every recent update with their up-to-date software applications.
  • Reporting to management: Payroll companies report each process, including tax calculations, payroll procedures and all payroll managements directly to the board of directors.


Significant advantages of working with payroll management services welcome companies as they offer numbers of opportunities to corporations. One of the most important of them are:

  • Business companies that have chosen to work with third-party payroll scheme organizers don’t have any obligation to form legal structures in Turkey.
  • There are special personals of payroll providers whose role are only to analyze and check the functioning of the process in Turkey. There is no need for hiring new employees to follow the payroll process. Payroll organizers will assign personals for the following work.
  • There isn’t any book-keeping in Turkey.
  • Payroll companies are always up-to-date on the current laws, so that companies shouldn’t worry about the tax and regulation changes about Turkey’s economic and financial laws.
  • With the constant and professional support of payroll providers, the board of directors and all the staff members can focus on the main workflow of their companies without any hesitation or question.



The pricing of payroll services in Turkey suppliers may differ significantly based on numerous factors, such as the business type, payment procedure, and location. Furthermore, payroll management services use a variety of pricing models. However, the majority of them charge a per-payroll or per-employee fee. So, additional services may have a broad cost that is charged on an annual or monthly basis.

The fundamental factors influencing and modifying the payroll service price are payroll periods, the total amount of workers, necessary range of facilities, frequency of added or removed payrolls, and the number of places. Extra payroll service pricing includes instant signing cheques, bank transfer, printing and delivering payrolls, tax preparation, and year-end processing.

Since payroll service price varies, business and corporation management might want to double the offerings included in the bundle prior to committing to a payroll service provider.



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