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Amreli District Death of the General Secretary of the World Hindu Council.


Amreli District Death of the General Secretary of the World Hindu Council.

Manubhai Vakarya, a prominent and the Amreli district world Hindu council member, died.

Gujkomaso chairman Dilip Sanghani and Amar Dairy chairman Ashwainbhai Savlia, president of the Amarilli buying and selling co-operative union, Jayantibhai Pansuriya, Amreli Prakash Bharaj, Bharaj, Amreli district have reached the leaders of Amreli district. Shailesh Parmar, Minister of Caste Front, Dhirubha, Director, Amreli District Cooperative Association Joined with several leaders, including.

 The leaders, including Dilip Sanghani, paid tribute to the mortal body of Manubhai Vakarya and congratulated him and his family.

No need to wear helmets, declaration by Minister for Transport RC Faldu.


No need to wear helmets, declaration by Minister for Transport RC Faldu.

Gujarat Transport Minister RC Faldu made a big announcement. Announcing that it is not mandatory to wear a helmet in an urban area. Cabinet Minister RC Faldu told the media that it is now desirable to wear helmets in cities. The government has taken this decision in view of the demands of the people.

Gujarat Cabinet Minister RC Faldu said, “There was a lot of buzz in the cabinet meeting, which was decided by the Department of Vehicles Department in our state for wearing a helmet to tow wheelers, which has led to small-town municipalities and municipalities. People in the area used to go to social functions and had the inconvenience of wearing a helmet

Our Department of Vehicles and Government had a view that many people died as a result of head injuries in road accidents, so the government decided to make it compulsory. The discipline has to bring people in, but people from all walks of life are getting louder. Terrible displeasure is also taking place on social sites, raising the matter for the government to bring all these issues under consideration and today the cabinet meeting decided that helmets are mandatory within the limits of municipal area and municipal area of ​​the entire state.

Jobs to pick from with IGCSE Economics


As soon as trainees start highschool, the thought that consumes their mind one of the most is what based on choose for IGCSE. They want to select something that has a good extent in the future with tasks that are conveniently available, something that is not as well tough yet at the same time also polishes their competitive side.

Picking a topic that you may wind up adhering to for the majority, otherwise whole, of your life can be a really terrifying prospect. However, it is additionally crucial that a pupil takes a look at all elements of every selection he or she has before concerning a final decision. A pupil ought to know the amount of hours a day they can provide to studying, exactly how interested they are in the human body or if their rate of interests lean more towards mathematics or arts.

Keeping this in mind, students can select economics in IGCSE if they intend to go after a job in finding out about how the cash moves in this world and how to manage it in its various types.

Why You Must Opt For Business economics
All around us we see people trying to earn money. While most of them are being successful, they somehow appear to have problem with handling it even if they make an enough amount on a monthly basis. This is since a lot of them are fairly clueless when it comes to knowing how to invest wisely.
Having cash as well as recognizing exactly how to spend it are two various points as well as do not always go hand in hand.

When you select to study business economics in IGCSE, you find out the standard concepts of money; just how it’s made, exactly how to invest it as well as how to save it. Aside from that, learning about financial investment patterns as well as when is it the correct time to utilise your cash and also make some extra. All this and a lot more can be discovered 2ith the aid of business economics at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Occupation Options For People With Economics Level

There is a variety of options for individuals that pick business economics as their main emphasis. From economists to financial analysts and also coordinators, individuals holding levels in economics are valued worldwide. A few of the occupation alternatives for such people are:

Debt Experts
These people are in charge of analyzing a client as well as deciding the quantity of danger involved in accepting their ask for finances. They examine the net worth of the customer as well as take into account their financial investment returns, spending practices as well as exactly how well they have the ability to lug a business. Credit history analysts are primarily the people responsible for providing you a credit report.

A financial expert is a person that analyses the economy. They take into consideration how a social team utilizes the raw product such as land, labor, crops etc to make generate that eventually makes them cash and also drives the culture.

They are additionally responsible for accumulating the data regarding this and afterwards analyzing it to ensure that it can be carried out to the economy of that state accordingly. They are also responsible for developing strategies that can maintain the economic climate using their very own items and also involving imports and also exports.

Financial Planners

Financial planners are economics professionals hired by numerous organizations as well as firms to map out a prepare for their organization. They are also hired to have a look at the existing financial situation of a business and devise ways to boost it.

They make in-depth strategies bearing in mind the net worth of the business, the roi and the expense of the business. These plans are in charge of either conserving cash in business or making even more money.

Marketing Research Analyst
A marketing research analyst is a person who makes a comprehensive analysis of a market, considering various options and also playing out various situations, to find out exactly how a certain item or strategy might perform in a certain market.

They are responsible to gather and also evaluate data as well as on the basis of this data, predict how well an item being released could make out. Since market values of different things rise and fall, they need to look at as well as read trends and afterwards tell you what pattern your items may wind up adhering to.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Property in Dubai


Dubai! As the name is enough to show the aura of the city for its mind-boggling buildings that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. The fastest-growing city has brought some very unimaginative real estate projects that are world-famous. The city has a number of skyscrapers, including the tallest in the world—Burj Khalifa. A number of scenic waterfront tourist destinations available attract a million customers to get a property in the city. Ample lavish malls that offer brands from all over the world are truly proud of Dubai. In addition to this, The Palm is a matter of talk all over the world.

But, what lets people think twice about property purchasing in Dubai are its various advantages and disadvantages. There is a great scope of efficient return on the real estate in Dubai, but at the same time, many people meet losses. It is very important to first get enlightened about the various pros and cons before purchasing to figure out if you are ready to cope with its disadvantages along with taking advantage of the benefits. 

Benefits of Investing in properties of Dubai

It is very vital to be aware of the requirements you are looking for in your home, whether you are buying for the sake of just investment or living purpose. Various factors like—the size of the family, budget, priorities, required facilities, nearby locations, and many more also affect your choice. The Gulf-Realtor will assist you in learning about various projects available all over Dubai.

  • Luxurious Area’s Properties—It is understandably known to all that the rate of return on real estate in luxurious areas is higher than properties in other regions. According to an authentic source, data demonstrates that investment in properties of luxurious areas is comparatively more than that of non-luxurious areas. The demand for properties in luxurious areas is growing constantly. In addition to this, the rate of luxurious properties in Dubai is cheaper as compared to properties in other countries, like—Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York, etc. There are a number of facilities further that the properties in these areas offer that attracts customers the most.
  • Constant Growth of the City—Dubai is known for its fastest vision of progression in all fields, whether education, real estate, or health. From being the nation that made an artificial offshore island—Palm Jumeirah, to building the tallest skyscraper—Burj Khalifa, Dubai justifies all the applause it gets from around the globe. The revolution of being the smartest city, it is verily profitable in investing in the city that is growing unstoppably.
  • Attractive Rental Yield—This is the most important reason why people are interested in investing in properties in Dubai. As compared to the neighboring cities, they render a return of 6% on apartments and 4% on villas. Dubai, on the other hand, offers a return of over 9% on rental yields at least (According to Bayut). For people who want to invest a decent sum of money in the properties; investing in Dubai is the most appropriate option. The cherry on the top is, the administrations ask for no tax on property that is the biggest advantage.
  • Dubai Property Visa—If you are planning to spend AED 10 million or more, you will be eligible for a 10-year visa in Dubai. Adding to this, you cannot sell the property for 3 years. Furthermore, if you invest AED 5 million, you are eligible for a 5-year renewable visa. If you are willing to spend AED 1 million, you will be eligible for the investor visa.
  • Safety Measures—Dubai is very strict about its safety norms. The administration has designed its rules and regulations that guarantee full safety to its people. On the one hand, where other MENA countries’ crime rate is increasing, the safeguard measure so Dubai is growing equivalently. This is a priceless advantage of getting a property in Dubai.

Drawbacks of Buying Properties in Dubai

While there are a number of pros of investing in properties in Dubai, there are many cons as well. If you are prepared to handle the below-mentioned disadvantages, you are set to buy property in Dubai.

  • Initial Expenses of Procedure of Purchasing—The Dubai Land Department (DLD) charges a 4% fee on the property value. The fee is charged in the name of transferring the entitlement of the property. In addition to this, if you are buying the property on a mortgage, you are supposed to pay an extra 0.25 % fee of the value to DLD with the admin fee. 
  • No Possibility of Becoming a UAE Citizen—Suggestion is given by the experts that you should plan to get the property for retirement purposes. If your visa expires, you will have to leave the country for whatever reason.
  • Oversupply of New Properties—With the increasing supply of properties in Dubai, the prices are declining if we compare the data of the last 5 years. It is because the demand is not meeting the supply level. Around 30% decline has been noticed in the last 5 years. This gives tension to investors who had brought properties for reselling purposes.

Overall, the real estate sector is showing a boom and people are enthusiastically investing in the properties of Dubai, despite the cons mentioned above. The best locations and views are worth investing in. It basically depends on the requirements and financial status of the customers; how much they want to invest, how long they are willing to invest, and for what purpose they are purchasing.

To find properties and their all respective details, visit the projects at Gulf-Realtor. You can also learn about the process of buying a property in Dubai here.

6 popular myths about cloud security


Cloud has been the subject of many discussions. Although it has undergone several incarnations with successful implementation in an enterprise of all sizes, one thing remains a cause for concern. After seeing the benefits of broad opportunities in the cloud, the feeling of “data is not secure” still rounds. This concern manifests itself when customers recommend cloud options.

Even after adopting the cloud model, the following myths are still being influenced to some extent:

The whole concept of public cloud is “multitenancy”; Which is a factor of concern among some customers and they are reluctant to go to the cloud. But the fact is, cloud virtualization comes with strong partitions within data centers with different security layers on top of it. There is not much difference between the baseline traditional data centers and the data center of the cloud provider. The notable point relies on state-of-the-art security designs used to protect data. In addition, some research has shown that traditional IT datacounters may be susceptible to attacks from employees and social engineering.

Myth 2: Data stored in the cloud provides less control

The biggest myth that people believe, if they have servers in their own servers, is that they can better control their data. However it provides control and access that determines security. For example, according to Verizon’s 2014 data breech, breeches are mostly based on human errors rather than location specific reasons. For more information, see. Source: www.cisco.com

Myth 3: Cloud security is new in the market

People believe that cloud security is new in the market and therefore it is risky to rely on the application. In fact, cloud security is more or less the same as security.

Myth 4: Cloud security is entirely the responsibility of the cloud provider

It is often misunderstood that the security of applications on the cloud is entirely the responsibility of the cloud provider. The cloud provider backs up the data and will be able to restore it in the event of a security breakdown, but it does not. It is the responsibility of the customer to install a backup solution that backup data hosted on the cloud.

Myth 5: Cloud management is not required

Many believe that cloud security comes as a service in the cloud, so it does not need to be managed by customers. Many applications are left unprotected on the cloud because the customer is not aware that they need to manage their applications to secure them.

Myth 6: Compliance and security are the same

People often misunderstand the two words “security” and “complaint” but this is not the case. Security protects information in different ways while restricting access to other ports and IPs, other than those authenticated; Compliance meets the safety standards set by various organizations such as HIPPA, FISMA and PCI DSS etc.
People also feel that if they are obedient they do not need protection. This idea leads to insufficient security. Compliance complies with everything and keeps security data secure.

in conclusion:

Business on the cloud is growing rapidly and security remains a major concern. But leading cloud providers are looking into security issues that are difficult for a single company. Cloud security is preferred by cloud providers as core competencies.

Reaching top cloud security breach lists with news on popular applications such as “Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud” is a concern. However, the truth is that this breach of files was not encrypted before being sent to the cloud. In this case, even if the passwords are stolen, hackers are only able to get the data, but do not decrypt it. So we see that it is not cloudy as an issue, but the security protocol is not implemented correctly.

“Let’s Play, Papa”

Whenever I sit down for dinner it is something like this. She kept saying this until I set aside my plate and play with her for a while. She is so engrossed in playing that she does not mind that I have finished my dinner.

Reminded to emphasize it until the “game” starts!

Very relevant when it goes as far as adopting home change strategies. Once companies start “playing”, they don’t have to stop!  Change Management Lessons For Me!

“Papa, we should share ice cream”

A few days ago, while shopping, I treated myself to an ice cream, refusing to bite the smaller one.


Enabling transformative change in the cloud through procurement


Inability to purchase can disrupt or delay a simple process or affect your entire supply chain and potentially add costs to your bottom line. Purchasing through the cloud can help reduce costs and ultimately increase productivity and profits. As a modern means of acquiring products and services, cloud purchasing is revolutionary. Organizations that want to save money by automating the procurement process and streamlining communication across the procurement supply chain will benefit from adopting cloud procurement processes. The adoption of social collaboration tools makes it possible to create more open dialogue and eliminate inefficiencies.

                                             4 factors that affect the impact in the cloud

mobile technology

Impacting employee productivity, enabling collaboration and empowering buyers to work remotely is having a significant impact on the purchasing process. You can also improve access to valuable sourcing and event information, and streamline bid evaluation to suppliers. With mobile technology, procurement leaders can run more frequent sourcing events to control costs and ensure they are doing all they can to procure the best quality products.

Strategic source

Oracle allows business owners to save time by automating best practices for online conversations rather than requiring face-to-face meetings.  Effective source for maximum expense to achieve cost-effective results.


Collaborate more effectively with associates and suppliers through social functionality embedded within the procurement cloud. The cloud enables buyers to initiate conversations by creating RFPs using templates and directed workflows that simplify the process. Using embedded social collaboration tools buyers can initiate reviews from team members, send RFPs directly to suppliers who can review documents and send messages online through the supplier portal.

contract management

Compliance issues are eliminated with deviation reporting, tracking of mailed merchandise and exception based approval of customers.

Cloud procurement implementation

Oracle Procurement Cloud simplifies and streamlines processes to save organizations time and money and gain complete control over the procurement process. Zenser is a global Oracle Platinum partner that enables organizations to improve agility and operational efficiency, transform businesses and quickly exploit emerging market opportunities. From consulting change services, we optimize technology and business processes to enable you to take your business to the next stage of development.

Do your prices vary across channels, web vs store vs newspaper etc.

These price conflicts confuse customers, and are not considered a great way to reach the market today. If you are one of them, you are probably better off addressing those in the beginning. Today there are no channels for subscribers.

If you have taken note of # 1, see if you have a centralized view of the shops and your warehouse inventory?

If I am your customer and I am browsing your site, can I check the availability of the product I want to buy at your store location, which may be 3 miles away from me? Are you letting your customers see the product online, keep it safe in the store so they can pick it up immediately? It is a big hit with customers. For some specialist stores, it is also the only way to drive customers to the store. This is where free 2-day delivery cannot compete with the feeling of receiving a product immediately.

Likewise, if a customer is shopping in your store, and they don’t find the product they want, what happens next?

The red t-shirt that I like is not available in my size, or that the new LG Ultra headphones are not available in white colors, etc. How do you drive me (the customer) forward? Can you order from the store for delivery to my home or to take goods to the store? Can you get exact availability at other nearest stores if I, the customer want to pick it up? Some of the best implementations help keep customers in reserve and get those products from other nearby stores.

Magical Adventure: “Raya and the Last Dragon”


It’s about ghosts, dragons and strong women: The film “Raya and the Last Dragon” takes the audience on a wonderful journey into the world of Southeast Asian fairy tales and legends.

The film “Raya and the Last Dragon” should actually be seen on the big screen. With beautifully animated images, the Disney strip plunges into the world of Southeast Asian fairy tales and legends.

He tells the adventurous story of the girl Raya, who tries to find the water dragon Sisudatu. Only this mythical being can save the land of Kumandra from the Druun spirits who want to petrify all living beings.

But because the cinemas are still closed due to the corona pandemic, the film will initially only be shown on the Disney + streaming service from March 5, with VIP access for 21.99 euros, and with normal subscription from June 4.

It is a work full of magic and positive messages that evokes values ​​such as courage, tolerance, friendship, harmony and trust. Many people and dragons have been petrified since the victory over the evil Druun 500 years ago. Only the dragon woman Sisudatu was able to save herself, but no one knows where she lives.

Kumandra is divided into five realms. But now the Druun are back and Raya tries to unite the quarreling rulers. Because each of them owns a piece of a magical gemstone. Only when the stone is complete does it develop the magical power with which Sisu can banish evil spirits.

On her journey through Kumandra, Raya develops her skills and strengths. Raya is voiced by YouTuber Christina Ann Zalamea. Other important characters are also female, such as Raya’s opponent Namaari and the water dragon Sisu.

Like the South Sea adventure “Vaiana”, “Raya and the Last Dragon” is a long way from the princesses of old films who were rescued by heroic men. The new heroines are brave themselves and can defend themselves very well. They have nothing to do with the cliché of the perfect, pretty woman, they are rather naughty, carefree and have no problem making mistakes.

The only drawback: When Raya travels through the parts oDf Kumandra, it creates a bit of the impression that she is ticking off the areas. But Tuk Tuk makes up for it. When this huge mixture of pug and pill-rolling beetle clenches into a ball, Raya climbs onto his back and rolls away with him like on a speeding moped.

It’s not just the dreamy, colorful pictures; it’s also the magic that makes the film worth seeing. And it is the message that, especially in times of crisis, cannot be repeated often enough: Miracles can happen when people trust each other and stick together.

Raya and the Last Dragon, USA 2020, 107 min., FSK from 0, by Don Hall and Carlos

What is going on Find out whose fury was spread among the people who were breaking the image!

What is going on Find out whose fury was spread among the people who were breaking the image!

Yet last year, at the time of Lathi, Harikrishna lake became a desirable place in Amreli district.
Then during the last night, there were no anti-social elements and these elements were cut off and destroyed by three pieces of marble statue of our President Mahatma Gandhi.
Harikrishna lake, Narayan lake and Dada lake are formed in collaboration with Dholkiya Foundation between Akala and Dudhala village of Lathi taluka in Amreli.
Here along with the huge statue of deities and goddesses on the shores of the lake, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the national prince, Mahatma Gandhi, an iron man. Abdul Kalam, Dr. The statue of great men like Ambedkar has been placed.
An application has also been sent today by the Lathi leaders about the incident. In which this place is a public tourist place good people come.
While some of them have a tendency to sabotage, they are also over-feverish. Dr. More than 100 grown shrubs were planted by Abdul Kalam.
The petitioner has been demanded to prevent such incidents from happening on Tuesday and to teach material lessons to capture such anti-national elements and anti-social elements.
Upon hearing of the incident, the Chambers of Commerce, the farmers and the leaders who have high affection for Hari Krishna Sarovar and the police convoy have reached the scene and taken further action.
The incident took place in Amreli district.

Lady Don Sonu’s open challenge to Amreli SP detective Roy “commit a crime if there is strength”.


Lady Don Sonu’s open challenge to Amreli SP detective Roy “commit a crime if there is strength”.

Recently, Amreli SP Aliphate Roy was threatened by a video by Sonu Dangar, known as Lady Dawn of Saurashtra.

To this day, the spearheaded SP has openly challenged Lady Dawn with taking serious threats to her and taking legal action.

In this regard, Roy said that crime has been less visible in Amreli city for the last several years and all the antisocial elements are losing their mental balance.

Therefore, the people living in the city are doing all the utterances by uttering such utterances and utterances in a bid to intimidate the people.

Lady Don Sonu Dangar threatened a video. Now I challenge it, if any of these abnormalities have strength, they will commit a single crime.

My journey from a DevOps practitioner to DevOps Architect


DevOps makes me wonder how different people interpret the word DevOps. When I talk to people from different teams, they have different types of opinions or understanding of what DevOps really means.  Or DevOps is a team of developers and operation personnel, or a cultural shift of Agile from the DevOps waterfall, or DevOps is about team monitoring in an agile  The way is to distribute the product differently, or, DevOps personnel can perform Dev and Ops roles simultaneously and so on …

I have a different view of what exactly ‘DevOps’ is. DevOps for me works on three main principles ie 3C of DevOps:

Communication:   Communication is a bonding agent that binds developers and operations, and other stakeholders, throughout the process. Without a strong shared communication layer in the organization, achieving DevOps becomes almost impossible.

Collaboration:   It emphasizes on the performance of the entire system. The importance of collaboration is really important in an industry where they operate in a distributed environment. This should be a natural formation of teams. If something goes wrong, it is really easy to use that collaboration and relationship to really bring that team together.

Culture:   Creating a culture that encourages learning and understanding among stakeholders (business, development, operations, security, testing, performance engineering, and other teams that are all involved in delivery).

At this point, to elaborate further – I would like to mention an example from my previous experience.

After a critical production release – where a few glitches were revealed – the blame game ensued. Many developers and many vendors were using this newly deployed backend feature, immediately after deployment – the response time slowed down until the website was fully responding. Developers and vendors were panicking as it was one of the worst conditions.

working fine on all lower environments So this is a deployment issue, we (DevOps) claimed that we have only followed the deployment process and we are not the one who deals with configuration and other systems It changes the backend, so it may be a backend problem, with the backend team alleging that their servers are working fine and working for other environments, so it may be a miss from developers That they did not pack the correct version of the configuration files.

In the end the release manager decided that DevOps would have to troubleshoot this problem.

After going through an intensive period of troubleshooting we (DevOps) pulled out tons of logs and came to the conclusion that one of the backend services was down and the service had to be restarted to overcome this problem.

I think that if the right culture had a place in the organization, the above problem could be overcome immediately, where everyone is committed to the success of the system, not to their individual performance and success.I realized that instead of seeing these teams as individual silos, who continue to hold responsibilities to each other without any accountability for delivery, DevOps recognizes the interdependence of stakeholders and gives them a lower rate of failure Helps to deliver with.

In addition, DevOps also helps optimize with better deployment frequency leading to faster time to market, zero downtime and faster recovery.Another popular topic is whether Agile equals Devo. My view on this is, DevOps has come to praise Agile, it acts as an enabler, which allows DevOps to collaborate with teams to support a continuous flow of work.

In my personal experience, I have seen all this work only when the following qualities are inherited in true essence:

It is very important that the statement “This is not my business” should be removed from your vocabulary. This does not mean that you are going to help everyone for every task. It is either about helping, when you can or pointing them to the right person who can.You must be You should socialize with teams and work on issues together. Think of DevOps as a team sport.It is very important to trust your partner’s performance in DevOps.

The conclusion

In order to change the overall culture of an organization so as to enable continuous evaluation and dynamically adapt to customer and market demands, it is important to adopt DevOps. These 3 principles help teams to create a collaborative DevOps culture that welcomes and accelerates overall delivery.