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Which Detangler Is Best for Curly Hair 


Depending on the nature of your hair, sometimes it can get very knotty, making it difficult to wash. Washing the knotty hair can also be a challenge, especially if you try combing through with a brush or a comb. You hurt your hair and lose a lot due to the forceful methods. The best way to knot and curly hair is to use a hair detangler.  

A hair detangler smoothens the hair enabling the brush, comb, or fingers to slip easily through the hair, and you can wash them easily. There are many types of detanglers in the market, and you need to select them carefully to avoid getting less efficient products.  

How to select the best detangler? 


There are many detanglers in the market, and not all will offer the desired benefits; hence you need to select carefully. The first consideration you need to focus on is the ingredients. A good detangler should have ingredients that will moisturize your hair to enable the comb to slip through with ease. Some ingredients to improve moisturization and slipping efficiency include coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. 


If you have a family of a couple of girls, you should consider detanglers that are suitable for both adults and children. This saves you the burden of buying separate detanglers. Since people are prone to conditions that will lead to hair curls and knotting, you need an affordable detangler to avoid adverse effects such as kiddie smell. Adults can also use other THC products that affect hair and skin, such as hydration and moisturization. Such products include the best detangler for curly hair which can help you boost the status of your hair hence preventing curls and knots. 

The after-use effects 


After using the detangler, it should have various effects on the hair, such as making your hair strands more robust and not brittle. It should also boost the hair attraction, make it shiny, bouncy and straighten the curls. Therefore, you should consider detanglers with black castor oil, avocado oil, Argan oil, and other ingredients. These ingredients also boost hair hydration hence acting as thermal protection to prevent the effects of UV rays on the hair.  

MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk Moisturizing Detangler Spray 


The Mizani spray has many benefits for curly hair. It has heat protectant capabilities that repair hair damages, moisturize the hair, and offer thermal hair protection against excessive UV sun rays effects that can affect hair styling. The spray also boosts hair protein levels, preventing hair dryness and brittleness.  

The super-lightweight of the spray makes it ideal for helping with frizz and knotting and is suitable for use immediately when you come from the shower. It also gives the hair sufficient moisture, especially for thick curly hair making it effective for combing. It also offers hair-straightening benefits.  

Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch curly Hair Detangling Therapy 


This detangler is suitable for a leave-in conditioner, which moisturizes the hair and frees the curls making it easy to comb or use a detangling brush. It ensures the hair remains tangle-free and boosts its silkiness by restoring hair moisture. It can be suitable for dry and wet hair, and you can concentrate it majorly on tangles.  

After use, it leaves the hair tangle-free, straightened, and strong by strengthening the hair strands. It is suitable for repairing damaged hair. It consists of olive and coconut oil which have detangling qualities and help strengthen and nourish the hair. It is also ideal for use amongst adults and children. 

A blonde woman with lavender curlers in her hair. Bad hair day.

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SoCozy Curl Spray Leave-In Detangling Spray 

 This detangler is suitable for family use since anyone in the house can use it. The leave-in conditioner is ideal for children with curly and knotted hair. It is perfect for maintaining the natural hair balance, improving hair elasticity, and reducing hair breakages. This saves you the burden of buying high-cost hair management hair treatments. It comes in a convenient spray bottle which enables you to spray all the locations effectively.  

It has vitamin B5, olive oil, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Jojoba oil which are vital for moisturizing the hair and naturally hydrating it. It strengthens the hair hence preventing hair breakage due to detangling. They are ideal for children due to their effects on kiddie smell. 

Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner / Detangler 

This creamy detangler is ideal for dealing with conditions such as removing knots, tangles, snarls, and smoothening hair cuticles. This leave-in treatment is suitable for use after a shower when your hair is wet to free up the knots quickly. It is ideal for any hair, thick, wavy, kinky, and other hair types, to boost the hair condition. 

You can also use it before washing your hair, and you are supposed to apply it in areas with deep curls and add shampoo to it to help you in the washing. This combination allows you to wash your hair effectively by enabling you to finger comb or use wide-toothed combs, especially in areas with stubborn knots. After washing and drying, it is ideal for promoting the natural curls through plopping and diffusion.  

Its lightweight formula enables you to prevent frizz and hair detangling. It extremely moisturizes the hair hence boosting the effectiveness of other hair moisturization products. The detangler uses the Curly Girl Methods, which effectively increases light and bouncy hair and eliminates the greasy feel that may arise due to hair dampness. 

Women with messy hair looking at her hairbrush.

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 Various hair detanglers are available in the market; hence, you need to focus on their ingredients and benefits before selecting any. A good detangler should have ingredients that will hydrate, moisturize and leave the hair attractive after use. They should also boost the hairs’ thermal protection capabilities and eliminate brittleness. Finally, they should be affordable and ideal for both children and adults.  

Reasons You Need Corporate Video Production Services


In the day and age of the internet, people consume content not in the form of books, but through videos. Even people who are avid readers prefer watching a video these days that’s filled with good information and does not involve the painstaking of reading.

The main concept behind a professional corporate video production Melbourne is to bring a business brand’s story, mission, products, or services in front of its audience with engaging videography. It’s done in an interesting, exciting, entertaining, or fascinating way to keep the audience engaged.

Especially the new startups can boost brand popularity and can bring their brand into the limelight with more exposure to viewers of their video.

Let’s look at more benefits of corporate video production.

Boost the Number of Visitors to Your Business Website

These days, videos are seen by businesses as a great way of increasing traffic to their website pages. As discussed above, the popularity of videos has superseded the likeability of texts and images.

Corporate videos have the aim to make a concise video introduction of a business and its products and services.

Once a business is successful in engaging its target audience through a high-quality corporate video – the next step is to get the viewers to visit the business website.

Moreso, this boosts the visibility of your brand on the top-ranking pages of search engines like Google.

No matter the size of a business, it’s seen that small-scale businesses that make high-quality and insightful videos of their products and services have seen advancement in their ranking.

Improved SEO Ranking

A video is a much easier way of communicating a complex idea into easily explained knowledge. And from a search engine ranking standpoint – corporate videos are your video SEO or VSEO.

This gives a business the outcome of a higher search ranking and the click-through rate is higher. With an informational video, the SERPs are most likely to crawl and find your desired business pages that you want to be ranked.

Entertaining videos that perfectly communicate information about your brand are much more likely to encourage a huge number of click-through rates.

Also, by adjusting a well-made corporate video on a specific landing page of your business website – there is a big chance that the page will rank on the top spot in SERPs for a specific keyword search.

It’s because search engines like Google have this artificial intelligence to know whether a business has posted a high-quality corporate video or not.

This way, making corporate videos has a great impact in terms of improving your SEO ranking.

The Virality Factor with Video Sharing

With corporate video production, you get the chance to boost brand awareness with the virality factor. We live in an age where people are globally connected through social media.

People love sharing videos on social media that are entertaining and engaging in some way. This sharing also turns into such a virality factor that videos often become viral.

Making high-quality corporate videos has the potential to give your video so many shares on social media that its virality reaches thousands and millions of shares.

With just a simple video, you can boost your leads to hundreds of thousands in a matter of a few days.

Michel Diaz Suarez’s List of Best Places to Visit in Prague


Are you looking for something to do in Prague? This article will take you on a tour of the finest that this amazing city has to offer! The city of Prague has a thousand-year history. In terms of pure beauty, the city matches any other in Europe, but it has much more to offer than simply a gorgeous face.

With its Gothic charm and Renaissance architecture, several world-class museums, and baroque style churches and bridges, Prague will astonish even the most well-traveledtraveler.

TIP: Before you go, book some of the trips and activities online: The best tours in Prague, as well as the Prague City Card, which offers discounts and unlimited public transportation usage.

Explore the ancient alleyways during the day, meander down the river in the evening, and if all of the sight-seeing gets too much for you, you can always unwind with some substantial Czech cuisine and a selection of the world’s greatest lagers.

Here is What Michel Diaz Suarez Thinks!

Without further ado, here is our list of the top things to do in Prague, which includes everything from jazz music to puppet performances and pork knuckles to an astronomical clock and a mental labyrinth.

1. Take a look at the Infant Jesus of Prague.

The Infant Jesus of Prague (also known as the Child of Prague) is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as an infant that is located in the Mala Strana district of Prague. Hundreds of devotees visit this shrine every day to pray, bow, and make wishes in the hopes that they would come true. The statue is housed in an exquisite golden shrine, and while the figure’s provenance is uncertain, it is thought to be from the 16th century.

2. The Square in Old Town

Despite Prague’s turbulent history of invasions, the Old Town Square has mostly stayed unchanged since the 10th century. Every day, throngs of visitors throng the old streets, cramming the outdoor eateries. The plaza itself is a great site to see Prague’s beautiful architecture, and if that isn’t your thing, the many street performers, singers, and merchants that line the streets will keep you occupied.

3. Keep an eye on the astronomical clock as it strikes an hour.

Visit the Old Town Hall on your visit to the Old Town Square to witness the sight of the mechanical clock noting the passing of an hour. The clock is the pride of Prague and is located on the south face of the town hall. It was created in the fourteenth century and is largely recognized as the best surviving medieval mechanical clock in the world, despite being damaged and rebuilt over its history. The spectacle at the top of the hour never fails to dissatisfy the crowd.

4. Take a stroll over the Charles Bridge.

It’s possible that whomever said “the finest things in life are free” was talking to Prague’s Charles Bridge. One of the most pleasurable and unforgettable experiences of visiting Prague is a simple walk across the 14th century bridge. Charles IV ordered the bridge in 1357 to replace an earlier bridge that had been swept away by floods. The bridge did not bear Charles’ name until the 19th century, despite the fact that it was built in 1390 and the stunning sculptures were added in the 17th century.

5. Pay a visit to the former Jewish ghetto.

Between the Old Town and the Vltava River sits the Jewish quarter, commonly known as Josefov. Its history dates back to the 13th century, when Jews in Prague were forced to leave their houses and relocate to this one location. The Jews were barred from residing anywhere else in the city, and they were joined by other exiled Jews from around Europe. To make matters worse, when the city’s layout was redesigned in the late 1800s, many of the area’s structures were demolished. Fortunately, many historically significant structures, including six synagogues, have survived and are well worth seeing.

6. Go to the Prague Castle

Prague Castle is without a doubt the city’s most famous tourist attraction, and it’s simple to see why. It’s located in Hradcany (the Castle district), and it’s easy to see why. The breath-taking castle has served as the seat of Czech kings for centuries and is now the president’s official home. The grounds of the castle are free to enter, however a combined admission ticket may be used to explore several of the structures, including the St Vitus church, the Basillica of St George, and Golden Lane. If you want to escape the long queues, get the Skip the Line: Prague Castle Tickets; if you prefer a guided tour, choose this 2.5-Hour Tour (including admission ticket).

7. Visit St Vitus Cathedral’s Treasures

The St Vitus cathedral, as previously noted, is one of the castle grounds’ attractions. It can be seen from all corners of Prague. Despite the fact that the cathedral appears to be hundreds of years old, it was only built in 1929. The tomb of St John of Nepomunk, the beautiful Chapel of St Wenceslas, and the spectacular art nouveau stained glass are just a few of the riches that await visitors.

8. Alchemists’ Playground – Golden Lane

The enigmatic Golden Lane is also within the castle grounds, so named because alchemists are said to have looked on this street for a reaction to change ordinary materials into gold, according to folklore. Despite the street’s name, whether alchemists actually worked or resided here is a point of contention. Franz Kafka, a Czech-Jewish writer, lived on the street for almost two years, enjoying the calm and quiet it gave while writing.

9. Indulge on a Pork Knuckle

This meat lovers’ meal, also known as Koleno, is a huge slice of pig knee that is famous in Czech (and German) cuisine. Marinated in beer, the meat will be served with pickled veggies and black Czech bread. Despite the fact that eating such a massive slice of meat might draw a lot of attention, the combination of fragrant soft pork and crispy skin makes the meal well worth eating regardless of the crowd.

10. Look into the KGB Museum.

This little museum, founded by a Russian fan, displays a huge collection of items connected to the Soviet Union’s secret police. The collector himself may walk you around, and you may expect to see a variety of surveillance cameras, hidden weaponry, and interrogation technology. The images of Prague shot by a KGB officer in 1968, in which the city’s streets look hauntingly deserted, are another noteworthy display within the museum.

11. Look for a Sigmund Freud who is seven feet tall.

Look up at the sky as you walk through the exquisite urban neighborhood of Stare Mesto in Prague’s Old Town. A seven-foot-tall sculpture of world-famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud hangs from a metal beam over the cobblestone streets at your feet, surprising you. The strange artwork has been shown in locations throughout the world, including Chicago, London, and Berlin. The artwork, which has been mistaken for a suicide attempt multiple times since its construction, has also resulted in several calls to the emergency services.

12. Take a look at the John Lennon Wall.

Despite the fact that Prague is a great way from Liverpool, the Beatles’ birthplace, fans should visit this memorial to one of the most renowned bands of all time. Since the 1980s, the wall has been covered in John Lennon and The Beatles graffiti, songs, and phrases, and it is a favorite destination for visitors and young Beatles aficionados.

13. Go to the Farmer’s Market and spend some Koruna.

Gourmets should pay a visit to this farmer’s market, which takes place every Saturday on the river embankment immediately behind the stronghold of Vysehrad. As you sample some of the greatest food (and views) the city has to offer, blend in with the locals. Seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread and cakes, pickles and preserves, as well as sausages and other specialty meats are frequently available at the market. Enjoy your abundance while sitting by the riverbank and watching the Prague residents go about their Saturdays.

14. Educate yourself about communism

Europe is a continent steeped in history and riven by political strife, and the Czech Republic is no exception. From 1948 until the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the country was a communist state. More than 200,000 Czechs were jailed and 327 were killed when they sought to escape the nation during communist control. Photographs, videos, and even sculptures illustrate state-sponsored terrorism that took place under communist control inside the communism museum.

15. Attend a Puppet Performance

It won’t take you long to see that the people of Prague are enamored with their puppets. Over 20 specialized puppet businesses, 30 puppet producers, and even a puppet museum can be found in the city. Puppets have been popular in Czech Republic since the 12th century, when they were utilized as entertainment at royal feasts and celebrations. The National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbla&Hurvinek, which both provide popular shows, are the best sites to see a puppet show in Prague.

16. Take a Vltava River Cruise

Seeing Prague from the Vltava River is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the city’s numerous historical structures and landmarks from a new viewpoint. Cruises inside the city are reasonably priced, and depending on the time of day you depart, many include lunch or dinner. Choosing a cruise that lasts two hours or longer will guarantee that you have enough time aboard to escape the rush and bustle of Prague city center and enjoy the tranquillity of the Vltava river’s calmer riverbanks.

17. Indulge in a world-famous brew (or two)

Prague is a fantastic spot to put the Czechs’ claim to having the greatest beer (pivo) in the world to the test. Famous Czech lagers such as Budvar and Staropramen, as well as craft beers from the country’s top microbreweries, are available at the city’s numerous pubs. The majority of Czech beers are light beers made with hand-picked hops.

Breweries are increasingly developing dark ales as an alternative, although most Czechs prefer their beer light, cold, and with a large head. Beer connoisseurs should also pay a visit to the Prague Beer Museum, which has over 31 different beers on tap. Take a tour of the Czech Beer Museum and learn how to bottle your own beer.

18. Take a stroll around Mala Strana’s backstreets.

Across the river from the Old Town are the baroque backstreets of Mala Strana (the Lesser Quarter), which were erected on the ruins of their Protestant predecessors’ Renaissance palaces in the 17th and 18th centuries by triumphant Catholic clergy and noblemen. The baroque square in the centre of the city provides tiny shops to peruse, typical Czech taverns and restaurants to dine in, and some spectacular river views.

19. Get a taste of Prague’s nightlife.

The nightlife in Prague has it everything. Prague, which is known for its jazz and classical music, has a plethora of live music venues that may give a fun evening of entertainment. Take a stroll down the river to JazzDock, where some of the greatest local jazz musicians perform. The Cross Club is an industrial nightclub in every sense of the word for serious clubbers. The inside, which is housed in an industrial environment, is a must-see tangle of gadgets, shafts, and cranks, many of which move to the beat of the music. Want to start at the pubs and conclude in Prague’s biggest club? Then have a look at this tour.

20. Attend the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Arrive at the castle early in the morning to have an excellent view of the traditional changing of the guard, which includes a fanfare and flag ceremony. The guards are theoretically exclusively responsible for the president of the Czech Republic and are subject to a number of stringent recruitment conditions, including the need that a guard be between 1.78 and 1.88 meters tall. The castle guards’ outfits are light blue in the summer and dark blue in the winter, and are distinctive to the castle guards.

Competency Based Education and its Benefits


Competency-Based Education or the CBE approach to learning is a high-intensity learning approach that is especially effective in the current scenario. It is a radical shift from the traditional time-based learning approach toward a knowledge-based learning approach. It is a skill-based approach to teaching which successfully busts the myth that learning has to be restricted to the classroom and is time-bound. These learning programs are based on developing the skills and competencies required for a particular field or career. It focuses solely on the learning outcomes of the students and not particularly on the time spent in the classroom or credits earned. It is a mastery-driven learning approach where the students work at their own pace towards achieving mastery in the chosen discipline.

With the worldwide adoption of online education, the number of CBE courses is also showing a huge spurt. This is because an online class allows students and educators the flexibility to teach and learn from anywhere and at any time. Similarly, CBE courses are popular among students owing to their flexibility and affordability which makes CBE and eLearning a good fit. Most of the CBE programs are administered remotely which makes them popular among and suitable for teaching working professionals, helping them improve their skills and stepping ahead in their careers. Here are the top benefits of Competency-Based Education and why you should try them if you are willing to take your career to new heights. So, without further ado, let us take a look at each one of them….

Self-Paced Learning-

Each learner is different and so are their methods of understanding. It doesn’t matter at what speed they learn, all that matters is the end goal. This is why a self-paced learning approach is oftentimes more beneficial than a traditional time-bound approach to learning. CBE programs allow the students to learn at their own pace and focus on understanding each concept in its totality rather than compromising their understanding by a time-bound teaching style.


Just like MOOC courses, CBE programs are for a large part, created with the aim of improving the quality of education while lowering the costs. Even though the cost of CBE courses varies by the institution, subject, program and student learning pace, it still costs peanuts when compared with traditional courses. Moreover, it also incentivizes the students to focus more by making the courses cheaper if the students finish it in less time.

Skill Development-

the 21st century is the age where companies are actively looking for skilled and competent workers, rather than unskilled workers with fancy degrees and certifications. CBE courses are specifically targeted toward developing skills in the students thereby making them more employable with minimum time and effort spent on upskilling. This makes the students ready for the workplace and helps them gain expertise in their chosen field.

Highly Engaging

The good thing about CBE programs is that they are specifically designed for what the students need most. Moreover, it provides the students a sense of ownership over the learning process and actively involves them in their own learning. Apart from this, CBE programs are designed to cater to a wide array of learning styles which promotes personalized learning among students. In other words, CBE programs have all the necessary elements which make such programs perfectly geared towards driving up the level of student engagement in the classroom.


The most important reason behind making CBE programs a top pick among modern day learners is the flexibility which these programs provide. Competency-based programs are often very flexible with the structure and mode of delivery of the content as well. There is no fixed schedule, deadlines or classes. Instead, the students get to learn at their own pace and pick a time which is suitable for them. Students are their own guide and they get complete control over where they complete their project and assignments. CBE programs also allow the students to enter at any level based upon their prior experience and exposure.

Competency-based programs are a great tool for such learners who wish to upskill themselves and move forward in the career of their choice. The benefits of CBE programs mentioned here make it quite clear that they can teach us a lot in a relatively short amount of time and at a lower cost than traditional programs.

5 Best Michael Kors Watches for Mother’s Day Gift


If you are considering a gift for Mother’s Day, a Michael Kors watch would be a good choice. There is wide range of stylish and affordable watch models to choose from. Shop fashionable Michael Kors watches and smartwatches online to access the guaranteed and quick accessibility resources according to your needs and have some useful acknowledgment to proceed with easy and simple accessibility resources.

Michael Kors Watch Models for Ladies

Buying Michael Kors Ladies Watches represents multiple built-in features for the brand lovers’ community. Buy high-quality unique and stylish Michael Kors watches for ladies from instant accessibility resources. In a wide range of creative and fashioning Michael Kors Watches, there is a massive range of Michael Kors watches like Runway, Darci, Parker, Slim Runway, Catlin, and Cunningham that have a great demand due to elegant features. Here below are the best 5 watches that are highly recommended to your Mother.

Runway Ladies Chronograph

This is the most delicate one among all the MK watches now available. A sporty, jet-setting attitude is lent to a trendy bracelet watch with a head-turning shape by a three-eye chronograph display. A 38 mm diameter and 19 mm breadth of the bracelet are ideal for a woman’s wrist. It’s adorable, sweet, and available in a variety of colors. Its retail price is about USD124.

Parker Chronograph

Michael Kors Parker’s magnificent women’s watch is believed to be one of the brand’s most striking and graceful creations to date. The model has Michael Kors’ signature chronograph dial as well as a beautiful PVD stainless steel case that is exclusive to the Michael Kors Parker series. Parker watch is the best if your mum likes rhinestones or shiny case dial. It comes in a variety of color schemes, including silver and gold with navy, gold, white and gold, and even rose gold and pink.

Bradshaw Watch

Michael Kors Bradshaw is one of those fashion items that sits atop the premium style ladder in terms of modern fashion. Michael Kors’ iconic chronograph dial and a robust stainless-steel housing are included on this model. A traditional Michael Kors Bradshaw watch can complement any attractive accessory you wear in terms of modern trends. It is the award-winning fashion house’s most successful design, and it has their distinctive oversized ‘boyfriend’ style. Owning a larger watch with an exquisite design rather than a glittery, feminine model has become the newest trend for younger girls, and Micheal Kors, like its other legendary models, has brilliantly polished this trend from the start. As soon as it was released, the distinctive design was an instant success with millennials. The Michael Kors Bradshaw is the most manly watch that ladies adore, and it’s also rather attractive. It’s extremely massive, majestic, and provides a strong first impression. This is the watch for your mother if she enjoys strong, gorgeous, and classic lines, and it comes in a variety of colors. It’s a classic, and it makes her want to look at the timepiece more frequently than not.

Slim Runway

“Runway” is a suitable collection name to label an elite fashion. Slim Runway is a popular line that never goes out of style. The line is sleek and simple yet statement-worthy, and it comes in a variety of versions for women. Colors, dial sizes, strap details, and surface decoration all differ significantly. The three watch hands on every dial and the slender, geometric hour indexes are two major visual aspects that tie the collection together. The dials offer a simple, uncomplicated appearance.


MK Lexington is a great collection in everyone’s wardrobe since it is the perfect combination of class and style. The silver-tone watch has a blue sunray dial and comes with a protective casing. The Lexington, which has a steel band and a quartz movement, may be worn for years without needing to be reset. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and may be worn when swimming or snorkeling.


In addition, Petite Darci Silver Dial Two-tone Ladies Watch, Mini Darci Champagne Dial Gold-tone, Parker Chronograph Quartz Silver Dial Pink Leather, Mini Parker Quartz Silver Dial, Mini Parker Quartz Floral Cutout Dial, Mini Slim Runway Rose Dial, Runway Chronograph Quartz Champagne Dial, Catlin Quartz Champagne Dial, Cunningham Multifunction Black Stainless Steel are some of the best and ideal choice to buy for Mother’s Day Gift from The Watch Company’s online store. Michael Kors’s accessory and apparel collection inspire the ladies to choose their favorite products and boost their personality standards to meet their objectives. Online accessibility of Michael Kors watches original is easy and simple to approach from smart choices. There is an opportunity to Buy 100% authenticated Michael Kors Watches at the wholesale price range.

Your Skin Makes Contact with Carpet, So Keep it Clean


Your Skin Makes Contact with Carpet, So Keep it Clean

Your Carpet and Rugs will Feel Clean and Dry

Carpets and rugs are some of the crucial things you have in your home. You need to keep them clean if you are going to avoid several allergies that may happen due to the dust they take up. If you can’t clean them yourself, you need to get a cleaning company to help you with it.

Several other benefits come with a clean carpet, as you will find below. Most of them may not be healthy, but you’ll still stand a better chance with the carpets if they are clean. Here are some ideas on keeping the rugs and carpet clean.

Some of the things you need to look at when you have carpets are the level of cleanliness you want to keep with them. Remember, your skin will come in contact with the rugs and carpet, so you need to ensure they are clean. Not only simply being clean, but they also need to feel dry while they are clean.

It isn’t all about that, though; there are several other reasons why carpets need to be clean at home. You need to look at the various other reasons to ensure the carpet is clean. For example, durability is also a factor that comes in when it comes to keeping a carpet clean.

When you don’t maintain the carpet with regular and deep cleaning, it will likely damage a lot faster. The carpet can also preserve indoor air quality if you regularly clean it. The other reason you want to ensure the carpets and rugs around your house are clean is to improve their appearance.

Deep Removal of Dirt Ensures the Best Conditions for Your Home

When looking to ensure the best conditions for your home, you need to ensure that the carpets are clean. You need to ensure you have the likes of Drymaster Melbourne clean yours every other 12 – 18 months. You will have less to worry about; the above issues can quickly be resolved.

Some of the things your carpet hides include

  • Pet messes – pets can be trained to great effects, but that doesn’t take away the gross they can add to your carpet. Pets shed hair, leave urine, feces, dander, among others, in your carpet.
  • Skin cells – you and every other person in the house shed millions of skin cells in hours. If you have a carpet or a rug, they’ll hide the cells there
  • Bacteria – everything that sticks on your feet will remain in the carpet, and these are bacteria breeding joints
  • Food – the apparent thing that hides in your carpet is food. If you have kids in the house, you need to be exceptionally watchful as foodstuff may be hiding in your carpet.

Keep Your Carpet Clean

There are several reasons why you need to clean your carpet, and your skin comes into contact with it. With a clean carpet, you can improve the overall air quality in your home and your appearance. The right cleaners will ensure everything is done significantly, and little room for damage is left.

Cool Birthday Gift Ideas for Summer Birthdays


Although it might seem to some like present enough to be born during the summer, your birthday friend deserves a fun, cool gift to honor them! With so many outdoor adventures ready to be had, there are a number of gifts you can grace onto your beloved that will fill them with gratitude and happiness.

Embracing the Sunshine

  • Inflatable Avocado Pool Float. While avocados are great for guacamole, who knew they’d also work well in a pool? This floatie comes in two parts: the flesh of the avocado provides a place for floating and the pit pops out as a fun beach ball. It can be inflated with a toy air pump or even a hairdryer. They will lounge in style and won’t have to worry about the floatie turning brown after a day or two!
  • Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite. If they love going to the beach to hang out in the sun and read their next paperback – give them the gift of nearly unlimited, glare-free reading instead! They will use it by the pool, outside at the park and anywhere they want to relax. Bonus, a single charge lasts weeks, not just hours.
  • Portable Yeti Cooler. Equipped with ColdCell insulation, this soft sided cooler can hold 6 cans and ice. The leak proof zipper is made of thick fabric that withstands not only punctures but also UV rays. Ideal for use at any outdoor event – at the beach, at sporting events, and even in the backyard with a few friends.

Sweating it Out

  • Spikeball Game. This outdoor game is meant to be played between 2 and 4 players. It’s fun and competitive, and will definitely work up a sweat. It comes with a net on foldable legs and bright yellow balls. Everything is included in a drawstring bag. You don’t need a lot of room to play this game and it brings out the ambitious spirit in everyone.
  • Gift Cards. What’s great about giving the gift of a gift card is that the birthday guy or gal can use it for almost anything they want. Do they need new headphones for their morning jogs? Sweatpants for cycling class? The world is at their fingertips. And the best part is you can make it super special by uploading a photo of the two of you together for the front of the card. Choose silly or classic text and they’ll know just how much you cherish them, especially on their birthday!
  • Personalized Chef Apron. As they’re cooking shrimp or steaks on the grill in the blazing hot sun, at least they’ll look good in their personalized chef apron! Choose from a wide range of colors and fonts with a variety of design embellishments that epitomize the art of cooking. Chef hat, cutlery, and more. They’ll be the star of the dinner show!

 A Taste of the Tropics

  • Cute Enamel Tropic Pins. Help them embrace their birthday season with these absolutely adorable pins that embody everything paradise! This seven piece set comes with pins that depict a flamingo, palm tree, coconut, cactus, and others. They work great on scarves, baseball caps, clothes, jackets, bags and anywhere they want to inject a little tropical fun.
  • Woody Bus Cocktail Mixers. Six tropical drink mixers are included in this tasty set. Perfect for celebrating summer nights. Help make bartending easy for them when they have friends over. Flavors include Mojito, Blue Hawaiian, Mai Tai, Caipirnha, Pina Colada, and Margarita. Ready for a gift bag or to be included in a gift basket, there is no alcohol in these so they can choose to add it or not.
  • Teivio Absorbing Stone Ocean Life Coasters. This set of 8 teal-hued coasters evokes a sense of the ocean and whimsicality. Each coaster has a cork base and a separate engaging picture on the ceramic surface including an angel fish, jellyfish, sea stars, turtle and octopus. A gorgeous addition to an outdoor patio table.
  • Pineapple Fairy String Lights. A superb way to decorate patios, decks, balconies or windows. These pineapple fairy string lights feature 10 LED pineapples that are 6” apart over a 6.5 foot string. They add a festive yet delicate feel to any environment and the battery power will provide hours and hours of charming warm glow.

Summer birthdays are always fun. Whether there’s a big pool party with tons of friends and family or a simple get together, your friend will be delighted with a thoughtful gift from you, in the spirit of their birthday season.

Search Stocks with Qwer to the Next Level: A Simple Guide


When a beginner wonders how to invest in the US stock market, one of the first questions that arises is where to buy shares, which company to choose to put their money? And although many think more about factors such as the popularity of the company in their country (known brands such as buying shares of Coca Cola, Apple, Google, how to buy shares on Amazon, etc.), or just the share price to know how many can be bought with the money you have, the reality is that there is a whole science that allows you to objectively establish the companies in which “it is worth investing”, said science has the name of Fundamental Analysis.

Simply put, fundamental analysis is about reviewing all of the financial information that all publicly traded companies are required to publish, and determining if that company has enough “fundamentals” or foundations that are worth putting our money into.

Finding companies on the free Qwer platform

Normally the first thing that is tried is to eliminate from our list of possible companies to invest, the companies that are highly risky and that could stop working or obtain large losses and go bankrupt overnight. Since the fact that they are listed on the stock market does not mean that it makes them good to trust our money even for a single moment.

There are several well-known cases in the past, the Enron Company that for years hid millionaire losses and bribed auditors to destroy documents, finally when the scandal was revealed; its shares began to drop rapidly from $95 to $30 being forced to declare bankruptcy in 2001. Another well-known case is that of the telephone company WorldCom, which became the second most important in the USA, falsifying profits of almost 4 billion; when the news broke its shares fell by 94% almost immediately, leaving all its investors with numerous losses.

Basically, although things have changed since then and now it is less common for this type of case to occur – due to the regulations that the authorities try to implement – ​​most investors agree that the first thing we should do is rule out the slightest possibility of our money being involved in a similar case.

Once we rule out these extreme cases, what really is the objective of fundamental analysis is to establish a series of filters that allow us to give ourselves the best of the best to be able to invest our money without exposing it to too much unnecessary risk.

Generally, it would be necessary to read multiple financial documents and learn to understand them to analyze company by company, but fortunately, current technology has allowed this information to be at our fingertips through the use of software that organizes all the financial information for us and according to our needs to our requirements.

One of the free software is the Qwer.com website that allows you to apply a series of very complete filters to all the companies in the market that analyze over 150,000 stocks in order to choose the best of the best

Tropical Tank Setup for Bettas


Do you have a tropical tank? If yes, then congratulations! You have come to the right place! Tropical tanks are ideal homes for many types of fish, and the Betta is no exception. There are many different species of the Betta, and they are all small, tropical fish that originate from Asia. The Betta is a popular choice for beginners and experienced fishkeepers alike. It is a hardy fish that grows well in both still and moving water. This article will focus on the Betta as a tropical fish.

The Betta Fish and its Origin

The Betta, or Siamese Fighting Fish, is a small freshwater fish that originated in Thailand. Although the Betta is a freshwater fish and can survive in both still and moving water, it prefers to be in moving water. Bettas are typically found in rice paddies and slow-moving streams.

What Fish Species is a Betta?

There are many species of Betta fish, check this website. The most common type is the Siamese fighting fish, which is popular because it is aggressive and colorful. Bettas also come in a half-moon, delta tail, crown tail, double tail, combtail, crowntail, plakat, and marble.

Betta Tank setup

The tank itself can be made from a range of materials, including glass and acrylic. Bettas require warm water, so if you are using glass or acrylic, it is important to keep the temperature at around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re using a heater for this purpose, it is important to make sure that the heater does not have any electrical or magnetic parts. Bettas also need oxygen in their water, which means an air pump is necessary. Tropical tanks that are heated with a filter can be quite expensive; therefore, many people choose to use a smaller tank instead. The size of the small tank really depends on how many fish you want to house in it and what species they are.

Choosing the Right Betta Tank Temperature

The most important thing you need to know is that Bettas are tropical fish. This means that they will be more comfortable in warmer waters. The temperature for a tropical tank should be about 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit, the betta will not tolerate temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and prefer a water temperature of 85-88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Betta Food

The Betta is a carnivorous fish, so it will need a high-protein diet. The Betta’s stomach is designed to digest only live foods, so it will not be able to eat anything that has been dead for more than 20 minutes such as dry food. The best types of food are live brine shrimp, bloodworms, and insect larvae. This can be fed in the tank or by hand. If you have an actual Betta bowl, you can feed the Betta by hand but you’ll want to use tweezers or a small net to do so because they have delicate barbels that could get caught in your hands when feeding them and harm them.

Betta Breeding

The Betta is a fish that can be bred successfully. These fish are egg layers, and they will lay many eggs at once. The eggs of the Betta are popular in Asia due to their size and vibrant colors. Breeding is a great way to have fun with your fish, but it can also be tricky.

Breeding Bettas is not difficult, but it does require some preparation. One thing you need before breeding Bettas is a separate tank for the female Betta to lay her eggs in. You also need a male Betta for fertilization purposes. It’s important to note that Bettas are aggressive by nature, so keep this in mind when choosing your female and male Bettas. Males should not be housed with other males or females, and females should not be housed with other females or males. Once you have two Bettas, you can start breeding.

To breed Bettas, the male will chase the female around until she accepts him as her mate. They will then spawn together over the eggs that she’s laid on the bottom of the tank (generally about 100). It’s important to provide plenty of hiding spaces for the female during this process since she’ll become very vulnerable to attack from both genders even if there aren’t any males in her tank yet.

Terry Lee Flenory


Terry Lee Flenory? The Mafia? Who?

Terry lee Flenory is a very famous person in America. He is a business man, a drug dealer, an entrepreneur and he is an investor from Detroit United States too. His brother Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech is also a reason for his so mush fame. As Big Meech is very much indulge in the illegal occupations such as money laundering and drug trafficking.

Big Meech is the father of the huge firm known as BMF (Black Mafia Family). Terry is the co-organizer of this firm. This firm is for money laundering. Terry is a drug dealer and supplies the drug among drug addicts. Both brothers are involved in these kind of illegal activities (money laundering and drug trafficking) from 1990 to 2005.

Early Life of Famous Drug Dealer Terry Lee Flenory:

Early Life of Famous Drug Dealer Terry Lee Flenory

Shelly Meech gave birth of this entrepreneur Terry lee Flenory on the 10th of January in 1970 in the most populous city Detroit of the Michigan state of United States. He was born in Christian Family. He has mixed ethnicity of African descent.

Parents and sibling of Terry Lee Flenory:

The people who welcomed Terry in this world are Charles Flenory his father and Lucille Flenory aka Shelly Meech his mother. He has two siblings his brother the big mafia (Big Meech) Demetrius Flenory (born in 1968) and his sister Nicole Flenory. The social media handles of Terry shows his love for his family as he posted a lot of the pictures with his family on the instagram. Terry also has a nephew (Big Meech son Lil Meech) Demetrius Flenory Jr is a 21 year’s old (in 2022) American signer and rapper.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Educational Background:

Source reports that Terry and his brother Big Meech gone to the same local high school of America. There is no information about the university life of Terry. Then he maybe only high school graduate. He indulged in the illegal activities at very young age with his brother. They both Terry and his brother Big Meech made a massive amount of money in cash laundering. They started their profession in illegal field by selling cocaine packets in the streets of Detroit in their high school in very young age.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Physical Appearance and Zodiac sign:

The Zodiac Sign of Terry Lee Flenory is Capricorn as his date of birth is 10th of January. Terry Lee Flenory belongs to the African Descent mixed ethnicity. The skin tone of Terry is dark. He is approximately 172 cm (5’ 8” feet) tall. He has black short curly hairs. He has black coloured eyes. And his (approx.) weight is 80kg (176.37 lbs in pounds).

Terry Lee Flenory’s Personal Life Wife & Girlfriend name:

We don’t have any information in our records about any Ex-girlfriends of Terry Lee Flenory even though he worked with many female business persons. According to our sources he had one girlfriend with whom he is married now Tonesa Welch. She is known as the first lady of Black Mafia Family (BMF). She is the executive producer of the NotoriousQueens. Toni (nickname of Tonesa Welch) is now the creator of the Sylent heat organization. This is a non-profit firm who works for the families who are affected by the imprisonment. She was imprisoned for 5 years in the offence of money laundering and released in 2012 from jail.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Children:

There is not information about any kids of Terry. But from his instagram profile show how much he loves kids. He shared a lot of pictures of his nephew (Lil Meech) and sibling on the instagram. He has a heart full of love and care for his family members and he express that love thought his instagram posts. However, there is no news about his kids.

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Terry Lee Flenory’s Career:

Terry lee Flenory get into professional life very early in his life. However the profession he had chosen was illegal drug dealing and cash laundering. He started working with his brother in illegal field. They both get involved in the money laundering and a lot of money alongside Big Meech.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Career


Then in 1990 Big Meech founded frim for money laundering business and Terry was co-founder of this frim which is Black Mafia Family (BMF). They had took part in a lot of illegal affairs with the frim BMF such as drug trafficking. BMF became such a crazy thing in Entertainment industry, as it produced big hip hop artists. Then it also got promoted by many famous magazines. In 1980s Terry Lee Flenory and Demetrius Flenory started selling cocaine in the backstreet of the Detroit. Terry Lee Flenory started his own brand after getting bail from jail. The name he given to his brand was Southwest Black Magic.

Black Mafia Family’s role in Terry Lee Flenory Life:

Black Mafia Family was created by Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech in 1990 in southwest Detroit city of the Michigan state in United States. Terry Lee Flenory is the co-organizer of BMF. They participated in many illegal activities through this firm like drug dealing and money laundering. They smuggled hundreds of kilograms of cocaine in various states of United States. In firm Big Meech was responsible for smuggling the drugs in Atlanta while Terry was the in charge of collecting imports from Mexico in LA . According to reports in 2001 both brother got into a big fight with lead them to separate their paths. After the serious argument between both brothers, Terry Lee Flenory shifted to LA and started his own company there of drug smuggling.

BMF was also a large hip hop music company which produced some big names of Hip Hop. BMF in early 2000 earned a lot of profit because of drug dealing of cocaine.

Black Mafia Family series:

In 2019, a well-known hip hop artist 50 cent began the production of Black Mafia Family (BMF). It is the American crime based Television series. The story of this series is based on the life of two brothers who are Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech and Terry Lee Flenory. It was released on 26th of September in 2021. This series raise the fame of Terry Lee Flenory. Da’Vinchi was assigned to play the role of Terry Lee Flenory and Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech) decided to play the character of his own father Demetrius Flenory in the series. The production Company G-unit films, Lionsgate television and Television Icn. produce this series along with famous producers and musical artists Curt Jackson, Anthony Wilson , Terri Kopp and Randy Huggins.

Terry Lee Flenory prison life:

In 2005 both brothers Big Meech and Terry were arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in case of drugs smuggling. In 2008, the court had given the orders of 30 years of incarceration to both brothers for the penalty of drug dealings and money laundering. In 2020 the increase in Covid-19 cases in the prison along with world became the reason of early release of Terry from prison before his scheduled date. The Federal Bureau decided to release some prisoners to stop the covid-19 outbreak in the Federal prison. After the release Terry was restricted in his house. While the brother was in the jail with the allegations but his bail was rejected by the court, as according to court statement he hasn’t change even a little bit from his previous behaviour. Big Meech will be release from jail in 2032 according to the schedule.

What would be Net worth and income of Mafia Terry Lee Flenory :

Terry earned a great amount of money through his illegal activities. He owned luxurious properties in America. He almost earned 40 to 50 million dollars in his life full of illegal activities. He worked with a lot of the companies and collaborated with many business executives. He also launched his brand with the name Southwest Black Magic. He promoted many merchandise through his social media handle.

The Big Mafia Terry Lee Flenory Wiki:

Name: Terry Lee Flenory
Nick Name: Southwest T, Terry Flenory
Mother:  Lucille Flenory aka Shelly Meech
Father: Charles Flenory
Brothers: Demetrius Flenory (Big Meech)
Sisters: Nicole Flenory
Marital status: Married
Girlfriend/ Wife Name: Tonesa Welch
Kids: No Information
Cousins/Nephew: Nephew Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech)
Net Worth: $40 to$50 million
Profession: Mafia Drug Dealer
Education: High School Graduated
School/University: Local High School
Date of Birth: 10 January
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height: 172cm

Terry Lee Flenory’s death:

It is reported that in September 2021 Terry is shot dead. But it is not confirmed by any trusted resources or any of his family or friends. So it is considered just as a rumour right now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Who is Terry Lee Flenory?

Answer: He was the mafia and drug dealer belong to American state Michigan’s city Detroit. He was indulged in criminal affairs such as money laundering and smuggling of drugs. He ran this illegal business with his brother Demetrius Flenory.

Question 2: When Terry Lee Flenory born?

Answer: 10th of January is the date of birth of Terry.

Question 2: Who is Big Meech?

Answer: He is one of the biggest Mafia and drug dealers of America. He started the business company Black Mafia Family it was also an entertainment company. This organization in involve in drug dealing and money laundering. He got arrested in 2005 by DEA. In 2008, he was sentenced for 30 years in prison. He will be released in 2032.

Question 3: When Terry Lee Flenory is released from jail?

Answer: Due to the covid-19 outbreak in the Federal prison, On 5th of may 2020, he was granted bail to prevent the increase in the coid-19 causes. He was released before his scheduled time.