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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

-Benjamin Franklin

As easy as it seems, being an author is not everybody’s cup of tea; while some can be born with this skill, some might need a life-changing event to realize their potential for creating masterpieces. Hispanic Greatness Award winner Oscar Fernandez is known for his transition from being a successful civil engineer to an inspiring author and for penning down his bone-chilling experiences into mere crafts for the readers, leaving them in awe. Authors play a vital role in shedding light on sensitive situations that none talks about, spreading awareness of bitter facts. Literature helps to expose societal realities. Most of the works in literature deal with social issues in detail, which helps people to realize the truth and think of it with a different perception than the people who don’t show their faces in literature. Literature has always had a unique function in shaping and teaching society at huge. Authors’ power to write their experiences and thoughts instead of caging them in their minds aids individuals in society to take a modified step in life decisions.

Before writing, Fernandez always possessed a passion for traveling and exploring underrated countries, giving him off-hand exposure to the ongoing world situations. Although he was born in Spain, Fernandez spent most of his life in Mexico. There he studied a specialty in Industrial Business Management and a master’s degree in Education Sciences. His immense traveling inspired him to publish his first book, The Underworld, in 2004 when he encountered a deadly phase in Haiti that could have cost him his life. His precise observance of the unjust and biased system of society compels him to write scriptures bringing the dark reality to the surface. As he has witnessed the social and humanitarian situation in places like Palestine, Haiti, Syria, and Chiapas, he has portrayed it with unique sensitivity.

Fernandez has published several books, some of which are The Underworld, My Blood, The Involution Land, Misery’s Voice, The Skyline Queen, The Dark Belfry, Trains in Connection, The Big Painting, The Wicker Prince, The Jade Woman, the Stone Kingdom, The Color of the Fight.

His last publication, The Color of the Fight, is a story based on Mexican folklore, wrestling to the hero of the mask that hides behind that character full of virtues and sick with loneliness. Someone who renounces his identity and his roots, but with that renouncement, he becomes more visible.

Oscar’s level of understanding of the underprivileged and those who are struck by war and famine have made him earn many international awards and be recognized as an eminent figure in the world. In 2009, the writer formally began a public appearance at various events to resume his main work of social claim, starting with: It is time to talk about dignity, Granada, Spain in favor of children with HIV AIDS, from Casa de la Sal and children with cancer from Casa de la Amistad. The efforts carried out in Colombia were to rescue the children who were and may be captured by the guerrillas. Recognizing his compassion for such causes, the organization, Hakura, and Darna, invited Fernandez in 2010 to the establishment of schools for Bedouin children severed by the war in Palestine.

His various contributions facilitated him to be decorated as Ambassador of World Peace, endorsed by the United Nations Organization. In 2022, he was distinguished by the Doctorate Honoris Causa by the Doctoral Senate and the Ibero-American Senate, honorary titles to distinguish his professional and personal career, thanks to his outstanding career as a writer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur of productive projects. He has also received the 2021 Hispanic Greatness Award in recognition of his literary work. He is documented on both continents as one of the most remarkable authors in Latin America.

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