No need to wear helmets, declaration by Minister for Transport RC Faldu.

No need to wear helmets, declaration by Minister for Transport RC Faldu.

Gujarat Transport Minister RC Faldu made a big announcement. Announcing that it is not mandatory to wear a helmet in an urban area. Cabinet Minister RC Faldu told the media that it is now desirable to wear helmets in cities. The government has taken this decision in view of the demands of the people.

Gujarat Cabinet Minister RC Faldu said, “There was a lot of buzz in the cabinet meeting, which was decided by the Department of Vehicles Department in our state for wearing a helmet to tow wheelers, which has led to small-town municipalities and municipalities. People in the area used to go to social functions and had the inconvenience of wearing a helmet

Our Department of Vehicles and Government had a view that many people died as a result of head injuries in road accidents, so the government decided to make it compulsory. The discipline has to bring people in, but people from all walks of life are getting louder. Terrible displeasure is also taking place on social sites, raising the matter for the government to bring all these issues under consideration and today the cabinet meeting decided that helmets are mandatory within the limits of municipal area and municipal area of ​​the entire state.
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