Need to integrate ITSM and IT monitoring tools

I have been consulting in the ITSM space for many years. Such an assignment involved assessing a business critical application, and the steps we followed included one of the key stakeholders – the business team, the application development team, the application support team, the infrastructure team, and the monitoring team. The workshop was organized.

The first main step was to prepare a high-level business process map to understand business processes.

So we asked the business team to start it. And in no time we realized the limitations when there are silos of management. Some of the challenges includedThe monitoring team deployed changes to the system were not formally informed and they began recording spikes upon release, resulting in false alerts being raised.On the other hand, the business has never been aware of how an event is impacting service performance because they were only involved when a major event occurs.

The support team tracked the app’s support performance without seeing how it was affecting the business

“Business is being defined by organizational requirements, competition, policies, regulatory requirements and changes according to industry norms and trends. A business process is reinforced by a solution (application) which in turn runs on infrastructure. These business applications are used to increase productivity, measure productivity, and perform business tasks correctly. “Everyone looks to the CIO team to provide a solution that can help them make more business-focused decisions.

The scenario in most organizations is that information is communicated only in one direction,

so the business is really unaware of how well the systems perform; Although they are able to calculate ROI on investment but ongoing effectiveness is missing. CIO has the complete tool set – ITSM tools, application monitoring, infrastructure monitoring but no one tells you the impact on the business process or a given issue, as minor as a low priority event impact business outcomes.

There are many solutions to the problem, but an important solution will be around a platform that integrates ITSM tools and IT monitoring tools at the business level to provide information on the impact (in terms of cost, effort, time, etc.).

Advance a service in this direction is a tool that integrates tools at the business level (ITSM and monitoring tools) to transform data into information for decision making.

To effectively manage any busy IT operation, there is a need to keep a direct view on the day-to-day events that occur in even the most well-designed and administered environments, and these events Has the ability to quantify and measure.

ServiceEdge allows business owners to identify the lowest level of infrastructure and application components, with ticketing and status descriptions, with business rules guiding the impact identification and integration with ITSM and monitoring tools. ServiceEdge is another key feature that brings its analytical capabilities in relation to applications and infrastructure.

Customized reporting solutions allow teams to be more flexible and alert on business results. The tool draws information from these devices; Maps them against business components allowing business users to pull business information relevant to the decision-making process.

Until now, ITSM or IT monitoring tools were accessed by the CIO team;

ServiceEdge breaks that trend and brings the features of tools relevant to business teams, enabling them to play their roles in the decision making process.

Integration of services defines these controversial relationships between platform monitoring and ticketing by exposing the problems of all sectors with a single investigation. Business owners with access to ServiceEdge can view events in technical teams, avoiding anecdotes and focusing only on empirical evidence. Again, attention can now be placed on information allowing the business to make clear decisions.

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