Myth and Facts of Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes are two different conditions. Medically, there is no relation between these two conditions. The causes are different and so are the impacts on the person. But medical experts have observed that a male with diabetes can have erectile dysfunction in life sooner or later.

Diabetes is uncontrolled sugar in blood, while erectile dysfunction is inability or lack of capacity to get an erection. Erection happens when blood flows smoothly into the smooth chamber of the male organ. Any condition or cause which restricts the flow of blood leads to erectile difficulties. Constant diabetes damages the blood vessels, which reduces the erection degree to cause erectile dysfunction. Let us examine some myths and facts related to them to understand the connection better.

Myth – Diabetes Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Fact – there are so many causes of erectile dysfunction, but diabetes hastens the erectile dysfunction in males. Doctors are of the view that a male with diabetes has greater chances of facing difficulties in erection than a male without diabetes.  Diabetes pulls the erectile issue towards the diabetic male at least 5-10 years early.

Myth – diabetes kill the desire in a man 

Fact – diabetes has no direct adverse impact on desire. It just damages the blood vessels to weaken the ability of blood nerves to support smooth blood flow. Reduction in blood flow leads to difficulties in getting and sustaining an erection.

Myth – anyone with diabetes will face Erectile Dysfunction

Fact- there is no such rule. With better management of diabetes, you can control the emergence of erection difficulties. The point is early detection of your rise in blood sugar level to prevent its progression. The natural remedies that work for keeping the blood sugar level in check, also keep the erection process healthy. There will be no use of medicine to boost the erection process. Lifestyle intervention will be enough to cure erection difficulties.

Myth – high blood sugar levels means end to erection process

Fact- there is some adverse impact, but that does not mean that a diabetic cannot get erection. By keeping the issue in control with a balanced diet and active lifestyle, a male with the higher sugar levels can have vigorous intimate life.

Myth – drugs are enough to cure both sugar level and erection difficulties

Fact – this may be true, but chances of permanent cure are high in initial stages of an erection issue. Drugs only overcome the issue for some hours, which is 4 -5 hours in Sildenafil citrate 150mg case. There is no need to depend on medicines forever, when with diet change you can control both conditions successfully.

Diagnose should be the first step to understand the cause behind frequent low erection and inability to maintain the erection. Sometimes, a man may be able to get an erection, but only for a few minutes. Medical examination will be through blood test and urine test to detect diabetes issue or low testosterone levels. As soon as diabetes is detected, you should go for lifestyle intervention to prevent its progression. If erection difficulties are only due to diabetes, the control on the latter will bring back the natural erection process.

Anything that is prescribed to keep diabetes in check will favor your erection process. Just ensure that fruits with a high glycemic index should be out of your natural remedy for diabetes and erectile issues.

No harm in using medicines

Doctors may prescribe some medicines for diabetes. A man who is also taking Generic Levitra 40mg prescribed by doctors for boosting erection needs to maintain a gap of at least 24 hours between two medicines. The best thing about PDE5 inhibitors is that they are swallowed only when a man needs them. So, it is easy to maintain the schedule in such a way that there is no interaction between two medicines.


It is a medical fact that a male with diabetes faces the prospect of erectile dysfunction no matter what the health status or age is. But it is equally easy to keep check on both conditions in check with a proper diet, sticking to some form of physical exercises, and little determination.  The first crucial step will be detection of either of these two conditions and then taking the right approach to prevent progression of the diseases.

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