Must Pack outfits for your next beach vacation

If you’ve been dreaming of seeing a gorgeous sunset, running on sandy shores, swimming in blue water and getting lots of sunshine – it’s time you go on a beach vacation. It is definitely the most relaxing escape into nature. With summer almost ending, this is the perfect time to head to a beach and just chill for a few days.

Getting packed for a beach vacation can be stressful. Most people tend to overpack and get overwhelmed. Also, ensuring you have all insta-worthy outfits for your ‘ootd’ and ‘fit pics’ can feel like a burden. A few beach outfits like shorts, a bathing suit, a cute dress or a Kaftan are essentials you can’t leave behind. You must have these on your beach vacation to the Maldives, Seychelles or Bora Bora.

You want your vacation to be perfect, but so much planning must be done before it. So, read on to know about the outfits you must pack for your vacation.

Comfy yet fashionable outfits to carry on your trip

When you go on a beach vacation, you want to look your best while being comfortable. Sometimes one overthinks what one will need, resulting in overpacking. You can use your phone to make a list of all the things you will need on your vacation.

These outfits will ensure you have a fun day at the beach and feel confident. They are perfect if you want to dip your feet into the water as they won’t get wet. You could also wear a swimsuit under these outfits since they are easy to remove when you want to go for a swim.

A cute Swimsuit

You can’t go on a beach trip without a swimsuit. It is the most essential item. Keep one per day so that you don’t have to worry about washing them.

Besides wearing them when swimming, you can also wear them with shorts, pants or under a Kaftan. Make sure to pair them with cute flip-flops.

Your favourite cropped tops and shorts

Wearing a cropped top with shorts is a comfortable option. It isn’t too revealing and allows you to express yourself based on the colour or print of the top.

Denim shorts will always be in style and are a wardrobe essential that everyone has. You can add some elegant jewellery when you wear this with a cute, cropped top.

Flowy Maxi dresses and short dresses

When you are running on the beach, there’s nothing more fun to wear than a long and flowy maxi dress. It will bring out your inner child. A short dress is an attractive option, too; it will let you jump in the water without getting wet. 

Pair the dresses with classy jewellery, flat footwear and a hat.

Dressy Kaftan

Kaftans are airy dresses that you can wear alone or over a swimsuit. They come in funky, mood-enhancing prints that are fun and perfect for the beach.

You can style a kaftan with boho accessories, a hat, sandals and a chic bag.

Summing up

A beach vacation needs planning, and there’s so much to do. After you’ve booked tickets and the hotel, it’s time to pack, which can take a while. All the outfits listed above are exactly what you need to stay comfortable but still look good at the beach.

Avoid wearing fitted clothes, knitted sweaters and anything made of leather. Take simple yet pretty jewellery so that you look good in all the pictures.

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