Most Popular Beach In Mexico

A visit to Mexico is a popular choice for many reasons. It is a country of great ruins, cultural food and especially beaches. Mexico has over 10,000 kilometres of coastline surrounded by four glasses of water. Most of the coast faces the Pacific Ocean, and it stretches along the entire west side. These desert-like rocky, sandy beaches. Which alternate further south with lush green tropical beaches are a delight. In this article, I will share some tips of travelling with you.

Playa Carrizalillo

This bay is without a doubt one of the most beautiful. Its Caribbean Flair with great water and soft sand attracts tourists of all kinds. Nevertheless, it is rarely overcrowded, and it’s always easy to find a place on the sand. There’s a usual activity in the water because the bay has perfect conditions for surfing and swimming. Whether you enjoy, watersports were sunbathing perfect relaxed days guaranteed on this Beach.

La Boquilla

On Hill sights on a picturesque horseshoe-shaped Baybookended by craggy rocks and surrounded by wooded hills. The waters here are calm and bright blue. The best Beach in the area is found at La boquilla, about three miles east of the bay. Where there are shallow waters excellent for snorkelling and swimming.

De Akumal

This great snorkelling region near playa del carmen has a reef that stretches 20 to 300 feet offshore. Offering views for all different levels of swimmers. Turtlestropical fish and more are common sights here, and the water is safe and calm enough for children to enjoy. The sand is white, and the water has no waves for those who aren’t into snorkelling. So it is lovely for swimming and relaxing.

River Trail

If you want to see the river trail, you can see the white cliffs of conoy. Because here you can see two with one. Which thousands of people visit every year. Susquehanna River and what you see here will make your mind very fresh.If you want you can travel from here in your free time.

Bahia Calandra

It is the premier family beach in the Baja region of perhaps. Known for the rock formation called diamond rock. Bahia Calandra mix sand and beautiful wind and water-worn rock formations. It’s sheltered in almost every direction for safe swimming, and the location is shallow enough that the water warms early here. Because amenities are not beachside, it’s often not as busy as other local beaches

Xcaret Park Beach

There’s a beautiful river that runs from one end of the park to another. As you swim throughout. In the garden you pass mangroves, caves and open areas, .which are all beautiful it’s a pretty long River .but if you can’t swim well or get tired. There’s hope that you can hold on to, and there are places where you can exit the river.

They also have lifeguards patrolling, so you’ll be safe at the entrance of the river. They have bags to secure your belongings. These bags are locked and delivered to the end of the river .so once you’re done swimming, you give them your key, and they unlock the bag right in front of you. It’s super safe and convenient. There’s also a riverboat ride, a scenic Tower and a children’s playground.

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