Minor’s Access to Age Restricted Content – Age Verification Solutions to the Rescue

In the modern era of technological advancements, where every business sector has been increasingly relying on computers and other digital gadgets to conduct their business activities, the households have experienced pretty much the same. More than just the modernization element, the stay at home orders amidst the pandemic account for the extreme dependency on gadgets.

Covid’s adverse effects on society:

As much of a ravage, covid has proved to be for the business sector, it has equally impacted the households as well. The adverse effects brought by the restrictions and torturing confinement deteriorated the mental health and well being of the people. The sudden change was hard to accept. Suspension of normal, daily routine activities such as, on-campus educational activities, visiting malls and restaurants and being caged in homes was one hell of a challenge for mankind. The early few months were very hard to cope with as people were merely stuck in their homes, aloof from the world outside. 

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Gradually, the regulatory authorities issued orders of work from home and online classes for all educational institutions. With that, people felt a little back to life. However, the imprisoned feeling remained. The sudden shifts towards digitization brought relief as well as problems for the people. As soon as the orders of online classes were passed, people started spending more time on laptops and tablets.  

Covid and the increased use of computers: 

Apart from the orders of online classes, it was observed that the use of computers and other gadgets became extremely practical. People, usually the age group of 14 to 25, spent most of their time on phones. This particularly happened because they adopted their own coping mechanism and found much-needed relief through this. Although this was beneficial for them, it was observed that minors had also become addicted and their exposure to the internet had increased significantly. The parents handed them their tablets for the purpose of attending online classes but it seemed like they could just not limit their screen time at all. 

Open access to the Internet and Gaming Websites: 

Although the internet has become one reliable source of information for both adults and children, inadequate precautionary measures could impose risks. It has become extremely convenient for children as well to access a bulk of information and opportunities to interact with other people, which in return has put their safety at risk. Social media has made societies highly connected and anyone can easily access and purchase anything online, be it age-restricted content. 

The absence of appropriate age verification solutions leads to the minors acquisition of products restricted for adults only. Such open access to all kinds of information and products intended strictly for adults and should definitely be out of reach of the children, account for the need for proper age verification systems to be implemented widely. Similarly, people have become addicted to online gaming and the lack of adequate age checks have proved to be extremely troublesome. 

Importance of Age Verification Solution:

For the purpose of preventing minors from accessing age-restricted products and information, the regulatory authorities have made it mandatory for the gaming and gambling industry to implement adequate online age verification solutions. Fortunately, the present technologically advanced age has provided accurate and authentic age verification solutions that prevent mishaps from taking place. A website with adequate age verification solutions integrated with their security networks prevents minors from accessing them and engaging with content strictly restricted for adults. Adequate implementation of these solutions highly account for a safer environment for minors and support adult freedom.

Advanced Age Verification Solution:

The modern age verification solution stands out from the rest through the remarkable services that engage in providing age checks by complying with the obligatory measures subjected towards deterring fraud and protecting minors from accessing age-restricted content. A digital age verifier solution for protecting the minor is the need of the hour and the ID verification companies, nowadays excel at providing one.  They do that by requiring the end-user to first enter their date of birth and then submit the identity document. The optical character recognition technology then extracts the date of birth and other details and calculates the actual age of the user. The user passes the verification process if he falls within the age category enlisted. The significant feature that makes it extremely remarkable because it performs its entire verification process in a matter of seconds.

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