Make your website known with SEO (On-page Optimization).

After getting to know SEO in the last article ( Let’s get to know Search Engine Optimization),
it’s time to do SEO to attract more people to our website.

Does SEO cost money or not?

To rank by Search Engine like Google or Yahoo free of charge. If we do SEO ourselves, it
will cost only when. We hire an expert or someone else to do SEO for you, how much depends on the agreement. and the ranking that we want to be in the Search Engine

Doing SEO requires skill and knowledge. as well as how long it takes for our website to rank on the first page. Which usually does not exceed 6 months, most of which will require some modifications to the structure of the website. Even in recent times, Google has focused on searching for websites with better and more accurate content, which is consistent with a sentence that is often mentioned, “Content is king”. In this article, we will do basic SEO. easy that doesn’t have to cost anything and can do it by yourself

So do we need to do SEO? Let’s take a look. If we do SEO, what will we get?

  • It has been rated by Search Engine to rank better. The more it is in the first page of search results. Or rank first in that keyword, the better.
  • Increase the likelihood that more people will visit our website. By clicking on a link from the search results via Search Engine
  • make our website more known
  • This allows our website to sell more products and services.
  • Save on advertising costs on our website. to buy advertisements in different places

I will divide SEO into 3 important parts:

  1. On-page Optimization
  2. Off-page Optimization
  3. SEO audit and follow-up

Starting with On-page Optimization, we will do some internal optimization of the web. or parts of a web page, including the web structure Writing code on web pages Content writing for Search Engine and keyword distribution

Choosing a website name or domain name

should be relevant to the product. Or the service of the website with the Keyword we want in that name, for example, if we sell t-shirts. may name the website as (Can check the name of the website Is anyone using it at or at )

Website design appropriately

There is not too much content. make the website look cluttered Or have little content, but only images. Besides not being useful in SEO, it also causes website pages to load longer than usual. which is not good for website visitors that may close our website before the website loads all the information It should be formatted to be easy to read. Easy access to the menu

website content

There should be content related to the product. and services of the website Having clear and complete content details will make it easier to close the sale. And there should be news, articles that provide knowledge related to the product. and services of the website It is recommended to rewrite it. This will have a better chance of getting on SEO than articles copied from other places. Content updates should include content illustrations. to increase the interest of the content to make it more readable And the content on the website is updated regularly at least twice a week.

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  • The higher the number of web pages, the better.
    Google likes sites with a large number of web pages. Those web pages must have good and complete content. The information must be at least 500 characters per page.
  • There should be some links to other web pages within the site.
    In writing articles each time, if we come across Keywords which are related to Articles that we have written earlier. We should also be able to link to that article because Google will be on our website for a long time. and can store data within the website on every page
  • If not necessary, there should be no off-site links.
    That is, should not include a link. Linking to other external sites is not necessary as this will leak our PR value to other sites. In case we are linking to external sites, include a nofollow link, for example <a href=. ”External website” rel=”nofollow”>message</a>
  • To create a link, it should be linked with Text or Text and should be linked with Keyword.
  • Add a description to the image.
    In addition to naming files with keywords, we should add a description to every image. Google will also index our images, for example <img src=”image” alt=”image description”/>.
  • An indispensable tag (these tags are in the code section)
    Title is an important part. to indicate the content within the website Should be written to attract people to the web, not just to put keywords to rank only.
    Description is the description of the website. Although it does not directly affect Search Engine, it has a huge impact on searchers. If you write a brief description of the content of the article on the page well, you have the right to make searchers. Come to visit the website higher with
    Keywords, indicating to the Search Engine that in that web page. What keywords do you want to rank with? It should be entered no more than 10 words, separated by ampersands “,”.

all recommended May not complete the process of doing  On-page Optimization at  all, so find more information, it would be good.
In the next article, we will continue to do  Off-page Optimization .

Patricia a expert content creator and SEO expert having Proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in a professional portfolio Impeccable grasp of the English language, including press releases and current trends in slang and details.

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