Magical Adventure: “Raya and the Last Dragon”

It’s about ghosts, dragons and strong women: The film “Raya and the Last Dragon” takes the audience on a wonderful journey into the world of Southeast Asian fairy tales and legends.

The film “Raya and the Last Dragon” should actually be seen on the big screen. With beautifully animated images, the Disney strip plunges into the world of Southeast Asian fairy tales and legends.

He tells the adventurous story of the girl Raya, who tries to find the water dragon Sisudatu. Only this mythical being can save the land of Kumandra from the Druun spirits who want to petrify all living beings.

But because the cinemas are still closed due to the corona pandemic, the film will initially only be shown on the Disney + streaming service from March 5, with VIP access for 21.99 euros, and with normal subscription from June 4.

It is a work full of magic and positive messages that evokes values ​​such as courage, tolerance, friendship, harmony and trust. Many people and dragons have been petrified since the victory over the evil Druun 500 years ago. Only the dragon woman Sisudatu was able to save herself, but no one knows where she lives.

Kumandra is divided into five realms. But now the Druun are back and Raya tries to unite the quarreling rulers. Because each of them owns a piece of a magical gemstone. Only when the stone is complete does it develop the magical power with which Sisu can banish evil spirits.

On her journey through Kumandra, Raya develops her skills and strengths. Raya is voiced by YouTuber Christina Ann Zalamea. Other important characters are also female, such as Raya’s opponent Namaari and the water dragon Sisu.

Like the South Sea adventure “Vaiana”, “Raya and the Last Dragon” is a long way from the princesses of old films who were rescued by heroic men. The new heroines are brave themselves and can defend themselves very well. They have nothing to do with the cliché of the perfect, pretty woman, they are rather naughty, carefree and have no problem making mistakes.

The only drawback: When Raya travels through the parts oDf Kumandra, it creates a bit of the impression that she is ticking off the areas. But Tuk Tuk makes up for it. When this huge mixture of pug and pill-rolling beetle clenches into a ball, Raya climbs onto his back and rolls away with him like on a speeding moped.

It’s not just the dreamy, colorful pictures; it’s also the magic that makes the film worth seeing. And it is the message that, especially in times of crisis, cannot be repeated often enough: Miracles can happen when people trust each other and stick together.

Raya and the Last Dragon, USA 2020, 107 min., FSK from 0, by Don Hall and Carlos

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