Madison LeCroy would be the real reason for the breakup of Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez

Everything indicates that JLo did not forgive the former baseball player who has been in contact with Madison LeCroy

Once the romantic breakup of Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez, who had a 2-year commitment, has been announced, several speculations have arisen about what was the trigger for the relationship to end.

Southern Charm: Madison LeCroy

A few weeks ago Madison LeCroy, who is known for her intervention in the Bravo series called ” Southern Charm “, confirmed that she had been in communication with the former baseball player.

LeCroy commented with Page Six that he exchanged calls with Rodríguez but they never saw each other physically, apart from clarifying that he was never unfaithful to JLo with her.

” The Madison LeCroy scandal was the reason they finally ended, ” a person close told Page Six. ” They were already in trouble but Jennifer was embarrassed about all of this .”

Just a week ago the happy couple posed together from the Dominican Republic, where the actress is also on location for her next film.

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