Low Speak Amreli Now Gambling In The Light Of Street Light In Public Know How Much Goods Are Shipped

Low Speak Amreli Now Gambling In The Light Of Street Light In Public Know How Much Goods Are Shipped.

While the Police Superintendent of Police in Amreli, Mr. Lalipta Rai Saheb and Deputy Police Superintendent Shri MS Rana Sahebano have set a watch on the problem of alcohol / gambling in the district and gambling issues.

In the city of Amreli, Brahmana Sosa was gambling under the light of a public street light in Ramnagar at street no.1.

The necessary instructions for successful raids on such powers are given and the gamble / gambling drive is currently underway. Amriti City Police team got a certain word of gambling by the Amreli city police team under the auspices of VR Kher, which caused Amreli Brahmana Sosa to gamble on the street light in public, rather than raid in Ramnagar street No.1. It has also taken standard action against the accused.

The accused arrested are as under: –
(1) asisabhai Babu Solanki
Rajawadi rubbed dhandhothihira 30
(2) kisanabhai Vallabhbhai ribadiya
Rajawadi dhandhothimajuri 30
(3) rohitabhai bhimajibhai Rathore
Rajawadi dhandhothimajuri .44
(4) kisorabhai manubhai Makwana
A. va .34 dhandhothivepara
all the rahetamama Amreli Sosa Brahmin street Ramnagar No. -06 jiamareli

accused from jhadapayela mudamalah
cash of Rs .2,290 / – and found 52 units ganjipatanam pages kiru .00 / -and Total issue of Rs.

This operation was done by the Poines of Amreli City Post. VR Kher and UHC b. M. Walla and LRD Hiran Singh Laljibhai Kher and LRD Sanjaybhai Devjibhai have done it.
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