List of Bitcoin Exchanges That Accept PayPal

There is a list of bitcoin exchanges that are now accepting payment via PayPal. It was just a matter of time before the famous payment gateway hopped on the crypto journey. Since bitcoin stock exchange rates are increasing day by day, it would be easier to manage the crypto world with PayPal.

To date, there is misinformation about which bitcoin exchange sites are accepting payments through PayPal. Therefore, it’s necessary to educate rightly and help bitcoin trading enthusiasts in their journey. PayPal is now supporting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through their secure payment gateway.

Current List of Bitcoin Exchanges Accepting PayPal

Many top bitcoin exchanges avoid integrating PayPal due to charge back capabilities. It is an additional risk that different bitcoin exchange sites avoid at all costs. However, there is still a small list of bitcoin exchanges that are accepting PayPal. They have integrated the gateway to ensure secure payment processing while providing perfect peace of mind to the users.

Let’s dig in with the market’s leading Bitcoin exchanges that support PayPal as a payment gateway.

Being peer-to-peer top bitcoin exchange platforms, LocalBitcoins is accepting PayPal as a medium of payment. However, once your account setup is complete, the user has to set PayPal as the preferred payment method. Once done, the application will automatically narrow down the people who prefer PayPal and connect you with them instantly. Due to PayPal integration, the payment would be held in escrow until the processed payment is confirmed.


eToro is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges which has introduced PayPal as an option to buy crypto. Since PayPal is a safe and secure payment gateway, crypto beginner traders can conveniently deal without hesitation. Make your account on eToro and once it is verified, select PayPal as the desired payment method. However, if you have forgotten to add PayPal as a preferred payment option, you can choose it later as well. This option is valid if you are depositing money at eToro and not taking it out. This means that eToro can be a potential exchange for your crypto trading journey that supports PayPal.


Paxful is a big and reliable name in the list of bitcoin exchange websites. It is also a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange site with more than 300 payment methods. For Paxful, the user has to set PayPal as the payment gateway option when purchasing bitcoin. Every time a user selects to either purchase or cash out from Paxful, they are required to choose their preferred payment method.


Coinbase is a well-known bitcoin stock exchange site accepting PayPal as a payment method. They adopted PayPal for their site to make it safe and secure without causing any monetary damage when converting to bitcoin. Once the application is installed, the user has to find which cryptocurrency they prefer. After that, they have to select PayPal to proceed with protected payment. It’s vital to remember that the email address for your Coinbase and PayPal should be the same.

The best thing about trading on this exchange is its mobile and desktop application which is so easy to use for traders with different experience levels. Moreover, with the Coinbase app you can start trading on the go and get your orders executed in a matter of seconds because the exchange has a strong and safe infrastructure that processes each transaction in seconds.

Is it Safe to Trade on Bitcoin Stock Exchanges That Accept PayPal?

This is a common question that every trader has in mind when they are looking up for crypto exchanges with preferred payment gateways. Well, the answer is quite simple: all the above-listed crypto coin exchanges are completely safe and regulated to ensure the security of user funds and transactions. Each of the said platforms has different measures in place to make sure there are no hacks or delays. The standard security protocols include 2FA encryptions, asset insurance, cold storage, and biometric logins. To make sure that the exchange you choose has all of these aspects you can do your own research and look into the official websites of these exchanges in detail to have some clarity. 

Wrapping Up

Trading crypto with PayPal is easy as well as secure for all. The above-mentioned list of bitcoin exchanges ensures a well-protected payment gateway. PayPal associated itself with the largest bitcoin exchanges to ensure security to users and avoid monetary theft.

In case you are suspicious about any transaction, PayPal allows you to charge back anytime!

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