Kitchen Sink Accessories You Won’t Want To Live Without

These are the kitchen sink accessories we all need to make our kitchens a much more functional space. When you have been in the market for a new kitchen, it is nice to know that you can add these things as extra features rather than having them be an afterthought when the kitchen was being constructed. This post will give you some ideas on how to incorporate these into your kitchen, so check out the post below and find yourself another essential part of your home!

The Kitchen Sink

With the kitchen countertop usually being made from granite or marble many people don’t think about replacing their existing sink with something else. However, if you want to upgrade a kitchen but still keep using the same sink, here are 6 alternatives you should consider?

1- Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are great because they look sleek while still providing plenty of room and functionality. They also are easy to maintain by not requiring any special care like most stainless steel appliances. These kinds of sinks can come in various styles like classic, contemporary, farmhouse, rustic, etc. There are also different colors which include white, black, silver, chrome, brass, copper, and nickel finishes.

Most homeowners prefer stainless steel kitchen sinks because of its durability and ability to handle everyday use. It doesn’t scratch easily, and won’t chip or dull even after repeated usage. It needs no polishing either since it is already shiny. The good thing about stainless steel kitchen sinks is that they are very affordable making them perfect for those who want to replace old designs without breaking their budget.

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2- Marble Sinks.

Marble sinks have become a popular option for homeowners looking to complete their kitchen remodel. Unlike other options, marble sinks require little maintenance. Just wipe away spills every once in awhile. It has a timeless appeal and elegance. If you would like to create a lavish environment around your kitchen then this is a natural choice for you to go with.

3- Wood Sinks.

Wood sinks provide a country feel to a kitchen remodeling project. Wood sinks feature warm tones such as browns, dark wood, oak, cherry, teak, mahogany, and others. Some people also choose to paint their wood sinks making them match the color scheme of their cabinets and countertops. Wood sinks are often used to complement other materials including metal and stone. You can combine them with countertops and kitchen cabinets from a company that chooses long lasting materials that look beautiful on your home.

4- Cast Iron & Copper Sinks.

Cast iron sinks are one of the most traditional types of sinks available. Their design is simple yet elegant. Also known as coal fired sinks, cast iron sinks come in a variety of sizes. In fact, there are dozens of different sized versions. The bigger ones range from 22 inches to 42 inches. They also have varying shapes and designs ranging from round to rectangular and square. You can mix and match different sizes depending on what looks best in your kitchen.

Copper sinks are the newest addition to the list. Copper sinks offer a modern touch in addition to a rugged appearance. These sinks are extremely durable and can last through years of continuous use. Because of their strength and versatility, copper sinks are perfect for commercial applications. For example, restaurants and bars could benefit greatly from installing a copper sink for ease of cleaning.

5- Porcelain/Epoxy Resin Sinks.

Porcelain sinks are considered the most luxurious type. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. You can select from oval, square, round, trough, and half moon sink. Porcelain sinks are designed to withstand heavy duty washing tasks especially during renovations at hotels, restaurants, and the hospitality industry. They don’t absorb water though but rather they just act as an impervious barrier against moisture. This makes them ideal for places where high volumes of water will be passing all day long. Another advantage of porcelain sinks is that they tend to be less porous than other types of sinks allowing it to keep up with daily liquid spills.

6- Ceramic/Enameled Steel Sinks.

Ceramic and enameled steel sinks are excellent choices if you live in a humid area due to their resistance to heat buildup during cooking. Ceramic sinks are made out of ceramic material while enameled steel sinks have thick layers of enamel coating over metal frames. Both of these kinds of sinks need to be cleaned regularly using

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