Junkyard Joe’s Variant Covers for Volume 2

About Brad Anderson’s Junkyard Joe Cover

Geoff Johns and Anderson teamed up again to create memorable covers for the second issue of Junkyard Joe. It features an eye-catching, retro style that hearkens back to the line and comic art designs popular in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. It is very fitting for the theme of the comic. However, they feature a tongue-in-cheek humor and modern twist that highlights how the Junkyard Joe series is becoming a modern classic.

Anderson said one of the reasons he was drawn to the project was because of its themes of brotherhood and family. For Anderson, getting the opportunity to work on a project with Geoff Johns is a dream come true. Anderson is the colorist for issues #1 and #2 of Junkyard Joe and has been working in comics for over 10 years.

Junkyard Joe #2 features multiple cover options. This allows collectors and art fans to collect multiple volumes of the up-and-coming series. The team, led by Geoff Johns, worked with multiple artists on the covers.

Liana Kangas and Junkyard Joe

Johns also commissioned artwork from artist Liana Kangas. It offers a more whimsical and wistful look at the Junkyard Joe series and also helps to break the fourth wall. The cover has a young girl drawing comics at her desk in a daydreaming mood. In the corner, the silhouette of Junkyard Joe is seen standing behind her, watching what she is doing.

This hearkens to the plot of Junkyard Joe, which is a comic that features characters that are self-aware that they are comics. Junkyard Joe’s plot to find his drawer is foreshadowed in this creative and warm design by an up-and-coming female artist.

In Junkyard Joe Volume 2, Muddy Davis is a war veteran who is struggling to cope with the memories of the Vietnam War. He is also struggling to keep his comic strip Junkyard Joe alive. One day, Joe, a robot that Davis had befriended during the war, reappears in his life. Joe helps Davis reconnect with his past and come to terms with the trauma he experienced in Vietnam.

The new Junkyard Joe Volume 2 picks up right where the last one left off, with Joe, the robot, reappearing in Muddy Davis’ life. Joe helps Davis reconnect with his past and come to terms with the trauma he experienced in Vietnam. Davis is able to process his experiences by creating comics about Joe and the other soldiers he served with. The volume ends with a cliffhanger that leaves readers waiting for the next installment.

The multiple cover options are now available for purchase. It gives a deeper look into the Junkyard Joe universe and the multitude of perspectives that the comic takes as the plot develops. It is also a unique feature, making it ideal for comic book collectors. The collectability of the multiple comic book covers lets fans pick and choose which ones they want to showcase and also add to their comic book library.


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