Is teacher training programme only for teaching academic subjects?

Teachers are one of the most important parts of the education system. For a student’s development and progress, an expert instructor is essential. Instead of focusing on the classroom, we should take a step forward and consider that if education is to improve, we must enhance basic teacher preparation. Personalized education isn’t rocket science; let’s be honest, it’s a lot more difficult. And teacher training must be designed to make students’ lives simpler and learning more effective, which is something we don’t see very frequently. Although teaching is a vital process, the teacher is the most significant component. Let’s help you understand the role of training programmes so that you can explore more and impart skills toyour students.

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the educational sector both domestically and internationally, with many believing that the shift to ed-tech has created numerous opportunities and leveled the playing field for schools that were previously divided by geography, technological access, academic and faculty quality, and other factors.

However, digitization is an evolutionary journey that has arrived at an exceedingly unprecedented moment, and a significant amount of money and effort has been invested and continues to be engaged to obtain optimal solutions.

Apart from acclimating students to the new learning technique, considerable effort is being put into teacher training and the exploration of new and effective online evaluation technologies in both private and public school infrastructures.

Appropriate technological know-how provides enough room for educators to go into auto-pilot mode and thrive with novel online teaching approaches, boosting student engagement and topic knowledge, which was a barrier they faced at the outset of this pandemic.

Why is there a need for a teacher training programme?

For a variety of reasons, teacher training is an essential element of a teacher’s profession. To begin with, someone who is new to teaching and is teaching for the first time may lack confidence in their ability to command a certain group of students. He or she may have a wealth of information about their subject(s), but what the newer or, in rare situations, the seasoned ones lack is the skill of expressing themselves.

If a teacher is unable to explain or convey what they know to a student and if they are unable to persuade the student—they will essentially fail as a teacher. As the students will gradually lose interest in that particular class and subject, and rather than being a positive asset in the students’ lives, the teacher will be viewed as a liability. This is the reason you should consider taking part in teaching training courses.

Is teacher training related to only classroom sessions?

Teacher training programme is not limited to classroom sessions and academics but helps a teacher develop the life skills of his students.

To be able to grasp technology and use it successfully, you must be able to:

Offline education reinforced by excellent offline infrastructure, is the strength of the bulk of India’s teaching population. As a result, training in the use of online resources and approaches is critical.

Understanding the fundamentals of an ed-tech interface, as well as its relevance, power, and advantages to the larger e-education ecosystem, is critical. Teachers who have a thorough awareness of the technology that will shape the future of education are better equipped to use it wisely and build an effective online learning environment.

Professional growth is ongoing:

Teachers may keep up to speed on innovative teaching approaches, skill development, and ways for mapping students’ learning and academic achievement through continuous professional development. CPD enables teachers to maintain and improve their abilities, allowing them to provide a more student-centred teaching experience.

CPD also allows instructors to keep track of and update their teaching and assessment methods, as well as investigate more sophisticated and updated tactics from an academic standpoint, as well as for procedures such as webinars, extracurricular modules and events, skill development workshops, and so on.

Educating today’s youth for a brighter future:

After being familiar with the fundamental elements of technology and comprehending the process, it is necessary to pass on that information to students in order to guide them down the road of learning. Teacher education programmes must include important themes that will benefit pupils not just academically but also technologically.

Creating a happy learning environment that is tech-friendly:

Teachers benefit from technology training because it allows them to better comprehend its benefits and allows them to experiment with more innovative teaching techniques and new educational pathways.

A pleasant learning environment is established as a result of this technique, allowing teachers to encourage students to engage in more productive tech-led learning. In a positive learning environment, both teachers and students will perform better.

With the right assessment tools, an educator’s job may be made easier in terms of improving academic accomplishment and aiding in the development of skills. Assessment technology may help students enhance their academic performance and skill development by saving time and effort while also delivering rapid and conclusive analysis.

Changing the social norms in poor areas:

When it comes to future training programmes, societal upliftment is something that cannot be overlooked. Teachers must be taught in value education in addition to academic and technical skills.


Ed-tech teacher training solutions that support training and are inclusive of social concerns, particularly in rural regions, will improve the capacity to comprehend and educate poor children. Teacher training programmes that not only provide basic education but also raise knowledge about contemporary concerns such as educating a female child, women empowerment, casteism elimination, equal civic rights for everyone, and so on would set the groundwork for a better and more hopeful system.

Teacher training programmes are required to assist teachers in learning or developing new teaching tactics that will rekindle their students’ interest in the classroom and stimulate learning. Another factor to consider is the application of the things that pupils learn in class. Teachers must also devise methods for practical learning, which aids students in the real world. Theoretical learning aids students in getting marks, while practical learning aids them in life.

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