Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that operates without any central system. It neither belongs to any country’s government nor can be controlled by any government hire a hacker to hack iphone as they are supplied by a private company. Cryptos can be transferred from any corner of the world to any other. There is no limitation for this money to cut across the borders of the countries.

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There are wide verities of cryptos available in the market. The most admired cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum, Litecoin Ripple, Dogecoin.

These money transactions include multiple computers, but it is impossible to erase or alter these transactions. Therefore, it needs a lot of hard work to secure this information.

If you want to invest in the any of the cryptos, you need to open a crypto trading account. Once you open the account, start trading. Many platforms exchange cryptocurrency like CoinDCX, Coinbase, WazirX, Zeb play, Binance, etc. This market is down because of theft. Recently crypto exchange BitMart reported that cryptocurrency equal to $150 million was stolen. It is very difficult to recover this stolen crypto. But yes, you can recover them with a lot of hard work and stress.

If your crypto goes stolen, the first thing you have to do is move some of the remaining cryptos to a cold wallet. Then change the password related to your account. Next, call customer service and report the theft. In theory, it is possible to recover the stolen crypto but very unlikely in practice And hire a hacker hack iphone. Recovery depends on how much information is lost. It is quite easy to recover hardware wallets such as Trezor, Coldcard, Ledger, and Keepkey. And BIP32 – the hidden key is also recoverable. Better to have all the seed words in the correct order for easy recovery.

¨ Do this to avoid your cryptocurrency being stolen

  • Owning cryptos should maintain as a secrete. Do not speak about it in public.
  • Enable multifactor authentication. Disable the SMS authentication and use some authenticator app.
  • Have a separate email address and complex password for a crypto account.
  • Mushroom your investments over several exchanging platforms.
  • To strengthen the security use sites such as Get Safe Online, Cyber Aware, etc.

¨ Some methods to deal with stolen cryptos                                             

  • Scan your device

Sometimes malicious software infection opens the door for hackers to hack your currency. So, scan the device which you use to carry out the crypto trading and check whether they are clean.

  • Contact your bank

If your crypto transactions are linked to your bank account, then immediately call your bank and tell them about the unauthorized transaction.

  • Follow the money

If the thief transferred the currency from the wallet to the cryptocurrency exchange to make it a flat currency, complain it to the exchange platform immediately. In order to trace your stolen funds, you can use blockchain exploring software like  To exchange funds to flat money, criminals should submit KYC (know your customer) details. Hence, exchanges can help you identify the thief easily.

When you lose your cryptocurrencies, it is common to think you have lost them forever. But don’t worry; you can recover the stolen crypto by contacting various recovery experts. Let’s see some of them.

ü Pruden solve

They offer quick and efficient solutions to your problems and accurately describe the problem to you. Pruden Solve has many blockchain and cybersecurity experts to help you. If you know the wallet address your funds have been transferred to, report that wallet using the form they provide you. So that they can send it to the AMLT network to track the fraudster. Services of Pruden Solve

  • Loss of password for hardware or online wallet
  • If the user has lost 4 characters of private keys
  • In case the user has transferred bitcoin to BCH
  • Can recover the damaged back up.

ü CipherBlade

They are specialized in blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency investigations. They make use of ‘on chain’ and ‘off chain’ analytics, attractive methods to recover the stolen crypto. CipherBlade are known to have brought back millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies. They have overcome hundreds of cybercrime cases.

They operate in correlation with law enforcement, law firms, exchanges, regulators, blockchain companies, ICO’s, executives, and crypto VC firms to get back your cryptos. CipherBlade offers security services and training to a number of companies.

ü Reclaim Crypto

It is a shared intelligence and fund tracing service to help cybercrime victims. When victims of cyber-crime cases submit their details, they will flag the cases to alert a network of blockchain services. Recovery of stolen crypto is a complex process, and victims have to cooperate with the service provider.

To recover crypto, first, you have to submit your email address on the website Then you will be taken to their service desk, where you have to fill the Reclaim form. Once they understand that they can recover your cryptos, they contact you by email.

ü Crypto Wallet Recovery

They provide wallet password recovery, deleted wallet recovery, failed hard drive recovery. This agency has recovered all types of wallets, including Bitcoin wallets. You can trust them without a second thought because they are very popular and working in this field for 16 years. They are known to have recovered hundreds of wallets in the last 3 years.

Crypto Wallet Recovery normally costs 25% of the wallet content. This fee is payable only if they get back your wallet. However, they decide the fees once you submit the details.


In order to start trading cryptocurrency you should Hire a hacker have the deep knowledge of this field. Have the complete understanding of blockchain and how the trading works. Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2021, which was introduced recently suggests the ban of all private cryptocurrencies.

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