Instagram Stories Guide for 2021 (Tips, Tricks, and Strategies)

When it comes to Instagram Stories, many online and content marketing experts agree: It is one of the video formats that will determine the future.

In this post, we want to give you tips and tricks to gain more viewers for your stories.

Tips for good Instagram stories

Instagram stories are usually more spontaneous than the rest of the platform. Nevertheless, planning your stories makes perfect sense.

Our tips below will help you produce good Instagram stories and reach a large number of viewers.

Think about what you want to show your viewers

Nothing is more annoying than an Instagram story with no content. In the best-case scenario, you should never lose sight of your core topic. You should also keep in mind that content marketing does not mean that your Instagram story becomes a permanent commercial.

Instead, think about what you can tell and / or show your viewers.

Here are a few suggestions from us:

  • Introduce yourself (and possibly your team)
  • Tell your story from the first business idea to the founding of your business
  • Grant exclusive behind the scenes insights
  • Take your audience with you to exciting events
  • Talk about a relevant topic that fits your business

It goes without saying that it is perfectly legitimate to use the stories to draw attention to a cool campaign or a new product, for example. But always remember that the added value in content should outweigh your Instagram story if you want to keep your viewers happy.

Touch your way to speaking little by little

For many people, speaking into a camera is initially unfamiliar.

However, from experience, we can assure you that over time a certain routine will develop, and with a little practice, speaking will become a child’s play.

If you are still a beginner on Instagram Stories and are just getting used to the format, you can overcome your fear of speaking with these tricks:

  • Make targeted use of images and boomerangs so as not to keep talking (this also gives your story more dynamism and variety)
  • Do not pretend, but always be yourself (keyword: authenticity)
  • Don’t be afraid of slips of the tongue – these are absolutely normal and make your story even more personable

Plan your Instagram stories in advance

You will get even more security when dealing with Instagram Stories if you plan them in advance. This step has the following advantages:

  • You can bring the maximum added value to your Instagram story
  • You can think about what you want to formulate and how
  • You can build your story logically and completely (introduction, main part, conclusion)
  • You can estimate how long your story will last (and possibly shorten it)

Note: At this point we want to emphasize once again that not all of your Instagram Stories have to be planned in advance.

Of course, this content format always lives in a certain way from spontaneity and creative incidental ideas. Therefore, “freestyle stories” are also expressly desired.

Stand out from the crowd

The active Instagram user usually follows quite a few profiles. Watch every single story? Absolutely impossible.

So that you can still be seen, you should set yourself apart from the crowd. We have put together three strategies for this project for you:

Strategy 1: Stand out with quality

If you convince your viewers with quality content right from the start, there is a good chance they will stay loyal to you.

Good Instagram Stories are:

  • not blurred or pixelated
  • easy to understand (acoustic and content)
  • entertaining
  • diversified

Tip: Smartphone apps such as Hype Type (only available for iOS), Phonto, or AppForType help you to add value to your Instagram stories.

In addition, it is no longer uncommon to use a camera and/or an external microphone, for example, to produce even better Instagram stories.

Strategy 2: Get noticed through continuity

More and more Instagram users are using the stories to continuously provide their followers with content. A regular (and high-quality) format, which is at best related to your business, not only ensures that you stay in the memory, but also that your followers visit your channel in a targeted manner to look at your Instagram stories.

Strategy 3: Stand out with personality

The authenticity already mentioned above is becoming more and more important in social media and content marketing. On Instagram, too, users want to see authentic – real – people.

So if you are, for example, a freaky bird of paradise or a real joker, then present yourself in your Instagram stories. In this way, you will definitely stand out from the gray monotony.

Use locations and hashtags

Since the Instagram update in May 2017, it is possible to add location information and hashtags to your Instagram story. You should definitely use these features if you want to reach as many viewers as possible.

They ensure that your Instagram stories are displayed in so-called location stories and hashtag stories. This in turn means that even more users (who are not even your followers) see your content and thus become aware of your business.

From our own experience, we can say that the number of viewers for a story can increase by up to 500 percent through the Geo-Tag.

The use of (several!) Hashtags has recently become more and more attractive when it comes to increasing the number of viewers for Instagram Stories.

Include your viewers and create interaction

Like all social media channels, Instagram Stories are not a one-way street. Specifically, this means for you: Do not talk to yourself, but encourage dialogue!

If you test this format in practice and have built up a (small) regular audience, you will very quickly find that the engagement and interaction in the Instagram Stories is extraordinarily high – provided you lure people a little out of their reserves.

The best way to do this is to include them in your content:

  • Ask them questions
  • Encourage asking yourself questions
  • Use the polls function sensibly (!)
  • Make sure to regularly send you direct messages
  • Pick up messages from your followers (anonymized) and initiate a discourse

Interaction is an important indicator of the relevance of your Instagram presence and has a positive effect on your visibility (keyword: algorithm). This applies to your photos and videos in the feed as well as to the Instagram stories.

These books will help you make better Instagram stories.

How do you make a story?

In order to be able to share Instagram Stories with your followers, you first need an Instagram account.

After you have set up your account, you can record your first Instagram story. To do this, either swipe your finger from left to right on the home screen or click on the camera icon in the top left.

Instagram stories

Now you have the choice between several recording formats.

These are:

  • Live video (will then be saved in your stories for 24 hours)
  • Normal (long press for video, short tap once for photo)
  • Boomerang (short video sequence that is repeated over and over)
  • Rewind (video that plays backward)
  • Hands-free (video that is recorded without you holding down the button)
Instagram stories

All recording formats can also be processed afterward. You can add text, graphic elements, stickers, and location information, among other things.

Finally, users were able to look forward to small GIFs and the survey feature.

Instagram stories

Tip: If you lack ideas, you can also get ideas from other users.

If you are satisfied with your recording and its editing, click on “continue” in the lower right corner.

Either you click on “Your Story” and make the recording visible to all followers or you select individual profiles to which you want to send your content.

Clicking on “Send” sends your Instagram story.

You should avoid these things

One Instagram story mistake many make is lack of interaction.

The channel is ideal for getting in touch with your followers and potential customers, asking them for feedback and asking specific questions.

Against this background, it can also be said that Instagram Stories are not only an acquisition channel and marketing tool, but also a very good tool for your customer relationship management.

In other words: Use the Instagram Stories in a targeted manner to build (even) closer connections with your customers. Another no-go area story of extremely poor quality.

Regardless of whether the picture is jerky, the sound is miserable or the photos are boring – if the quality is not right, the viewers switch off again after a short time.

Mistake number three: The stories on Instagram are mistaken for a permanent advertising channel. If you only refer to your product or service here, you have not understood what content marketing is.

Frequently Asked Questions

The same questions arise regularly about Instagram Stories. We have listed and answered them.

How can I see viewers of my Instagram Stories?

To see who has viewed your Instagram story, click either on the start screen or in your profile on your own profile picture to see a colored frame.

Then swipe up with your finger to get to an overview of all viewers.

How do I find out how often my Instagram story was viewed?

If you want to know how many people have already viewed your Instagram story, just click on your own profile picture.

This will show your current recording. At the bottom of the photos and videos you will find a number that tells you how many viewers have seen the respective story.

How can I incorporate animations and animated texts into my Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are getting more and more professional.

A feature that is particularly popular are small graphic animations that breathe life into a simple photo. First of all: This is not a common Instagram function.

If you want to add animation to your Instagram story, you have to use external apps like Hype Type for iOS .

A comparable Android alternative is the Legend app. However, this is only partially suitable for use in Instagram Stories, as the clips can only be saved in a square format, for example.

If the use of external apps is too complex for you, you will be pleased with the GIF feature that Instagram has been offering since December 2017.

How can I create Instagram Stories with Link?

For a long time, the “swipe” function was only available to verified accounts (ie those with the blue checkmark).

For a while now, however, the feature has been activated for more and more “normal” profiles – starting, of course, with those with a large number of subscribers. At the moment, all accounts with over 10,000 followers can use the swipe function.

If you’ve recorded a story and a small chain appears in the top toolbar, you have the option of adding a link. If the chain does not exist, no “real” link can be created.

Although you have the option of inserting a URL as text in the photo or video, it cannot be clicked on or copied.

How can I delete my Instagram Stories?

To delete Instagram Stories, you have to look at the relevant passage and then

  • either click on the three vertical points on the right and select “Delete”
  • or swipe up and then click the trash can icon

How can I repeat Instagram Stories?

If you want to watch an Instagram story a second (or third, or …) time, all you have to do is click on the profile picture of the corresponding account again.

Alternatively, you can “page back” within the stories by tapping on the left edge of your smartphone display.

How do I find out the number of views of my Instagram Stories?

If you want to know how many people viewed your stories, you can find out in these ways:

  • Go to your stories and look at the number in the bottom left
  • Go to your stories and swipe up with your finger. Now you will see a list of all profiles in addition to the number of viewers

If you have an Instagram business profile, after swiping up, you will receive interesting statistics in addition to the viewer list, with which you can analyze access to your Instagram stories in even more detail.

How can I reply with a message on Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a great way to interact with other users.

For example, if you want to reply to a question, all you have to do is click on “Compose a message …” below. Your text then lands directly in the other user’s mailbox.

Alternatively, you also have the option of responding to the original story with your own story.

How can I create Instagram Stories with multiple images?

If you want to upload one or more images to your stories, you have to click on the small square at the bottom left.

A list of all the photos you have taken, downloaded, and received will then appear. If you have selected one of the images, you can then edit it and then upload it to your story.

How can I turn Instagram stories into highlights?

There are two ways to save your stories as highlights:

  • Record and publish your stories as usual. Then call it up and click on “Highlight” (symbolized by a heart) at the bottom right. Now create a new highlight or add the story to an existing highlight.
  • Go to your profile and click on the plus symbol under your link. Now select different sequences and click on “Next”. Now you can give the highlight a name and select a cover picture. Click on “Done” and the highlight will be saved.


Instagram Stories are an exciting communication channel that we can certainly expect a lot from in the coming period. Even if it takes some effort to “talk to your smartphone”, it is worth creating an Instagram story.

The direct line to your community and the immediate feedback should be motivation enough to test the format intensively.

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