Important Grammar Topics for Kids

When it comes to English, it’s essential that students develop a proper grammatical base as it will help them in future. You must have seen that many important grammar topics are included in the primary classes. The reason being it’s important that students have a basic understanding of grammar from a young age.

If you are wondering what kind of grammar topics you want to teach your kids, BYJU’S will help you with that. It has plenty of exercises that will help the students to have a better understanding of grammatical concepts. In this article, you will get to learn about two different yet important grammatical concepts. Let’s have a look at them.


One of the most important topics that are introduced in children’s grammar syllabus at the primary level is tenses. The main purpose of this is to introduce students to the basic knowledge of tenses as this topic will help students to form correct sentences. Students can be taught about the three basic tenses. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Simple Present Tense – This tense denotes an action that’s happening/occurring in the present time. For example, “Simmy eats dinner at 9 o’clock.” Students can look for more simple present tense examples at the BYJU’S website. These examples will help them solve various worksheets.
  • Simple Past Tense – This tense denotes an action that has happened/occurred in the past. For example, “Simmy ate dinner at 9 o’clock.”
  • Simple Future Tense – This tense denotes an action that will happen/occur in the future time. For example, “Simmy will eat dinner at 9 o’clock.”

Once students get this basic concept about tenses, it will be easier for them to understand the other different subcategories of tenses.


Another important topic that students must learn about at a young age is adverbs. It is one of the basic grammar topics which is necessary for students to know about. Now you might wonder what adverbs are? Adverbs are those words that qualify the verb, adjective or other adverbs. There are seven types of adverbs that students will learn as they grow up. You can find a number of adverb examples at the BYJU’S website. These examples will help students to solve worksheets later. Let’s have a look at different types of adverbs:

  • Adverb of Manner
  • Adverb of Frequency
  • Adverb of Time
  • Adverb of Place
  • Adverb of Degree
  • Adverb of Reason
  • Interrogative Adverb

As students go to higher classes, they’ll learn about these different types of adverbs. BYJU’S offers plenty of worksheets on adverbs for practice.

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