How Will Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer in the Future? 


Salesforce is gradually becoming one of the most widely used technologies in small and large-scale businesses. To become a salesforce marketing cloud developer, This broad adoption is due to the extensive application of Salesforce to companies; Salesforce can increase customer interaction, optimize marketing campaigns, integrate with various services for organizational needs, and more. 

According to Gartner Forecasts, global spending on cloud technology is expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2022, increasing 25.8% in 2021. Even though Salesforce is tilting towards becoming the most prominent enterprise software globally, some are still not convinced about the technology.  

Aside from Salesforce as a service, tons of developers are working actively to make the platform better. These guys develop various Salesforce applications that work across multiple platforms.  

If you’re interested in becoming a salesforce developer, you’ve probably wondered how the future looks or if you’re ever going to be in demand. Well, asking those questions is expected even for folks already developing salesforce applications.   

However, in this article, we will cover a brief overview of the perceived future of salesforce marketing developers. Let’s dive in. 

Who is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer? 


As we’ve highlighted above, a salesforce developer is a person who writes code or programs salesforce applications or features to be used across various integrated platforms. As a salesforce developer, you’re responsible for writing clean and standard code that integrates seamlessly with other salesforce applications.  

To become a salesforce marketing cloud developer, you need to master a wide range of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, excellent customer interaction to understand client needs thoroughly, and programming skills.   

This skill set might seem impossible for a beginner; however, it is worth the time.  

Where Can Salesforce Developers Work? 

This is an essential question because where you work significantly impacts your earning potential and your level of success throughout your career. Salesforce is a top-rated product that has seen lots of growth in its industry and, as such, birthed a need for more Salesforce developers. 

If you have the necessary skill set, you can work virtually in any company that offers or requires Salesforce services. Salesforce itself hires developers to work on its architecture; however, you’re not limited to working for the CRM giant alone. 

There are countless Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Companies that readily have a constant need for experienced or talented salesforce developers. If you prefer to work independently, you can go down the freelance route and become a Freelance Salesforce developer; no matter which option you decide for working, you’re bound to earn significantly. 

Our Salesforce Developers in Demand? 


One way to predict the future of Salesforce is to look at the current demand for Salesforce developers. Salesforce has been experiencing incredible growth and adoption over the last five years; it’s grown in leap and bound and has continuously surpassed predictions and growth forecasts. Let’s take a trip down memory lane:  

  1. In 2014, over 47% of revenue generated from CRM software came solely from SaaS applications like Salesforce.
  2. In 2014, the top 10 CRM software vendors were able to generate worldwide revenue of 60%.
  3. Salesforce dominated the global CRM industry garnering over 18.6% market share and 28.2% revenue growth from 2013 to 2014.

The list goes on for a long time, detailing a crucial growth in SaaS like Salesforce. In light of this growth, the demand for Salesforce developers is spiking daily. As per a report by IDC, Salesforce is expected to create over 4 million jobs globally by 2024.   

So if you think the demand for Salesforce developers will drop, it’s only going to get higher. If you master your skillset, even with the mildest of searches, you’ll likely have at least one recruiter daily hitting you up with job offers.  

How does the future Look for Salesforce Developers? 

Whether you’re an experienced Salesforce developer or aspire to be one day, the future looks very bright. Salesforce developers and marketing consultants will become increasingly relevant.  

Salesforce integrates nicely with many services like social media, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, customer relationship, and more. This list of integrations might increase in the long run as Salesforce reported that data science and AI capabilities might soon be introduced into the service allowing users and companies to automate workflow easily.  

Salesforce has already introduced some fantastic features, the most popular being the Lightning feature that allows users to customize their dashboards extensively and provides them with an opportunity board that provides users with a brief but complete overview of their entire workflow.  

Salesforce hasn’t limited its application to CRM alone; the software is slowly being adopted in the healthcare industry and even the Internet of Things (IoT). 


Salesforce is an exciting and fast-growing industry; folks looking to dive into this industry are presented with many opportunities in the near future. Due to the extensive integrations and applications of Salesforce, who knows what next the technology holds for us. 

We have to wait and see! 



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